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Here we go again. Another Raven game. The blue chick from Teen Titans. You know the one. She’s been responsible for around half of all NSFW games for over two decades now. I remember back in the early 2000s, her face was inescapable on porn game sites. This was during the flash game era. Nowadays, she’s fallen off a bit, but people haven’t forgotten her completely. I know Teen Titans is still a thing, but I’m willing to bet that most of the fappers that live for this shit are old as hell now, like me. This is an old ass cartoon. Raven was the first cartoon crush for many of us. Nowadays, the zoomers have their own cartoons. They don’t give a shit about Raven.

Still, there are countless Raven themed porn games coming out regularly, you just have to know where to look. There are also Teen Titans porn games in general, but Raven is always taking center stage. This game, Raven Meditation is strictly all about Raven – there are no other titans in this bad boy. It’s just her, meditating. That’s the game. I remember playing a similar game back in the day, during the flash era I mean, that was also called something like Raven Meditation, or maybe it was Raven Meditating. This is apparently a huge thing among Raven fans. They want to see her meditating. But, they also clearly want to see her snatch and her tits. Why all this obsession over a cartoon character? Beats me. I won’t judge, though. I’m here to review the game on its own merits and I’m already on the fence about how I feel about it. 

PC and Browser Compatible

On the one hand, Raven Meditation is a standard rhythm porn game that’s available for free on Android and PC. You can also play it in-browser on just about any device that can handle a browser, but the developer has made it clear that only PCs can properly handle it that way. It’s not a performance related thing – the game should be able to run on a potato given how simple it is. It’s more about engine compatibility. That’s why you get a special APK file for Android if you want the game to work properly on your phone. There is no iOS version from what I can tell, but that’s to be expected. Iphone owners don’t fap to porn games. They’re too busy working to pay off their iPhones before the next iPhone comes out and they have to buy that one to stay hip and cool.

The game runs great in-browser and locally, at least on my PC. But, I’m sure you can pull it off on just about any device you’re reading this review on. It’s a 2D rhythm game with no complicated assets. It could just as easily have been a flash game and it would have looked and felt the same. I applaud the simplicity. I like simplicity in my porn games. Don’t get me wrong; the big boy porn games need a bit moer polish, but for a quick fap in a browser, this is the kind of shit I want to see. It loads instantly, it plays instantly, I whip my cock out instantly and I yank it till it lets the white liquid out. Every day that ends in Y is quick fap day. 

Warm Reception for an Unfinished Game

I have gripes. Of course, I have gripes. I’m a bitchy moany type of guy. I’m also a perfectionist in that I expect perfection from the porn I consume. Raven Meditation has potential. It’s a great game, on the surface. The problem is, it’s only great for about 5 minutes. Then, it repeats. That’s it. That’s all you get. Five minutes of pleasure. As far as I can tell, this is the work of one guy trying his best to make something memorable and if the comments on ItchIo are any indication, he’s doing it right. People like this game. I haven’t seen any negative feedback. If anything, everyone is being constructive.

That being said, I don’t know how well this game holds up in its current state as a fap-worthy adventure that you can casually recommend to your friends. I mean, it would take longer to tell them about the game than it would to play the whole thing start to finish. The game itself has the potential for a lot more. There’s room for more levels. There’s certainly room for more pussy fucking and a diverse set of sexual positions. In its current state it feels like a perfect demo. Everything you get is perfect, but it’s short. It’s proof that the game could work down the line, once it’s actually loaded with smut.

Click Fast, Click Hard

The gameplay is simple and straightforward. Cock bug appears on screen, you press cock bug to the rhythm of the music, cock bug molests Raven in fun and enjoyable ways. I call it a cock bug, but really it could just be an overgrown sperm cell, or some sort of arthropod. I don’t know man, it looks weird, but it likes to fuck pussies. Look at the damn thing. It’s bug like, there’s no way around it. Anyways, you press the damn thing to the beat and it strips Raven down ever so slightly, enough to make way to her pussy. Then, it jams itself in there and your taps lead it to some rhythmic pussy pounding. Raven blows a chick-load and the game just sort of ends. 

You can do it all over again if you’d like to go for a high score and you’re also perfectly within your right to fuck everything up, leading to a game over screen that says Raven got bored and she will not be showing you her pussy. You’d have to have the general dexterity of a sloth to fail at this game, though, even though there are many ways to fuck it up. All you really have to do is click. The game marks the timings so it’s not like you have to listen to the music. You could just use your eyeballs. I.e., this is a music-based rhythm game that you can play even if you’re deaf. It works fine.

Music to Touch Pussy To

If you’re not deaf, your ears will be rewarded with the soothing drum and bass sounds of whoever the fuck this Soundcloud artist is. He did good work. The song’s a bop. You can definitely shake your balls to it. It’s also fap-friendly. There are no lyrics. It’s just a pussy pounding beat with neat nightclub instruments. Works for me. I’d listen to it at the gym. That being said, it gets old really quickly if you listen to it back-to-back, several times in a row, which is exactly what makes this game so difficult to replay. It needs variety. It needs different music. Hell, it needs different sexual positions.

As it currently stands, you only really get to rub Raven’s nipple, while you move her panties away, from the front. Then, you pound the pussy, but not too deep, and she orgasms. That’s it. That’s the whole game. I just spared you the five minutes. This is why I think the potential is there, but the execution is lacking. I’m sure that a year or two from now this bad boy will be a staple of quality rhythm game faps, but right now it’s just a demo in my eyes.

<h3>Needs More Work</h3>

It’s also clear to me that the code could use a bit of sprucing up. I mean, the game itself tells you when to click on screen with an indicator, but I always try to follow the beat of the song instead. That’s... how rhythm games are supposed to work, obviously. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m kind of good at rhythm games. I played them a bunch in my youth, when porn wasn’t nearly as readily available as it is now, and I enjoyed them. I also slap a mean banjo solo. Point is, I know my way around a metronome and this game... doesn’t seem to be matching my speed. 

I tried to hit every beat right on the money and it didn’t really work. I had to use the visuals to measure the timing. Using the music just made me hit too soon and it lost me points. That’s... really fucking bad for a rhythm game, don’t you think? Hey, maybe it’s me. Maybe my internal metronome is on the fritz. Maybe all that pussy eating and cock pulling has ruined my inner ear beyond repair. Who knows? Try it for yourself. You tell me whether this game’s rhythm is on point. As for the smut and the interactivity, well, the potential’s there. I told you. The game is good, it’s just too small to be called anything more than a demo, for now

PornGames likes Raven Meditation

  • Interesting concept
  • It’s free
  • Android and PC

PornGames hates Raven Meditation

  • Too short
  • Needs more levels
  • Rhythm a bit off