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Taboo Request

It would appear that 3D rendered porn games with exploration and branching paths are somewhat of a staple these days. I can’t follow through five links on a porn game forum without tripping over a handful of these things. They’ve become so popular that I literally can’t tell the difference between most of them. There are the few odd men out like Lust Epidemic that stick out like an erect penis among the fold, but for the most part, all of these B-level 3D render games all look exactly the fucking same. Is this a bad thing? No, not at all. Does it make them kind of hard to review? Absolutely.

At their core, these 3D rendered based games all have one thing going for them – 3D renders of tits. That’s the only reason people play them. You don’t pick up a 3D porn game for the gameplay, that’s for damn sure. And you certainly aren’t playing a game called Taboo Request to get immersed into a deep storyline about the implications of motherhood. Fuck that noise. You’re here for the smut. You want to make sure that whoever you’re playing as eventually sticks his dick into all the chicks you can see on the cover. And that’s exactly what you get with this game—nothing more, nothing less.

Attack of the RPG Maker

Before we even consider getting to the good stuff, I have to gripe about the fact that this game uses RPG Maker for 95% of all the gameplay. I will never condone this shit. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve played some amazing RPG Maker porn games before. But, none of those were actual 3D porn games. They were the kind of hentai inspired nonsense that’s built around the role-playing elements. You’d be slaying demons, and then you’d get to fuck them in the next scene.

RPG Maker is also great for games in which you have a lot of exploration of an open world with grindy combat and experience points. You know, actual fucking role-playing games. Taboo Request is not a role-playing game, and it features absolutely no combat. If I had to describe it as a genre, I’d say it’s somewhere between a point and click adventure game and a visual novel. It’s not quite a visual novel, because you get to navigate an open-world, but it’s not an open-world adventure game, because your choices are actually very narrow. You think you have the autonomy to do whatever you want and bang whomever you please, but it’s all one big illusion.

The other downside to using RPG Maker in a game that has these kinds of super high quality renders of tits is that every time you wrap up a sex scene and get booted back to the gameplay, you feel like you’ve just suffered a minor stroke. I mean, it’s such a huge fucking immersion-breaking leap, going from proper, realistic-looking renders of human beings mid sucking and fucking to a 2D top-down early 90s inspired RPG.

The Story

The story of this game is one that remains from the days when Patreon used to be cool and let people get away with anything. It would appear that the developer behind this game, ICSTOR, was very aware of the marketing potential of incest themed games. Taboo Request is all about getting wet and wild with your hot ass MILF of a mother. Once again, time for my usual disclaimer. I do not like incest themed games. I think they’re really cringy. I don’t get the appeal of fucking my own mother, when I could just as easily fuck yours.

There, I got it out of my system; now, we can focus. Like in every single other porn game of this genre, you play as a young nobody with no discernable traits. You’re boring, generic, and generally unimportant. But, you have a huge cock, and your mother hasn’t had proper sex in a while, so you’re looking at a slam dunk. Plus, she’s got tits the size of cow milkers, and by golly, you are going to milk her for all she’s worth. It’s a game for the holidays, to really get you in the Christmas spirit.

The Mommy

The mother character in this game kind of looks like some of the MILFs I’ve banged throughout my sexual adventures. I’ve seen many a MILF, and I gotta tell you, they’re not all made equal. Some really let themselves go after they hit 30, others try to remain nice and tight well into old age. This MILF, in particular, is definitely the kind that could pass for a 25-year-old pornstar. Nothing much is really sagging, so to speak. The developer has noted on his website that this MILF is not a generic one, that she’s supposed to look like an actual older woman, rather than some sort of teenager.

Now, I do agree with him that she doesn’t give me teen vibes, but she definitely doesn’t look like a MILF. MILFs are, unfortunately, not this hot. I mean, sure the MILFs I bang are absolute queens, but that’s just because I am a fucking legend. You don’t get this kind of MILF just by sitting around on your ass. You gotta earn those giant tits.

Either way, I really love her for her personality. She’s always a minute away from being completely naked except for some sexy revealing lingerie. She doesn’t wear granny panties or anything; she’s very much devoted to looking like a pornstar at all times. So one second she might be preparing dinner, then the next, she’s flashing her giant tits at you while she’s bent over the kitchen counter. Where were these kinds of MILFs when I was younger? I had to wait until I was well into my 20s before I could tap this kind of primo ass. Ah well, I’ll get over it I guess.

The Graphics

This is where the game shines, to be honest. Every single scene you see in this game is absolutely fap-worthy. These are the kinds of high-quality 3D stills that we used to search around for back in the day, when supply was low, and demand was at an all-time high. Luckily, these days, you download one high-quality porn game, and you get hundreds of stills, with the added bonus of a story that strings them all together.

Developer ICSTOR noted that there are over 180 images in this game and more than enough content for two hours of gameplay. That’s a lot of content for a free game that you can download off of the developer’s website right away. You don’t have to spend a single penny. Plus, there’s the added bonus of knowing that the game has been finished. You are not waiting for updates or anything. This is one packaged experience.

I should also note that the developer is very proud of the story to this game, and while I personally didn’t give a shit, your mileage might vary. The whole idea is that your actions have consequences. The taboo of your request is very much blown up to epic proportions, so to speak. You get to see the aftermath of your actions in this game. Again, I didn’t care about this at all, because I was just here to jack off, but some of you might really give a damn.

Some Bonus Notes

This was one of ICSTOR’s first-ever 3D porn games, which makes it no wonder that the game is so shamelessly incest themed. Those times have come and gone, and ICSTOR is working on significantly more vanilla porn games these days. He’s made a few other games along the way, and his time is now mostly spent on improving and finishing Milfy City, which he claims is 70% ready. What he’s got so far is ready for download for free, as he is entirely funded by Patreon, of course.

He has, however, noted that he needs a break as he hasn’t been on a proper vacation in years. Personally, I’d advise that you take the time to play all of his games while he’s on break. By the time he comes back, you’ll have drowned in his high-quality hot ass interactive smut, and you’ll be desperate for more.

Make sure to check out the guy’s Patreon as well as his personal website. He’s one of those few developers that actually cared enough to link to their old games so that you can find and download them more easily. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to find an old game by a famous developer only to find that it was abandoned by literally everyone that used to care for it. These games deserve better than that, goddamn it.

PornGames likes Taboo Request

  • High quality 3D renders
  • It’s completely free
  • Some replay value

PornGames hates Taboo Request

  • Literally nothing