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Lust And Power

Today, we’re looking into the tragic story of a wonderful porn game called Lust and Power. This wonderful smut gem was a fan favorite of many for a very long time until it was utterly castrated, then shot in the face and remade as a lesser version of itself. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense to you right now, and we’ll get into the details, but keep in mind I am furious about what they’ve done to Lust and Power, because this game used to be an absolute masterpiece. As for right now, well, I’m not entirely sure. Let’s dig in.

A Super-Hot Porn Game

A couple of years ago, when this game was just building up traction on Patreon for the first time, it was a fan favorite of many. People flocked to play it, record it, put up videos on PornHub and even YouTube to showcase the awesome gameplay and rewarding sex scenes that hid within. The game wasn’t some sort of smash hit, mind you. It didn’t reinvent any genres or bring something particularly new to the table. But, it came out at a time when platforms like Steam and Patreon weren’t shooting smut games in the face.

The game was successful, the developer was happy, and people were jacking off. No-one was getting hurt, everyone was pleased, and money was being made. Then, Patreon decided to ruin everything for no good reason what-so-ever. They put the ban hammer down on all things incest. And just like that, Lust and Power was dead in the water.

An Innocent Fantasy, Shot Dead

Let me rewind a little bit. This game features a ton of incest. You play as an average Chad who’s trying hard to stick his dick into his mother and his sister. I can’t relate to this kind of behavior, because I’d rather fuck your mother and sister rather than my own, but hey, in the world of fictional porn, who the hell cares? It’s not like the game’s going to reach into your house and rip your actual family members to plop them into the game. These are goddamn cartoons. They’re drawn on-screen by your computer; they aren’t real people.

Still, Patreon didn’t give a shit. They decreed that they would no longer allow for damn near any adult content that also features minors, incest, bestiality, or anything immoral of the like. Again, I don’t understand what the fucking point is. I mean, yeah, I understand why you’d want minors to be left out, sure, but fantasy dogs? Really? With all due respect to real dogs everywhere, who the hell gives a flying fuck about fictional dogs being fucked in the ass? Patreon, apparently.

The Prude Reformation

So fast forward a few years, and Lust and Power is no longer the same game you remember from back in the day. When it was first struck by Patreon’s authoritarian regime, the developers removed the incestuous references in the game, but a fan managed to mod them back in. This was also quite acceptable as you could just patch your game back to 100%. But, apparently, that was also a huge problem for the platform, so the devs rewrote the entire goddamn story, essentially giving you an entirely different game.

Lust and Power is still a very fap-worthy experience. It’s still amazing, and I still recommend that you play it. My problem with the game is that it’s simply not the same title as the one we got used to back in the day. That one was edgy. It pushed the limits of the player’s imagination, and it forced you into uncomfortable territory.

That’s the real privilege of fictional content. Whether you’re jacking off or straight up reading a Nabokov novel, it shouldn’t matter, you’re free to explore fictional situations with events that you would never try to replicate in real life. I’ve watched who knows how many action movies in my life, and none of them ever encouraged me to shoot a gun at a person. It’s the same fucking concept. It’s not like this game was promoting incest or anything. I mean, for fuck’s sakes, the game had themes of magic in it. Yes, the game had actual literal magic. It would appear that in that fantastical world that’s so far removed from our existence, you still can’t fap around with your mom’s vagina. This is the kind of terrifying censorship that kills the fun and eradicates joy, and I am livid.

What Now?

Well, Lust and Power is still very much available, and it’s being improved regularly. After the complete rework, the magical themes that I’ll get into in a moment remained and were improved upon. The chicks, on the other hand, were pretty much replaced with equally hot, but much more boring versions of themselves.

Either way, Lurking Hedgehog, the developer of Lust and Power, is doing an excellent job keeping the lights on. He’s also got quite a lot of reward tiers, even for a porn game developer. The lowest is $1, which straight-up gets you access to the game, although you could also find it for free elsewhere. Then, the tiers range up to $25 with a ton of goodies like nude archives, walkthroughs, guides, polls, and art previews. It’s a great package. You get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Game Itself

Finally, we can get to the meat of this clusterfuck. I mentioned that you play as a random Chad who, among other things, inherits access to some super sexy magical powers that help him because of the ultimate lady killer. These magical powers will come in very handy as you bang your way through town.

The game is very open-ended and essentially lets you enjoy yourself any way you’d like. You get an open world to explore, and the new content that comes out regularly fits right in. You don’t have to replay shit to get to the scenes you’ve already unlocked. Plus, you can re-watch the scenes you’ve already seen in true porn game fashion. They’re all very fap-worthy, so it’s an all-around great experience.

And the customizability doesn’t stop there. You can change the girls’ outfits before you bang them, and that sets the scene quite nicely. It’s these little features that truly make these types of games replayable.

The Art Style

I have a lot to say about this game’s art style, because it’s so fucking original. It’s not what I’d call sexy, at least, not while the chicks are clothed. It looks like they’re just trying to be as realistic looking as possible, while remaining 100% 2D and artsy. It reminds me of Adult Swim cartoons, if I’m being honest. All the characters have normal proportions, and they look believable.

Now, once they start stripping, things get a lot more heated, and here the artist has a lot more freedom to focus on what’s important. Tits and asses. The chicks in this game are perfectly bangable, but if you’re a fan of eastern styles of art in your porn, you’re shit out of luck. This is a very westernized rendition of naked boobies, and you’re gonna grow to like it, or you’re gonna dump this game completely.

Personally, I found it really easy to fap to both the old Lust and Power and the new version. I preferred the old one because it was a simple and perverted romp with some magical elements. I liked the brief and simple experience. But, the new one has a lot of polish and a ton of things for you to do in an open world that lets you craft your own adventure. That’s a really great experience.

Whether you’re a fan of the old Lust and Power or the new, incest-less version, you’re going to have a great time playing this game. Even if it wasn’t completely free, it’s worth your time, new content gets added regularly, and the art could just be your next favorite style, for all you know.

I’d advise that you download both the old version, before the switch with the incest mod unlock patch, or whatever it’s called and also get the newest version straight from the Patreon. Try them both. I think that they’re both worth your time and they’re very easy to fap to. The story is very well made, and you can tell that the dev really cared about writing a unique experience for you to enjoy. As for Patreon, well, I’m mad, sure, but I’m not ready to throw them under the bus just yet. I know that they’re only doing what they have to do to protect their platform. I just wish they didn’t have to literally remove mommy porn from their site in order to do so.

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