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Insexual Awakening

Oh, hello there, motherfucker. You must be wondering what so special about this fucking game that I had to do a review about it. Well, let me educate your sorry ass. This game is all about fucking your entire family. You must have seen other games that has the same gameplay but never got the chance to play it. Well, if you have the time, you better read this review so that you’ll know what you’re getting into before you start downloading it.

Insexual Awakening Gameplay

Insexual Awakening is the answer for your sick and twisted fetish. This game allows you to have intercourse with your sisters and mother. You can also fuck your neighbor and some random chick in the park. Insexual Awakening is a porn-themed conversational game where daily interactions are essential before you can fuck all the characters on it. You must be curious by now. Well, continue reading for you to know more about it.

You will need to do some help around the house for you to increase the status of your relationship with the rest of your family. If you want to buy gifts for the characters you want to fuck, the best thing you can do is to play minigames such as the racing game for you to accumulate money. Buying them gifts can increase the boldness of your character, giving you higher chances of having intercourse with them.

The whole game depends on how you interact with other characters; that’s why I suggest reading the dialogues carefully so that you can get to your main objective. The storyline is good, and it’s easy to navigate. You should talk to the characters from time to time for you to know if there’s a new mission or task you need to do. You can also roam around the house or go outside of the house. If you’re bored, you can masturbate while playing this game.

Compatibility and Loading Time

You don’t have to worry when it comes to the compatibility of this game because you can play it on your phone, laptop, or even on your desktop. The good thing about it is that it’s easy to download, and it does not take a lot of space. Compared to other sex games, this one has an impressive loading time because it responds faster, and the transition of the scenes is pretty smooth.

What I like about the game

One of the reasons why I love playing this game is that I get to fuck my whole family without having any consequences. Games like this can stimulate horny teens like me because of the interactions that are happening in this game. I love the way how the storyline goes, especially the part where you stroll around the park in the middle of the night to fuck some random girl whom you’ve met in the public restroom.

I enjoyed playing this game because it makes my cock very stiff all the time. This game may be a little bit twisted for some, but I can assure you, once you start playing this you will surely get addicted to it right away. Seeing how my mother and sisters interact with me in this game makes me horny all the time. That’s why I always play this game before going to bed because it helps me get the job done quickly if you know what I mean.

I also like the way my mother and sisters seduce me in this game because its something you don’t experience every day in real life. Aside from masturbating after playing this game, you can also do the same thing in the game if you’re tired of fucking your whole family. Just thinking of this game gives me the excitement that I usually feel every time I play this fucking game.

Other than the sex scenes you get in this game, you also get to play minigames with the different members of your family. I also like the fact that they made every member of the family hot and attractive. There are also times where you can control the speed you make when humping the rest of the family. You can also decide whether to have anal, vaginal, or oral sex with them, depending on the situation you’re in.

What I don’t like about the game

This game gives me the chill down there every time I fuck my little sister Sam. The only problem is it takes a lot of time and patience before I can slay my hot twin sister or any member of my family. The quality of the dialogues is excellent, but the motherfuckers talk too much, which can be annoying sometimes. I sometimes skip the conversations they make because I want to see more tits and ass rather than going through a lot of reading.

Also, I wouldn’t say I like the way they made the bodies of the characters. I mean, every horny guy wants to sleep with moms who have big tits and ass, but the characters in this game have enormous breasts that it doesn’t look natural anymore. I prefer average-sized boobs rather than oversized breasts.

Aside from the physical appearance of the characters of this game, I also don’t like the graphics of this game because it seems a bit plain for my horny ass. The quality of the artwork of this incest game is a little dull compared to other sex games that have three-dimensional graphics. It feels more natural playing sex games that have better graphics because it gives a better user experience.

I love masturbating to this game. The only thing I hate about it is that I have to do a lot of things before I can bone my family. The sex scenes are dull because the animation is not that amusing. I also don’t like the part where I finally boned my twin sister, who is a virgin because it’s a bit unrealistic. There was no blood or any traces that I deflowered her, which made me felt disappointed because I’ve waited for a long time to fuck her tiny and tight pussy.

My recommendations for improving this game

Overall, Insexual Awakening is a great game, especially if you’re the twisted type of guy who wants to fuck your family. If this is your greatest fetish, then you should consider downloading this one. The only thing that is lacking in this game is the graphics itself. It will be much more fun if the people behind this game make some minor upgrades, especially when it comes to the graphics.

Other than the visual illustrations of this game, I also recommend putting more interaction when it comes to the sex scenes. Horny teens like me prefer sex games that have a lot of movements rather than just looking at pictures that don’t even move. It’s a bit difficult to masturbate to this game because of its artwork.

If I get to make some changes, I would probably put some sound effects when doing sex scenes. The background music is a bit shitty, and you don’t get to hear your sisters and mother screaming or moaning while you’re ramming them with your mighty cock. You get to see their facial expressions by the way, but you won’t be able to hear their battle cry, which makes it less enjoyable. Hearing a girl moan can make any guy explode ejaculate.

I also recommend putting more scenes and characters so that you can fuck different bitches from different places and cultures. I would like to see other pussy other than my mom and sisters. The good thing about this game is that you get to choose how fast you’re going when you’re having sex, but it would be much more fun if you can control it using your mouse rather than just clicking the options that are displayed on the screen.

My Conclusion

Generally, Insexual Awakening is a fun game. You need to be patient if you're planning to play this game. It will take a lot of time before you can finally taste the sweet victory. If you’re not the impatient type of person, I recommend reading the dialogues and go with the flow. I love the way how they thought of this game because it’s not every day you get to fuck your biological family.

You won’t have difficulties downloading this game because it won’t take a lot of space and time. For a better experience, I recommend using laptops or devices that have a large screen because you get to enjoy more of the actions that are happening in this game. If you want to know how exciting this game is, then you should download it right away. This game will get you hooked once you start playing it.

PornGames likes Insexual Awakening

  • Gameplay
  • User-Friendly
  • Minigames
  • Dialogues
  • I get to do things I’m not able to do in real life

PornGames hates Insexual Awakening

  • Graphics
  • Background Music
  • Limited Scenes and Characters