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Incest Story 2

Imagine opening up a sex game on your computer that has it all. You’ve got your lube ready, tissues are within arm’s reach, and you’ve got nothing but time. You start the game and are immediately smitten with the concept of the gameplay. Why wouldn’t you want to look at gorgeous visuals and engage in top-down gameplay straight out of the NES era?

If this sounds like a good time to you, then Incest Story 2 is the game you need to be cranking it to. Let’s take a look at what makes the game so damn fun and how the creators have upped the bar in terms of quality in a sex game.

Keep It in the Family

The story of Incest Story 2 isn’t too terribly complicated to follow. Much like the title suggests, you’re a well-hung stud that’s always on the prowl for pussy. You constantly have a boner and are continually looking to get your dick wet.

Your targets?

Well, your mom and her DD breasts are hard to ignore. Your slutty red-headed sister is cute as fuck, and your aunt wants your dick like white on rice.

But, before any grinding and fucking goes on, you need to unpack. You and your smoking hot family have just moved, and you need to bring in the boxes of clothes, furniture, etc. Only after these activities can you begin your quest to fuck your family members until they cum over and over and over.

However, this isn’t the first time you’ve done this. The number “2” should be an indication that this game is a sequel. Sadly, the previous conquests of your family’s snatches aren’t available online any longer. But, you do get a quick compilation at the beginning of the game that shows you what (and who) went down in the previous game.

Now, it’s six months later, and you’re once again ready to take your mom, sister, and aunt to pound town.

Top-Down Greatness

No, “top-down” isn’t referring to your family members’ inability to keep their clothes on. Rather, this refers to the camera angle in which you’re going to play the majority of the game. Using the beginning of the game as an example, you trudge to and fro from your beautifully pixelated home to the moving truck.

Once inside the house, you look for a twinkling spot on the ground. This indicates where you need to place the box you’re carrying. This gameplay mechanic is echoed in the meat of the game, too. Your day-to-day life consists of some mundane tasks. While in the town, you won’t be slaying pussy. Instead, you’ll be working a job. Mainly, you’ll be delivering food, mail, etc. to your thankful neighbors.

This portion of the game may seem boring to some people, but I enjoyed the gameplay. It’s simple and leans more on exploration rather than creativity. Yes, your deliveries do become routine. But, you have to earn that paycheck to keep the lights on.

Giving Your Family a Helping Hand

The plot revolves around you, helping your family out as they try to find jobs. You’re a contributor, and you have to swing your big dick around and get stuff done. But, you also help out your family members in other ways. Once you get done with your job for the day, you get some free time at the house. And that’s when you typically make your moves on your hot mom and gorgeous sister. You have to lead them to certain areas to fuck them, and it’s a fun little wrinkle in the gameplay. They pretty much just hand over the pussy, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little bit of work.

As your relationship improves (via fucking), you gain access to different places to make love. I tried to take my sister to the shower, but she insisted that we just weren’t there yet. So, we broke in my new bed as I destroyed her twat.

Gorgeous Graphics

Outside of the NES-era pixels of the central gameplay, you get to see scenes where you seduce and fuck your family members in amazing clarity. The game models are absolutely beautiful, and it’s clear that the creator of the game put a lot of time into crafting character models that look surprisingly realistic.

The realism adds to the allure as you grab your sister’s head and push her down on your throbbing cock. Other graphics would garner similar results (you’d still jizz all over the place), but the animations and graphics take things to another level.

You’ve also got a monster cock you’re not afraid to hide. It hangs and looks enticing to your mom, aunt, and sister. It almost hypnotizes them. And you’ll be hypnotized by the excellent blend of exploration from a top-down perspective and gorgeous visuals of hot women sucking and fucking.

What I Like

I really like the top-down exploration. It’s not anything that’s going to blow you away, but it is something that’s fun. And, at the end of the day, fun is what matters. Walking around the neighborhood and city fleshes out the world more than you might think.

I also thought that the character models and lighting were superb. They look fantastic, and you’re going to have a hard time trying to find a game that matches these types of visuals. The animations are good, but they aren’t great. The sex animations are pretty simple and don’t get too intricate. But, again, that’s something that doesn’t necessarily need to be the best of the best.

What I Hate

I’d say that the exploration gets tedious and routine after a while. You end up delivering the same three or four things over and over again. Also, the city is a little hard to navigate. There are multiple screens for different sections of the city, and it sometimes gets a tad confusing while traversing it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I recommend jerking it to this game. It’s a fun romp that indulges in some of your deepest and darkest desires. The characters look fantastic, and you’ll have a fun (if routine) time exploring the suburbs and city.

PornGames likes Incest Story 2

  • Use of top-down gameplay
  • Exploration is fun
  • Character models look tremendous and sexy

PornGames hates Incest Story 2

  • The top-down gameplay loop gets repetitive
  • The animations aren’t the most advanced
  • The city is confusing to navigate