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Sisterly Lust

I’ve been thinking a lot about taboo porn lately. I hate that they call it that instead of just saying “incest”, but I get it: it’s always been some of the most wildly popular smut in the world, but people don’t want to talk about it out loud. It’s too fucking dirty, perverted and wrong. It’s so kinky, it’s even hard to bring up with your incestuous, hot family in Sisterly Lust.

As you’ve probably already guessed from the title, Sisterly Lust is a multi-platform porno game that involves some gorgeous sisters and some unwholesome feelings you guys have toward each other. It actually gets better than that, because I just spent some time with the choice-based visual novel and it turns out there are a lot of nymphomaniacs in your character’s circle. This one’s a lengthy, depravity-filled sex epic, so make sure you’ve got plenty of time and lube on your hands before you get into it.

Dude, Your Sisters Are Hot

Sisterly Lust is made by Perverteer Games, which is one really smart dude with a knack for game design and a raging boner, most likely for his sister. Not only does the dude know his shit, but he’s in it for the sheer joy of creating the game. You get to reap the joys of his effort, taking part in Perverteer’s very own masturbatory fantasies for free. Thankfully, it seems like his sexual fantasies line up a lot with the rest of ours.

It’s a user-supported game, and you can name your own price when you download it. Most of you are going to name a price of zero, which Perverteer is totally cool with. Even before I played the game, I knew it was special based on all the people willingly throwing money at the creator even though it’s optional.

Of course, the info page does a lot to sell you on the game even before you try it. The screengrabs of CGI MILFs and teen sisters look hot, and the list of fetishes in the game got my dick hard before I even looked at the system requirements. There’s incest, naturally, plus anal, lesbians, voyeurism, BDSM, group sex and pregnancy. The list goes on, but I’d feel like a dipshit just repeating the menu of perversion.

The game is available for Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux. The download is almost 2 gigs for most versions, but the server is fast and I only waited about 10 minutes. Android users may run into some minor issues, but they’ve got simple troubleshooting instructions on the download page.

There’s also a bonus edition available to anybody willing to shell out $15. It’s got 23 extra sex scenes with both the main chicks (your family) and the side girls, plus a set of special renders and a walkthrough guide. I’m a bit of a cheapskate, so this review is going to focus on the free version.

Don’t Offend Your Sis If You Wanna Bang

“Sisterly Lust is a story about trust and depravity. Based on your actions, your relationship with your family members will blossom. Choose your actions wisely, because if your family doesn’t trust you any longer the game will end.”

The game opens with that text, and you’re not alone if it sounds ominous. A few times I flashed back to this screen after kissing my sister on the mouth or gawking at my mom’s jugs, thinking I might have just fucked up bad enough to end the game. There’s a Save option if you get too worried, but I didn’t actually run into any Game Overs during my playtest.

The setup is relatively simple. You haven’t seen your mom or sisters for years, but now your dad is dead so you get to go live with them. You ain’t going to miss the old man a bit, because these bitches are legit hot. The CG is rendered fucking beautifully, so I had a semi as soon as mom started talking to me in the beginning.

Sisterly Lust asks you to name your mom and your sisters. It’s a nice touch that will really appeal to you perverts with genuine family fantasies, since you can plug in the names of the actual women you grew up with.

The gameplay is simple as hell. Shit plays out on the screen, you click through the conversation and on-screen action, and you get a lot of prompts asking what you say or do. It’s a lot like those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, except you get to stick things in your sister’s orifices instead of doing some stupid shit like flying a hot air balloon.

One of my first choices was whether to kiss or hug my mom, and it turns out she’s receptive to some lips against her face. Other choices are more mundane. Do you unpack your clothes or get in the shower? Sometimes the game makes you choose from just one available choice, other times it presents you with the same choices repeatedly until you choose them all. You’re going to have to lay down for the night at the end of every day, for example.

So Many 3D Bitches Need Your Cock

Early in the game, it flashes to your younger sister’s perspective. Right after meeting you, she accidentally sees you naked and can’t stop thinking about your dick. This is the first time I saw animation in Sisterly Lust. It’s pretty minor, just her hand moving a bit as she diddles herself, but it looks sexy as hell.

The game plays out by the day. Most days start with showers and breakfast in the morning and end with perving out to your sleeping mom and sisters. There’s a ton of hot voyeurism in this game as you spy on your hot family.

Your mom is kind of a mysterious bitch. The big-titted MILF works for some company doing some “discreet” shit that sounds perverted, plus she’s always reading hardcore BDSM novels that you read when she’s not around. Perverteer has been so kind as to render classic S&M scenes from the goddamn Marquis de Sade and some other seriously kinky authors, which are some of the most explicit scenes you see early on.

Your sister brings her exotic friend Ana over, and pretty soon that chick is chasing your cock hardcore. You meet Ana’s brother, and the two of you perv out on your own sisters, you little fucking sickos. The first time my character actually got off with another character, it was Ana jerking me off at a fast food place with a bunch of people sitting in our booth.

The Social Dynamics of Incestuous Perverts

The social dynamics and interactions are really what define this game, drive the action and enhance the sex scenes. There’s a lot of depth here with regards to your character’s past and the way the different female NPCs feel about him.

Some of it is slow-paced. You’ll be hooking up with side chicks pretty quickly, but your family members are a little harder to bang. I got a bit sidetracked by my older sister, who I wanted to bang more than the rest of them; I kept skipping other opportunities to see CG poon, hoping to finally hook up with her.

I don’t want to give you perverts any spoilers, but the whole family goes on an island vacation a few weeks into reuniting. Let’s just say things get a bit more intimate. Let’s also say that the first related pussy I got to sample wasn’t my sister’s.

I’m a little surprised by the depth of Sisterly Lust’s story and character development, but I can’t say I’m disappointed at all. It’s engaging, and dialogue seems real as opposed to the choppy shit you see in some of these. I swear, some of these visual novel writers have never interacted with another real-life human, but the interactions here seem way more realistic.

The only complaints I have about Sisterly Lust are that the animations are very minimal and there’s no audio. I’d get pissier about it if this was made by a big company and I had to pay for it, but it’s one dude and the game was free. I’m willing to make some compromises.

Sisterly Lust is an incest-based visual novel with great graphics, strong writing, and simple but effective gameplay. It’s very story-oriented and will reward players willing to engage with it instead of just clicking through to the sex scenes. Gamers looking for a truly immersive taboo experience are going to love this.

PornGames likes Sisterly Lust

  • Incestuous visual novel for win
  • mac
  • android or linux
  • Hot cg graphics
  • Tons of fuckable characters and sex scenes
  • Deep
  • erotic storyline
  • Free or pay what you like

PornGames hates Sisterly Lust

  • No audio
  • Minimal animation