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Daughter For Dessert (DFD)

Hey there, you fucking incestuous perverts! Are you looking for an outlet to release your pent-up incestuous fantasies? Well, look, I’ve got an interesting adult game for you: Daughter for Dessert (DFD). Yeah, I know you already know what you’re in for just by reading the title of this motherfucking instrument of the Devil of a game. And I know you’re having an evil smile right now.

DFD is not your typical, boring, graphically inferior sex game. It provides lewd gamers an interactive shit with high-quality design and marvelous graphics that will make you salivate and get instant arousal. Also, the fantasy of an incestuous relationship with your stunningly hot daughters is hidden deep in the psyche of twisted dads out there. So, the storyline will surely get a thumbs-up from those same group of filthy bastards.

Can’t wait to play the game and jack off your dong? Well, before you press play, read first my comprehensive, no-bullshit review of Daughter for Dessert.

Interesting Game Concept

Love Joint Games, creator of most-beloved adult games in this era, developed Daughter for Dessert to provide perverts/gamers with an interactive game. And when I say “interactive,” I mean exciting back-and-forth conversation with the bitchy characters and the father figure pervert, smooth development of events, heated scenes and interactions, and plot twists.

At the start, you will be greeted by a disclaimer that this game is just a figment of the imagination, all characters are above 18, no blood relationship between the characters, and the sexual intercourse are all consensual.

I know Love Joint Games made that opening statement to appease those always angry conservative cunts and SJWs and not ban its creation. But I still have a good laugh reading it all the same. It’s because I think they should not apologize to anyone for this great game.

Well, DFD’s game plot is about the sexual adventure of a man who manages a restaurant together with several hot young bitches in sexy waitress attires (very sexy clothing that it fucking accentuates the curves of the female body). The pervert restaurateur treats one of the girls like his daughter because he raised the bitch since she was just a little child. In his thoughts, he calls her a childhood friend. Yeah, that mad dog!

The girls do what girls do in a typical restaurant. Serving the customers, washing the dishes, running errands, etc. But, aside from their duties, they also make sure that they keep their horny manager busy. Of course, you know what I mean if you’re not all slow fucks. You know, pleasuring their boss, flirting, having sex, and lots more.

The whole sexually exciting story starts when the manager of the resto (your character) finds erotica written by one of the bitches working for him. From there, each character of the game went to having sexual encounters with their boss — heated scenes and dialogues throughout the game that will surely blow your fucking mind.

As you go through the game plot, you have to solve puzzles and make interactive choices before getting into the hot stuff. You can also opt to skip the conversation if you’re eager to get to the sex scenes. But I think the fun won’t be complete if you press the skip button. And, for sure, you can’t afford not to hear the sexy voice-over for most of the female characters while talking with their boss.

The choices you have made in the preceding chapters are what make this game enjoyable. Your decisions also get you to the girl you want to fuck. You can also use the cheat sheets provided by the creator if you want to progress through the game more quickly or take on different paths.

DFD Has a Smooth Gameplay

DFD provides gamers with few uncomplicated features that are perfect for people who are looking for a high-speed game with easy-to-use functions. You can also opt to click on some options to modify your experience of the game. However, it's mostly all set for playing without having to tinker with those things.

Overall, the gameplay is fucking straightforward and smooth. It allows you to pick the type of intensity of the scenes and the type of actions that you want. With its amazing layout and fucking fantastic graphics, DFD is indeed a top-shelf adult video game that deserves the attention of those people who love to play and masturbate at the same time.

The game design is bright, vibrant, and full of details. You will notice it right away from the delicate features of the characters’ faces and physical built. The sounds and the graphics have a realistic feel to them, making this incest game a top-quality product ever released by Love Joint Games.

DFD Playing Options

You can play Daughter for Dessert on your Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers and your tablets, laptops, and mobile phones for free. If you want to play the game without cheat codes, you can play DFD online or download it.

What you see on the game’s website is all free with no conditions and limitations. You can play the game, use cheat codes, read blog posts, and get updates. So, there are no excuses why you should not play this game, you weirdos!

However, if you want to get instant updates of the game and access new chapters, you can have its fee-based services by becoming a paying patron of DFD at Patreon. The fee-based services also allow you to access exclusive voice-over and inside posts.

DFD Community

Daughter for Dessert has an over 18 age limitation. It’s estimated that there are over 5000 daily users of the game (that’s a high number of sick motherfuckers, for sure). And around 6000 people paying the fee-based services on Patreon and thousands of website visitors weekly.

Perverts and gamers all over the world play this shit. Typically, they come from English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Canada. Right now, the game is only available in the English language. So, I apologize to those people who want to play DFD in the Mandarin language.

The DFD community is filled with fucking happy, vibrant, and open-minded gamers coming from different walks of life. Although these fuckers have no direct communication in the game itself because it’s not a multiplayer video game, the host Love Joint Games provides gamers with other means of communication to rub elbows with their fellow players.

The players can post comments and opinions on the site. They can also read blog posts concerning the game and everything related to it. You can also register at Discord if you want to join in the chatroom with other members of the DFD community. The chatroom has around thirty thousand verified users who love to talk about the game and sex-related stuff.

If you want to join this fun-filled chatroom, you just have to sign up with a valid email address, your chosen name, and a fucking tight password to ensure that no fucktard can hack your shit. After the verification of your profile through email, you can now hop on the party with fellow your fellow players.

Once you have entered the chatroom, you should make sure to read this important info: #info-and-rules #announcements #links #general #show-your-work #show-your-pet #porn. You can also read these topics if you want to report issues or bugs while playing the game: #game-feedback #bug-reports #game-help # game-discussions. Most of the shit that you need to know more about the game are in the DFD chatroom.

All interesting shit can be found on the game and the website itself. However, if you’re below 18 years of age, you are cockblock to access the game’s and site’s sexually explicit material. Remember that disclaimer I was talking about previously if you want to know something.

The creators acknowledge the equality of the members of the DFD community. No discrimination and all that shit allowed when communicating with other players. You can report a stupid cunt who is posting offensive or injurious content to the creators of the website.


Daughter for Dessert is the real deal, man. If you want something to while away your time or to entertain yourself, DFD is the adult video game you should play. DFD has fucking fantastic graphics, smooth gameplay, excellent game design, interesting storyline, and uncomplicated features for a free adult video game.

Moreover, it has a large community of gamers that you can mingle with at Discord chatroom. DFD’s website also contains blogs and comments from other players if you want to learn more about the game. Indeed, Daughter for Dessert is one of the best adult games right now. I have almost zero complaints about this game at all.

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  • Fast loading game
  • Top-notch design with fantastic graphics
  • Chapters for free
  • Interesting storyline
  • Easy-to-use functions
  • Well-developed characters
  • You can play the game online or download it
  • You can skip scenes and redo actions
  • You can communicate with fellow players in a separate chatroom
  • Interactive game