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Visiting Aunt Sara

Time to mix it up with some incest porn gaming, am I right, or am I right? Mandatory disclaimer: I am not into incest. I don’t want to fuck my own aunt; I want to fuck your aunt. Are we clear? Ok, good. Let’s dig into this bad boy. What you are looking at here is a bit of a demo of all the capabilities of the fantastic NLT studio.

These guys are the geniuses behind Treasure of Nadia, which is arguably one of the greatest porn games ever made. But, every godlike porn studio has humble beginnings, and such is the case with NLT. They started small and worked their way up. Visiting Aunt Sara is one of their earliest masterpieces, featuring the high-quality 3D style you’re probably already very familiar with.

A Simple Story

Before they dabbled with high-quality fantasy mystery like in Lust Epidemic, NLT liked to keep things simple. They didn’t experiment with stories before they knew that they had enough smut to back up the setup for a longer playthrough. So, in Visiting Aunt Sara, you play as a simple dude who, by the looks of things, is exactly 18. I guess they were trying to play him off as both legal and as young as humanly possible, to cash in on that mommy-son vibe.

He’s visiting his aunt on a day when all the other family members will be away, at the movies. He figures that this gives him ample time to try his luck with his super-hot aunt, although it does kind of feel like he’s taking things slow. Still, the game doesn’t drag on too much, and you get to the smut really quickly. At first, it’s a bit of conversation about how lonely she is and how she’s lost her youthful edge.

Then, things start to heat up when you guys have yourselves a nice dip in the Jacuzzi. Fast forward a few seconds later, and she’s giving you a footjob. The rest of the game is basically just a random exploration of her house, with some minor plot points you have to pass to get to the next smut scene. But, seeing as how this woman is drop-dead gorgeous, it’s absolutely worth it. Every single sex scene had me rock hard. NLT really know how to draw a fuckable body, I’ll say that much.

The Graphics

This is hardly NLT’s best work. If you want the hottest 3D bitches, you’ll have to go to Treasure of Nadia for that. Also, I call dibs on Mother Superior. You’ll get that reference if you play that game. Anyways, in Visiting Aunt Sara, you get the beginnings of the high-quality 3D art style that NLT is famous for.

Now, I’m not saying that this art style is crude or anything. NLT knew exactly what they were doing since the very beginning. It might be a bit less polished, but overall, you’re still looking at a 10/10 female body being penetrated six ways to Sunday. Plus, they have that signature “swoosh” sound when the cum shoots out onto her face or in her snatch. They used the same sound in Lust Epidemic, and since I played that game first, this one gave me some nostalgia feels.

The Familial Vibes

This is the part where all of you incest loving fucks should listen closely. Or, I guess, read intently. NLT might be known for casual porn games that don’t feature any real immoral sex in them, but they started out with some very incestuous vibes. In fact, their first few games all featured some form of incest sucks and fucks, and they were damn good at it.

All of their games seem to take place in some alternate reality in which everyone is secretly incestuous and kind of proud of it, but they still hide this in order to maintain appearances. So, you’ll frequently hear Aunty Sara say things like “Don’t” and “Stop” and “Don’t put it in there”, but what she really means is, “I’ve been waiting for this”.

You’ll have a scene that starts out with her flat out saying no, and your character, the absolute Chad, will force his cock into her anyways. Warning: Do not do this in real life. In real life, no means no. In NLT media’s worlds, no means yes please. Anyways, the second the cock has hit the pussy, she’s grateful and overjoyed, albeit very shy. She’s scared that you two might get caught. So, in other words, she’s playing dumb while she’s thrilled to be getting fucked by you.

Your Auntie

Let’s talk about Aunt Sara for a second. She’s lonely, even though she’s got two kids. As far as I can tell, her husband hasn’t been fucking her right. So the main character can’t be blamed for wanting to dick her. Besides, she’s hot as hell, and he’s young. He’s basically the victim here. It’s not his fault he’s got a huge penis. I know what that’s like. Walking around having women throw themselves at you without even asking you if you’re into them. It’s hard being a player.

As for her body… oh boy, where do I begin? Let’s start with the large EE breasts that don’t fit in her outfit, no matter what she’s wearing. Then there are the perky nipples that are always ready for the sucking. Beyond that, she’s got that nice lean figure of someone who goes to the gym regularly – I should know. And then there’s the giant round ass that’s ripe for the fucking.

The Puzzles

Here comes the boring shit, the actual gameplay. Now, I’m being a bit hard on NLT, because you can’t have a porn game without the gameplay. If I’m being honest, they did a damn good job keeping the gameplay minimal without making you feel like you’re being dicked around. I mean, it’s not like they keep making you go on fetch quests.

In other games, you might even have to fight monsters to gather experience, before you get to dick a bitch. You get none of that grief here. You solve actual puzzles, that don’t take a lot of head-scratching. Plus, there’s this coin item in the game that can be used infinitely to get a hint on what the next thing you should be doing is. You click the coin, it says to go to the garage, you go to the garage, the game progresses. Nice and simple.

This is the kind of game that doesn’t try to rip you out of the enjoyment. Plus, you need to keep in mind that even though it’s super old, it was always free, even when it first came out. NLT has always operated on a strict policy of only taking in money for donations. If you donate, you can get the games earlier, but eventually, everyone gets to play them for free.

If you’re a fan of NLT’s newer games or a fan of high-quality 3D porn games in general, you have to try Visiting Aunt Sara. This is one of those early entries to the genre that started it all. Back then, companies like NLT were setting the groundwork for what would become one of the most popular genres of pornographic gaming.

Plus, there’s a ridiculous amount of incest vibes in this game, same as in most other NLT games since. Their newer stuff is a bit tamer, but I suspect that has something to do with Patreon’s policy updates. They no longer allow incestuous themes in products marketed on their site.

Bonus Smut

If you’re not entirely satisfied with this game and are curious about what your mother and your cousins were up to while you were banging your aunt, you can check out Aunt Deb’s show, Deb being your mother’s name in the game. This is only a comic book, I’m afraid, no gameplay, but it shows you what the three were up to the whole day.

As it turns out, they weren’t really at the movies. They were having a more interactive experience out in the town. If you think incest is fucked up, but you find it arousing, well, the shit that happens in this comic is at least a hundred times more fucked up than what you get in Visiting Aunt Sara. I’ll say that much and leave the rest to your imagination. This comic is easily one of the filthiest pieces of smut I’ve ever seen, so if you’re looking for disgusting shit, that’s where you’ll find it.

In the meantime, you can also check out NLT’s other work, including their comics. They’ve made a ton, and some of them feature characters from their games as well.

PornGames likes Visiting Aunt Sara

  • Super-hot sex scenes
  • Simple and fast puzzles
  • Different sexual positions
  • Really high quality 3D models

PornGames hates Visiting Aunt Sara

  • Literally nothing