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Sold Girl Town

SoldGirl Town is a Hentai Simulator Game Where You Run a Prostitution Ring. Alright, all of you degenerates. You keep telling me I’m going soft. That I only tell you about vanilla-ass hentai games that don’t really have hardcore fetishes. Well, excuse me if I don’t need to choke myself with a tie while wearing women's clothes and have a dildo shoved up my ass just to get hard. I actually get laid. I don’t have to resort to that pathetic shit, but I’ll humor you assholes this time. I’ll give you a game that will leave you feeling dirty, guilty, and disgusting after you come down from your lust-addled jerk off sesh. You’ve been warned. SoldGirl Town is a 3D-style hentai simulation game that came out back in February of 2017. You can buy it for 18 bucks or try a free demo of the game over on DLsite. But it’s also been out on various sites for free. I don’t blame you fucks for skimming for a free copy of this one. Sinking money into something so twisted is usually a line that even you cucks don’t want to cross. Anyway, this shit has 5 stars across the board from you sickos. Let’s dive into what the fuck this game is.

Partially Translated Game Takes Some Getting Used To

The game has been partially translated into English. They couldn’t do the title screen for some reason, though. It’s all in fucking Japanese. But there are only three options. The first one from the right lets you start a new game. The middle one lets you load a past game. And the final option is an options menu for toggling shit like background music. It’s not that hard. And most of the game is readable, and there are external guides you can find if you get lost or turned around. You get right into the action. You have decided to run a prostitution ring. Sounds fine enough, right? You’re probably picturing yourself as a goofy looking pimp with hot bimbos that you can send out to earn cash so that you can expand your prostitution empire. That is what the game is about. You send girls out to do naughty shit so that you can upgrade your disgusting hovel of an office and branch out in the world.

Extremely Hardcore Fetish Content With Kidnapping, Rape, and Torture

But that is not the tone of the game. This is a sex slave ring where you force young, innocent girls into your service. You go out and physically kidnap women, drag them back to your fuck den, and torture them until they’re loyal and fearful enough to go out and sell their ruined bodies for you. And this game doesn’t skim past these parts of the game. You have a scout that gives you lists of women to kidnap, and you get to see how resistant and attractive they are. Once you do have a poor, weeping girl chained up in your basement, you can get to torturing her. Taze her, whip her, make her piss herself, shove anal beads up her ass, lick her tits, shave her, and rape her until she is a sobbing mess that has no more hope of escape. Dark enough for you sick fucks? Oh, and don’t hurt her too much or she’ll slump unconscious. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop any of it. Your own morals set the only limits in this game.

Find the Perfect Method of Destroying Every Shred of Hope in Your Girls

Each girl will have a mood chart that shows how they are feeling. This ranges from fearful and obedient to despair that ultimately causes them to be completely broken. Breaking a girl makes them yours forever, but they have no passion or hope. But that’s not it. Each girl has different personality traits and skills. You have to diversify the capabilities of your sex slaves to make sure that they go out and make you enough money to keep surviving. You see, you need to make each girl loyal by torturing them. Once they are loyal enough, they will go out and make you money. And you need to make enough money every month to keep things running, or you will lose the entire game and have to start over. You can also get a part-time job, which is basically a clicker game that nets you some cash if your bitches aren’t cutting it for you.

Buy New Venues, Train Girls to be the Perfect Whores, and Expand Your Ring

Making your girls more loyal and submissive will unlock further sex acts that you can do in the training chamber. Kidnapping also isn’t cheap, so you need to find a good balance of kidnapping women and how much time you spend making them loyal whores. It’s tough. I lost the first few times I gave this twisted game a shot. Eventually, you will get into the rhythm of it and have multiple venues where you can go send your sluts. Then you can start upgrading your prostitution den, which makes everything in the game easier. After all, it’s easier to lure a poor, scared girl to a nice house than an abandoned shack. Your ultimate goal is to become the biggest pimp in all of this area of Japan. It’s a pretty tall order. Expect to sink quite a few hours into this game before you even get close to that far.

Well-Designed Game With Hot Animations & Voice Acting

A lot is going on in this twisted game, but it was designed well. The art is pretty damn hot if you are into 3D hentai style. It’s not quite SFM or your regular hentai style. You’ll have to check out some of the screenshots for this game to see what I mean. And all of the gameplay is good. There’s a lot of shit you need to maintain and balance. It makes for a pretty good experience. And there are no paywalls to stop you from playing like free-to-play games have. It’s all about your skill as the leader of an illegal prostitution ring. Though I will say that the music is way too happy for the sordid shit that you are doing while you play. It’s like the fucking Animal Crossing soundtrack in the background while you are forcibly face fucking girls that you’ve kidnapped. Other than that, the voice acting and sound design are on-point. You get hot sounds and moans from all of the girls you bring down to your torture...I mean the training room.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked the gameplay. It’s a pretty in-depth experience that actually takes some fucking skill. And, I mean, the “training” scenes are pretty fucking insane. If you dream of kidnapping women and subjecting them to your strange, twisted torture methods, then you will love this shit. It’s definitely not a game for the faint of heart. I like that they go hardcore as fuck with this game. Many developers are too scared to include or make this kind of fetish content. While I might not be their target I audience, they sure have gotten a huge following of you fetish loving fucks.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

My suggestion is not to play this game if you can’t handle heavy rape and torture themes. This game is beyond fucked up. As for the game itself, I think it is about time that a complete English translation comes out. It can be clunky to play through as it is. And I wish training your slut’s loyalty was quicker. It can be very easy to lose the game early because you couldn’t earn enough dosh to keep the ring running.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, you need to be a desensitized sociopath to love this game. But, hey, I’m not judging you fucks. Indulge in whatever twisted fetishes that you want to jerk your dick to. As long as you make sure they stay fantasies. But, yeah, SoldGirl Town is a fucked up game with fucked up hentai scenes. If that sounds like your dream game, then go on and give it a shot. You’ll be fapping to the pain and torment of poor, kidnapped girls in no time at all.

PornGames likes Sold Girl Town

  • Very hardcore fetish game that doesn’t shy from anything
  • Hot sex/torture scenes that let you take full control
  • Multi-layered resource management game that takes skill
  • Solid art
  • animations
  • and sound design

PornGames hates Sold Girl Town

  • Incredibly fucked up game
  • The game is not fully translated into English yet