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Sometimes I review smut games that feature full-blown sex scenes; other times; I cover games that I know people are jacking off to, even though they don’t have any porn in them whatsoever. That’s what we’ve got on the table today. Didnapper is a proper RPG game with sexual overtones and absolutely no smut. If there is real fucking in this game, I must have missed it, because I played it for over an hour and didn’t even see a hint of a wet pussy. If you manage to find anything extremely fap-worthy in this game, kudos to you.

Me, I have to review this game anyways, because I know that there are tons of people who get turned on by the idea of kidnapping, binding, and gagging random chicks. So, for that particular group of perverts, I played a chunk of this game, got a sense of what they were going for, and had a ton of fun in the process. But alas, I played this game with both hands above my desk and far away from my crotch. It’s an extremely fun adult RPG game, but it is not a porn game. With that being said, let’s dive right into this weird-ass world of ropes and gags.

Princess in Distress

This game was made by a studio named DID Games, which stands for damsels in distress. The DID in the game’s title also stands for damsels in distress. It’s safe to say that the developers of this game were very obsessed with kidnapped chicks. I don’t know why this is the case. I didn’t even know this was a genre of porn gaming. I just figured ropes and chains were a BDSM thing. I didn’t think people cared to see actual kidnapping scenes, over and over again, in their porn games. And then I saw Didnapper, and my eyes were opened to this weird-ass genre.

You play as a Princess who’s gotten herself in some shit. She gets kidnapped, then she escapes. Then, she becomes a kidnapper, by joining the kidnapping guild. After that, she goes around kidnapping people, or rescuing them, depending on whether or not they’ve been naughty. Half of this game’s mechanics make absolutely no sense, but they’re extremely fun to use, and they’re programmed quite well.

Ropes are for Girls

I mentioned that you go around kidnapping people in this game, but I was kind of being disingenuous. You can only technically kidnap women. Why? Who the fuck knows. The developers made damn sure to exclude any scenes that might have featured men being tied up. This game has a very small amount of male interaction anyways, short of letting you punch dudes in the face.

Girls, on the other hand, are free real-estate. If you see a girl in the wild and she’s tied up, you can free her, and she will most likely join your party to help you kick some ass. If you see a girl in the wild and she’s roaming free, you can tie her up and take her back to your sex dungeon, so that she can just sit there and think about what she’s done. You can interact with her if you’re feeling like asking her some questions, but eventually, you’ll run out of dialogue, and that’ll be the end of that feature.

Escape Mechanics

RPG Maker is a dog-shit engine by default. It came out almost three decades ago, it should be dead in the ground, for fuck’s sake. But alas, some people enjoy using it because it makes RPG game design a breeze. So, it’s always nice to see a developer trying to add something new to the old formula. In this case, you’re looking at some really unique escape mechanics. In a game with a ton of rope bondage, escaping your fate is very much going to be core gameplay.

So, I found it really satisfying to play through these scenes, because they’re done quite well. They’re injected into the story, so it’s not like they’re spammy. I mean, yes, you can get captured in standard combat as well, but for the most part, you only play these parts when it’s relevant, unless you suck at the game. Say you infiltrate a bandit camp for some reason, and they catch you. They’ll promptly tie you up, gag you and shove you in a tent next to a treasure chest.

By the way, let’s also say that that’s the only way to get that particular treasure chest. They leave you alone, and you promptly crack open the escape mini-game. You choose whether to work your legs, arms, or mouth first. You get some prompts on screen that you need to press on time, and you eventually untie yourself. Now that you’re free, you can explore the tent they left you in, pick up the treasure from the chest, and be on your merry way. But what about the guards outside? Well…

Stealth Mechanics

I’m not sure if I’ve actually seen stealth mechanics in other RPG Maker games before, but this game does a damn fine job of trying to give you a non-violent approach to the story. After you escape from the aforementioned tent, you can sneak your way around the encampment, jack their shit and find another girl whom they’ve tied up. Since she’s already tied up, the only thing left for you to do is set her free and ask her to join you on your quest to beat up bad guys. She agrees, and the two of you waltz your way out of the camp, beating down any group of buff dudes who would stand in your way.

Alternatively, you can try to sneak your way out, but I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of this. It’s nice that they added this mechanic for people who prefer to have a subtler exit strategy, but I like punching things in the face, given the chance.

“Innovative” Combat

The people behind Didnapper have boasted about the game having a unique combat system that they’re very proud of. It definitely has some unique features, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it unique overall. It’s still the same turn-based RPG Maker nonsense. Your enemies stand still while you figure out the best way to punch them in the face. Then, they punch back. Rinse and repeat.

The unique parts have to do with the kidnapping vibe this game refuses to let go. Basically, if you’re fighting chicks, you have a few extra abilities on hand that only work on them. You need ropes to use them, but they’re by far the most fun parts of the game. You can toss ropes at them in hopes of knotting them up and binding them in place, thus kidnapping them.

This is a lot more fun than just hitting them with magic spells until they die. I’m not very big on the whole kidnap fetish, but I’ll admit, it’s really fun to think of gorgeous babes in this game as collectible Pokemon. After all, your main character, who is also a gorgeous babe, is being treated in the exact same way by everyone else. Why shouldn’t she fight back?

Amazing Soundtrack

Porn games either have decent soundtracks or no music at all. But, this is not technically a porn game, remember? This is probably why Didnapper is absolutely loaded with high-quality tracks that put old-school retro RPG soundtracks to shame. I checked out the soundtrack in full, even though I never got to finish this game, simply because it was that good.

Apparently, they outsourced the music to someone who knew what he was doing, instead of just importing some random ambient noise for the entirety of the game. Every zone and special encounter have their own special song that matches the tone of these situations very well. This game is so perfectly polished through, and through that, it’s really hard to accept the fact that it’s literally built around the idea of tying people up with ropes.

This game development studio is a godsend for people who are also obsessed with ropes, chains, whips, gags, and the like. There isn’t any real BDSM in this game, but the binding itself is damn near everywhere. You get bound, you escape, you bind other chicks, it never stops. So, if you like the idea of tying people up, here’s a great game for you. It comes with an amazing story that’s super easy to follow, and the level design is extremely clever.

Plus, the game’s already got a sequel that’s ready to be played. I’m not sure if the sequel is completely wrapped up or if it’s still a demo, but check it out. It’s simply named Didnapper 2.

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