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Slave Maker

Imagine if you could create your very own, infinitely subservient waifu who would obey your every command. Would you want her to be the perfect little slut who pleasured you whenever you wanted? Would you want her to fight you every step of the way until she succumbs and becomes a broken-willed fuck doll? Would you want her to humiliate you like the pathetic weeb that you are?

I know you beta cucks have thought about that shit. I bet you think about it every time you’re dry humping your crusty body pillow. I have bitches knocking at my door at all hours of the night, so I don’t need it. But what if you could live out that wonderful fantasy of having a slave-girl to fuck? That even sounds tempting to me.

That’s where Slave Maker comes in. Well, technically Slave Maker 3. From what I could find, there aren’t three separate games. This is just the latest version of the game. And boy, does this game have a fucking history. It started back in 2014 (if not earlier) and has been out of development about as often as it has been in development. It’s hard to drum up any solid details about this fucking game, but it was made by Cmacleod42. And it seems as though any updates in development have been stalled or forever canceled.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t rub yourself raw to the free-to-play version of the game that is out there. There are even fan-man mods and packs that can be found. You can find Cmacleod42’s blog, but any access to the download links was barred for me. You’ll have to do some digging to find a quality copy of the game. I’d recommend using f95zone. Their version has every single update and packs added on to it.

Fetish-Heavy Game Focused on Breaking Your Kinky Slaves Down

This isn’t your standard hentai game. You play as a slaver who buys and recruits young hentai babes to fuck other people and, of course, you. I’ve reviewed a game or two in the past that have taken this sort of theme and made it incredibly dark and fucked up. I mean, it’s a pretty easy thing to do when you consider what the fuck the game is about. But Slave Maker takes an easier approach. It has bright colors, quirky humor, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

This game uses Java and has a weird game player. It’s not like a traditional game by any means. It works, well, like a hentai game from 2014 would. You have buttons all around with odd formatting and the main game in the center of the player. It’s hard to explain here. I’d take a look at the screenshots so that you can pick up what I’m putting down. It looks like an in-browser flash game from back in the day.

Customize the Game’s Setting and Build Your Perfect Slave Maker

You start by making your slave maker, picking your profession, wealth, background, and starting city. This determines how much money you have, where your fuck den is, and what slaves you have the reputation to afford. There’s a lot of mixed art styles here, which leads me to believe that some of the art isn’t the creators. Maybe they had it commissioned or something, but there aren’t any credits for them. And some of these sprites and illustrations are pulled directly from games and other known characters.

This leads me to my first complaint about the game. It’s called “Slave Maker.” Fuck, let me make my slave! I want to design this cumslut from the bottom up. But, no, I have to pick from some video game and anime characters that I could give two shits about.

I mean, sure, they’re hot as fuck. But I’d like some more control. Hell, you can’t even change their fucking outfits except to make them walk around naked. I say walk around, but there aren’t any animations. You just get a still sprite of them on your homepage. I guess seeing some tits is nice, though. I just wish you could physically interact with these bitches a bit more.

Alter Your Slave’s Stats & Abilities to Suit Your Needs

Each slave will have her own set of stats for things like “Charisma, Sensibility, Morality, Nymphomania, Cooking, Joy, Tiredness, and over a dozen more.” All of these factors play into how resistant your slave will be to fucking, getting fucked, and making you money. You want to lend her out so that you build hers and your reputation. More dosh means more slaves, better housing, and did I mention more slaves? Eventually, you can even buy sex toys and BDSM gear for them.

You can chat with your slaves, fuck them in all sorts of kinky ways, and go out on excursions to build up certain stats. There’s a lot to this game. It’s not one of those titles where you can just click through shit to get to the juicy fuck scenes and win the game. Trust me; I tried that shit. Most of the game is broken up into planning and doing stuff with or to your slaves. It also helps to build up your stats so that you can be more attractive to these sluts.

No Full Hentai Scenes & a Lack of Sound Effects, Voice Acting, and Music

The game is lacking in the hentai aspect of it. There are some occasional, small images that you get when you fuck a dimepiece. But these are far from fully-fledged scenes. You may have trouble getting off to the game unless the idea itself is enough to get you hot and bothered. You don’t even get much in the way of erotic descriptions, either. You’ll get shit like “she gives you a blowjob.” Not the hottest shit ever. And there’s no music, sound effects, or voice acting to make up for anything.

I almost feel like this game would be much better as a mobile title. The overall gameplay is perfectly suited for a mobile format. But, of course, there isn’t a mobile version of the game currently available. And I doubt there will ever be one. It’s a shame that the creator looks to have abandoned this project. There was a lot of potential here.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Slave Maker has a lot of potential. I like the unique style of the game. The foundation is there. The idea of creating and making your own kinky slave girls is great. And I had a decent time with the game in its current state. I enjoyed the bits of art and hentai scenes that were present, and I think that some of you fucks will have a good time with it. Though I would highly recommend including some of the user-patches. I didn’t go over them here since they aren’t part of the original game, but those add whole new layers to the game that makes it even better.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Oh man, I’ve got a slew of them this time around. But I don’t want to hit this game too hard. I’ve already covered a lot. So, I’ll hit the ones I think are most important. This game needs to let you be able to design your own fuck slave. That feels like the whole point. I don’t want any pre-made bitches. You cucks want to build your own waifu, right? And then there was the lack of hentai art. There are some kinky images, but it was pretty lackluster. Getting some more art for the game or even some animations would help.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Slave Maker offers a different experience from most hentai games out there. It’s got a lot of shit going on. Not all of it is good, but it’s not bad either. This game ends up being perfectly, well, average. I recommend it for those of you out who already have this fetish and have wanted to explore a game like Slave Maker. It’s not the best entry point to the genre, but you experienced fucks will have some fun with the content and the approach that Slave Maker takes.

PornGames likes Slave Maker

  • Unique gameplay with lots of customization in the beginning
  • Great
  • kinky concept
  • Free-to-play game with no subscriptions or upfront costs
  • Manage and collect a harem of slave girls!

PornGames hates Slave Maker

  • Dated game that hasn’t seen an update in a while
  • Can’t create your own sex slaves
  • No full sex scenes or erotic descriptions