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I’m lucky I’ve already reviewed Didnapper, because it would appear that that game was very much a build-up to DID studio’s next big break. So far, their games have been available for free, more or less, but they’re changing that with this next game that isn’t technically out yet, at least not fully. This game’s got an available demo for you to download right away. DID are very proud of the work they’ve put into this fantastical world. Plus, their first game was very much a labor of love. The Patreon supporters who backed that project were very much invited to share their opinions on the game.

I’m not saying DID aren’t entirely to thank for the amazing success of Didnapper 1; it’s just that, the tons of fan information must have helped at least a little bit. And of course, there’s the funds. Overall, public opinion on DID’s games has remained the same throughout all of their work – they make the best softcore bondage games out there. Wait, did I say softcore? Yeah, sorry, boys. There’s no nudity in these games, at least, as far as I can tell. The big shtick is that DID focus on damsel in distress narratives and all kinds of bondage and escapes. That’s what they do, and they do it well. Can you fap to these games? Not sure. It wouldn’t be too hard, but it’s not exactly intended use. Should you still play them even though they don’t technically have smut? Absolutely and I’m about to explain why.

Chains and Whips

BDSM features all kinds of chains, whips, ropes, punishments, pains, and pleasures, but DID are very specifically focused on everything and anything that you can be bound in or use to bind other people. Whether it hurts or not is very secondary. It’s all about the games and plays of trapping and feeling trapped. In terms of actual gameplay, there’s a lot of potential here. DID have dabbled with other genres, they don’t just do RPGs. But, I have to say, the RPGs they’ve made so far are perfect for this specific BDSM sub-genre.

I mean, think about it. You’re role-playing inside a fantastical world in which spontaneous bondage is an everyday occurrence. You fuck around, minding your own business, and you get hogtied by some random passerby. You escape, you fuck their shit up and take their stuff. Conversely, say you’re the random passerby. You see some gorgeous redhead with big flopping tits just minding her own business. You knock her out, tie her up, and take her back to your sex dungeon where you proceed to … I dunno, recruit her to capture more chicks?

It’s this kind of open-world fun that makes RPG games immersive. You’re not just talking about tying people up or going through cutscenes. You straight-up get involved in the action, any way you want to at any time you feel like it. I’ve seen this type of thing in Red Dead Redemption 2. In that game, you can fuck around and hogtie people any time you want, then drag them behind you while you ride off on your horse. Why would you do that? Who knows? Who cares? It was the most fun part of that game’s entire kit. It was more fun than shooting cowboys. You give me that type of gameplay, and sexy bitches all in one universe, and I’m set to have hours of fun.

Didnapper 1 Vs. 2: Pirates Ahoy

The biggest difference between this game and the previous one, other than the quality of life improvements, is the piracy. The first game very much took place on land. You didn’t do a lot of boating, if you know what I mean. This one takes place in the same universe, but you’ve got an entirely different cast. You play as a chick named Seles, who is a fighter mage that lives in a small village. It’s your standard RPG story, at the start. She’s a bit of an unwanted presence, since she’s magical and people don’t like that. I never understood this kind of fantasy racism, but it works well as a plot device, so I guess I’ll live with it.

She quickly manages to get herself kidnapped and taken aboard a pirate ship. This pretty much sets up the narrative for what you can expect to see in the final version of the game. Keep in mind; we’re still only talking about the demo. From the general vibe of the demo, you can tell that this is going to be a pirate game. Or at the very least, it’s going to be a pirate-themed Didnapper game.

I read that this game was supposed to be a spiritual successor, instead of a real sequel. Back then, they called it Silk. Apparently, it was too similar to the first game, so they figured, fuck it, let’s just call it a comeback. I personally prefer sequels to spiritual successors, because I feel like I’ve already got a connection to the world I’m playing in. Even if the main character is different, the action isn’t. Tying people up is still very much a part of combat and regular interactions. The story is still driven by the same damsel in distress type nonsense that I got used to in Didnapper 1. I would love to see more.

Quality of Life Improvements

The first game was a smash hit, but even in my review of it back then, I noted that there were a lot of sharp edges. Assets of enemies got reused, the sprites that showed ropes and tie-ups were a bit improvised. The whole thing felt like a budget title, even though the story and the gameplay were perfect.

Visually and sound-wise, the game was just screaming for more attention. I guess Patreon money can only take you so far. This is fair, considering they only have a few hundred backers. That’s not a lot of pennies thrown their way. But, considering they’re now diving face-first into a complete title that they’re hoping to sell for an actual profit, I say kudos to them for believing in their dreams.

The first thing you’re going to notice when you fire this baby up is the amazing soundtrack. I shouldn’t really call this an improvement as the first game had some amazing tunes too. I just have to give a shout out, because whoever composed these tracks did a bang-up job.

Then, there are the graphics, and oh my God, are they better than the original. Right off the bat, when you start the game, you’re greeted with a proper anime-styled animation. It’s like an actual fucking cartoon. This is what I call a cinematic. Plus, they seem to be drawing the girls with a sort of 3D perspective in mind. They don’t rotate on their own, but you get to see a great deal of their curves as they’re animated around. They’re not planned to be used as flat sprites that only ever face you from the front. They have curves, OK?

The Gameplay

DID has noted that even though this game keeps the same combat system from the first one, they’re going to be focusing on story and narrative a lot more. At first, I was a bit worried, since the combat is the core gameplay of this kind of RPG. But, then I remembered that Didnapper 1 had so much combat that it bordered on tedious. So I played Didnapper 2 and saw that this game has the right amount of combat. There are enough encounters so that you do not get bored, but no so many that you forget what the hell you were doing in the first place.

This means that the majority of the gameplay now involves you fucking around this beautifully crafted world and talking to people. You advance the story and learn more about these people’s problems and how you can get involved.

Plus, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the combat system came with a ton of improvements too. Don’t get too excited; it’s still turn-based bullshit. But, at the very least, they reworked the way that they portray the action on screen. The difference in quality between the half-assed sprites from the first game and the proper full-on art pieces they use in this one is insane. It feels like you’ve got an actual anime laid over the action at all times.

I can’t wait for this game’s full release, but I know it won’t be something I’ll be playing late at night, one-handed. It’s more of a casual RPG romp of fun with a naughty twist to the action. Don’t get me wrong, I like ropes and chains, but if I don’t get my daily dose of pussy, I get antsy.

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