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Free Cities Game

My experience with text-based games is a real mixed bag. I’m the kind of guy who hates reading, especially if the content isn’t smutty. I’d rather just see the titties on-screen, jack off and go to bed. I’m simple like that. So, when I say that this game is worth playing, you know that’s a heavy statement. My first experience with this kind of quality text game was Degrees of Lewdity. I don’t know if that game’s developer and this one are related, but they’re clearly using the same engine, and I love it.

If you’re going to make a text-based game, use this engine, seriously. It’s simple, straightforward and makes following the action really easy. Everything on screen is properly colored and easy to find. You know exactly what’s happening at all times. I never thought that text games could actually be arousing, but as it turns out, I didn’t have a problem with text-based games. I had a problem with writers who droned on and on. So, to avoid becoming like them, let me dive into what makes Free Cities a very intriguing porn game.

Slavery is Not Cool

…unless you’re playing a porn game. In that case, it’s the hottest shit on the market. Hell, enslave everyone, start a harem, populate a continent, whatever. The world is your oyster, when your sexual expeditions are fictional. This game right here lets you live out some fucked up fantasies. I know it’s called Free Cities, but the name is a misnomer. There’s nothing free about this game except the game itself. But, once you dive the fuck in, you start doing some hardcore shit.

This right here is an in-depth sex slave simulator in which you operate an Arcology, which is the word this game uses in place of “brothel”. But, where brothels are all about turning a profit, this game has you doing all kinds of fucked up shit just for the hell of it. Yes, you want to make money and acquire more sex slaves, but overall you’re also trying to have some fun. And, there are no restrictions on the type of slave owner you are going to be. You can be kind, understanding, and caring, or you can be absolute fuck-stick who abuses every single one of his slave girls over and over again for no reason.

A Quick Start

This game has such a huge fucking list of options when you first start a new game. It’s ridiculous. It took me 10 minutes to start a new game, because I wanted to read all of the options. If the UI was dogshit, I’d skip it. But, I know from playing Degrees of Lewdity that how I set up the world is very important towards determining how the game will progress. This gives you a ton of replayability, since you could just make a new world with vastly different conditions and you’d get a completely new type of adventure.

The options let you choose the type of region that you’re living in as well as the continent you’re located on. You also get to pick the various behaviors and relationships that the world and various factions have with each other. You’re essentially setting up and international political situation to define how your approach to slavery will be treated by other people. It’s amazing how far this game takes you in the first 10 minutes alone.

An Amazing Story

The story of this game is super unique, although it makes heavy use of a few apocalypse tropes. Set a few decades into the future, the world is in absolute decay. The apocalypse has arrived, and everything’s gone to shit. There are many free cities cropping up all-over the place, and they’re… very civilized. Or, at least, they’re as civilized as a city can be in the fucking apocalypse.

Slavery is basically how shit gets done these days, especially in the bedroom. People pay for sex more often than they pay for bread, and the money goes to you. Slave girls don’t make money. Their reward is not getting spanked at the end of the day.

So, once you choose some of the story elements for your world, you set off on your adventure of running a brothel, in the midst of other brothels in your cities. You want to be the very best, like no-one ever was. You’re trying hard to train your slaves to be the perfect whores, while keeping track of all of their various needs and wants.

So Much Economy

Operating a brothel is a serious business. You’ve got competition in your city, and while they’re not directly trying to fuck with you, they’re hoping you up and disappear. You are taking bread out of their mouths, after all. You can increase your diplomatic relations with them and even invest in their businesses, if you want a bigger piece of the pie.

Then there’s your personal economy. You’ve got upkeep costs. With each passing day, you have to pay money for the various parts of your brothel. You’re not paying your slaves, obviously, but they have basic needs that you have to cover. Then there are your penthouse beds and luxury rooms. These are the locations in which you can set up tons of regular regulated slave sex, for which you get paid by the public. Then there’s your reputation, marketing, and general approach to the public. This can be increased and improved, depending on how you handle your girls.

Managing Women

Managing women in real life is a fucking nightmare. But, in a porn game in which you flat out own them, and they have to do what you say… it’s still a fucking nightmare, but they complain a lot less. They know that a slave girl that complains is a slave girl that gets beaten to within an inch of her life, then sent back to work.

Your girls can perform one set of tasks per day, and depending on what you have them to, your financial situation and the state of your brothel change drastically. You can have them rest for the day, or serve as a fucktoy. You can employ them as house servants, which makes them labor instead of fuck around. Then, you can confine them, as punishment. There’s also the whore option which, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. And, if you really wanna go wild, you can have them serve the public. This will really fuck them up and puts them at risk of getting hurt. If you want to be safe, have them work in a glory hole.

So Many Stats

The women in this game are almost as complicated as women in real life. Not only do they have wants and desires, but they also have over a dozen different stats that you can manage at all times. I say can rather than have to, because if they get out of line, you can just beat them into submission. But, if you beat them too much, that might traumatize them, and it also makes them hate you. That can make it, so they rebel against you and sabotage your operations. So, remember, a happy slave is a compliant slave.

Let me list some of the stats for you. A single girl has a stat for her approach to your brothel as well as to you personally. Then, there’s her health, which you can seriously fuck up if you’re not careful. She might end up starving herself if you mistreat her. She can also get depressed, so you gotta look out for that. Then there’s her actual body, which lists all of her features. Plus, you get a breakdown of her individual abilities in bed. And of course, you get a very detailed list of her preferences, including how willing she is to bang women and men separately, in specific holes.

Really Nerdy

This game is hot as shit, especially considering that you can interact with your girls freely and fuck them any way you want. You own them, after all. But, I suspect this game was made by an accountant, because the damn thing has so many economic references that really matter in terms of your income and general business success.

I would say that if you enjoy city simulators like Sim City and Cities: Skylines, this is the game for you. This game is easily ten times more convoluted than those games, though, so be prepared to dump a ton of hours into it. It’s not a game you can just casually enjoy for the smut, since there is no visual smut. It’s a browser game that’s entirely textual.

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