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Bonds Of Ecstasy

Bonds of Ecstacy Lets You Boss Around Your Very Own Sex Slave. Don’t we all dream of having our own fuck slave? A cum-hungry slut that will do anything to appease her dear master. I know you cucks dream of it all the time. There’s no use denying it. I know some of you must have a dominant bone somewhere in your body.

Not all of you can be submissive twinks who can’t talk to dime pieces to save their damn lives. I’m talking to you fucks today. The ones who actually have a chance at being an alpha male who gets pussy when and where he wants. And, for those of you who don’t think you make the cut, I might have a game that can help train some of you sorry betas to get some pussy.

Bonds of Ecstasy is a hentai game that doesn’t hold back. It is a game where you get to boss around your busty maid cum-dumpster and have her do whatever kinky shit you want. It’s a free-to-play game that was made by Pink Tea back in 2017.

They have made a few other adult games that are well worth your time. Once you’re done jerking your dick raw to this one, of course. You can find this game for free on Newgrounds, or you can download the game on sites like F95zone for free. Consider throwing the creator a buck or two on their Patreon if you find yourself fapping to this content again and again as I know you fucks will.

Boring Looking Title Screen

The game doesn’t make the best first impression with its start screen. It’s just grey with plain ass font. No sexy images or illustrations. Fucking come on. If you’re going to make a kinky slave game, then you should at least make a decent, attention-grabbing title screen with the slave girl on it. That would make sense. I can’t believe there’s nothing to it at all. Even some music or something would be welcome here. As is, it’s lame as fuck.

Click on “New Game” to get this shit started. There you can decide on your maid slut’s outfit, name, and who her master is (that’s you.) You get some dialog at the beginning where you chat with her. You get a few options here. The game is set up where you can be cruel and get your maid to love getting tortured, spanked, and fucked hard by you. Or you can take a softer approach and have her be a good girl who loves being a little cumslut for her daddy.

Straight to the Point With Kinky, Unlockable Sex Scenes Based on Your Choices

And you unlock different scenes depending on your dialog choices or the choices you get to make for the made. For example, you’ll call her, and you can either tell her how much you love her or what you’ll do to punish her if she fails.

The first option results in you taking her to bed and fucking her while she’s all tied up with rope. The second one results in the maid cumming in the kitchen while she fucks herself in the ass with a dildo and later gets punished, or she spanks herself and gets rewarded later in a different fuck scene. And, man, you get full control of these scenes. Put a ball gag in her mouth, shove a dildo up her ass, pinch her nips with clothespins, write on her body, and spank her with a paddle. The choices are all yours.

I like that this game doesn’t fuck around with exposition, story, or any of that bullshit. Way too many games make you sit there with your limp dick in your hand while you speed-click through a few hundreds of lines of shittily written fantasy dialog. Bonds of Ecstasy doesn’t bother with any bullshit like that. This is the kind of hentai game that knows you’ll be busting nuts to it and does everything it can to make that a reality for you.

Uncensored Art, Erotic Dialog, and Sexy Moans Make for Fapworthy Scenes

The art is hot as fuck. You get full uncensored scenes with kinky animation. There’s one scene where you get your maid slut to deepthroat your cock while she wears a ring gag. And the animations for when you cum down her throat is amazing. And that’s not even taking into account the sound effects. The game isn’t really voice-acted at all, but you do get hot moans, wet slapping, and gasps during the scenes.

The game itself is pretty short. You get maybe 10-15 minutes of content if you really draw it out and fap your way through. But that’s not a bad thing. Each scene is fapworthy, and there are a ton of secret scenes and outfits that you can unlock by playing through again and picking different dialog options. I don’t need a 10+ hour-long game to bust a nut. I much rather play shit like this where I get all of the good sex scenes right then and there without being blue balled for an entire afternoon.

Can You Find All of the Secret Sex Scenes and Outfits?

Once you get through your first fap or two in the story mode, then you might want to go check out “Free Mode.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. You can do jump to any of the hot sex scenes that you have already unlocked, and you can do some other cool things like unlock secret outfits and sex scenes. I won’t be telling you how to do it, but it isn’t that hard. I’m sure even you sex-starved cucks can figure it out. And, man, it is worth it. Some of these secret scenes are hotter than anything else in the main game.

No Dedicated Mobile App

As for mobile play, you’re shit out of luck unless you have a flash player on your phone. I know some of you do. If you have that, then you can go ham with this game and nut all over your screen as I know you sick bastards love to do. But I recommend the desktop download version over any of the others. It makes it easy to come back to scenes that you have unlocked and fap to them. There’s nothing as infuriating as going back to the browser game and finding that you’ve lost every bit of progress.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The sex scenes in Bonds of Ecstacy are works of kinky, BDSM art. They are incredibly fapworthy, and I appreciate a hentai game where 90 percent of the game is actually fucking hentai. I can’t stand being bored out of my mind waiting hours for the next scene like other games make you. Bonds of Ecstacy got this shit right. And I also liked that there was a lot of room for replayability. With such a short game, it would have been a bummer if there weren’t so many unlockable scenes and outfits to find. It’s definitely enough to keep you fapping for hours!

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Of course, I would love to see a longer version of this game. It’s a pretty good sign when my only suggestion for a game is that I want more of it. And that’s the case with this one. I want more sex scenes and more BDSM content! At least this developer has other games that I can go fap to so that I can fill that void.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Bonds of Ecstacy may be short, but it was one of the best BDSM games that I have ever played. Hands down. That includes other premium games. For a free game, this shit packs in a fuck ton of hot scenes for you to fap to. You don’t have to deal with any bullshit gameplay or exposition that keeps you from jerking off. This game encourages it with its amazing artwork, fluid animations, and kinky audio. If you’re a dominant fuck who loves BDSM as I do, then highly recommend you go and give Bonds of Ecstacy a download. I even recommend you beta cucks give this game a shot. It might teach you a thing or two about not being such a beta loser.

PornGames likes Bonds Of Ecstasy

  • No bullshit exposition or complex narrative
  • Lots of kinky hentai BDSM fuck scenes
  • Choose whether you want to be a cruel or loving master
  • Completely free-to-play
  • Uncensored art and hot audio during sex scenes
  • Find and unlock secret sex scenes and outfits

PornGames hates Bonds Of Ecstasy

  • The game is too short!