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Slice Of Venture 2

Slice of Venture 2: Come Hell or High Water is an Incest-Filled Fetish Game. It’s time to get kinky. I don’t have some vanilla, boring game that you fetish-addicts can’t even get hard to. Don’t worry; I know what you fucks like. And this time it isn’t a text game. You get full illustrations of all sorts of weird, taboo shit. Have I got your attention?

Good. I’m talking incest, rape, bestiality, loli, piss...okay lots of incest and bestiality. I hope you like the idea of watching some loli slut getting fucked by a stray dog’s red rocket because there is plenty of that sort of content to be found in this game. Or maybe you like some sister on sister action. Don’t worry; it’s got all of that and more.

But what game could possibly have such amazing content? Settle down. I don’t need you cucks hyperventilating. Take a quick hit of that inhaler. I’ll get to it. The game is called Slice of Venture 2: Come Hell or High Water. The game began development way back in 2016, but it has been completely finished as of early 2021. The creator’s name is Blue Axolotl, and you can find more of their deviant content on their website

Expensive Asking Price, but the Game is Packed With Amazing Fetish Content

The game ain’t cheap. It’ll cost you around $15 to get the full, censored version of the game. Now, I’m not telling you what to do, but perhaps there may be a free uncensored version floating around on third party sites. Anyway, if you like this game, then you should consider dropping the developer a bone over at their Patreon. Ten bucks a month gets you access to all in-development games. There you can find the first Slice of Venture as well as a good handful of other great hentai games.

But I still haven’t told you horny gamers what the fuck Slice of Venture actually is. It’s a game with a unique concept, and it was made using the RPG Maker software. Though, thankfully, you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at it. This game has a fuck ton of unique assets and features that separates it from the thousands of shitty RPG Maker games out there. The music is bomb as fuck.

Play as Two Horny Sisters Who Want to Start a Bestiality Porn Studio

You play as two sisters: Yuki and Ayame. These horny sluts have some ambitious goals. They have a friend and idol named Eri. She’s a pornstar who is known for getting bestiality legalized in Japan. Fuck, I would have loved to see that congressional hearing.

But Eri draws a line in the sand. She’s a zoophile. She loves animals and wants nothing more than to see them get off, but she wants the animals to want it. None of those lame forced shots where they jerk off a half-flaccid dog or horse. She wants quality, she wants love, and she wants the animals to come fuck some slut’s pussy willing. I mean...alright then. Good luck with that.

Craft Recipes that Unlock Hot Fetish Videos and Sell Them for Loads of Cash

Eri needs the sisters to help her start her own porn agency and buy out a zoo. Talk about a weird fucking plot. But that’s not even the half of it. Through a series of strange events, the sisters are tasked with making films for Eri. This doesn’t have to be bestiality, but it certainly helps. You explore the world and craft “recipes” that can be used to get ideas for film shoots.

You have base items you can work with. Combining them in the right way will get a video idea to materialize. For example, stray dog + Ayame + penis + vagina gives you the video idea of having Ayame getting her pussy pumped full of dog cum. And there are some additional layers of complication. Certain ideas need to be done on certain days. Some videos can only be filmed on weekdays. Lots of little things play into what exactly you can do.

Can You Save Your Parents Sex Life Before it’s too Late?

But that’s not all! I bet you think I forgot about the incest. Nope. Aside from the fact that you and your sister can bang all the fucking time, you need to help your mom and dad get their sex lives back in order. You can’t let your mom’s sexual frustration meter get too high, or something bad might happen. But you want to get your dad’s corruption meter up so he can fuck your mom as she needs. This may require you to fuck your dad or eat out your mom. Just saying. Be prepared for that.

Then there are your stats. The sisters both have a variety of different meters for things like perversion, lust, intelligence, etc. You need to have high enough stats to find certain recipes or unlock different areas. This is definitely a game that requires multiple playthroughs to delve into all of the kinky shit that the game has to offer.

Glorious, Uncensored Hentai Scenes That Will Leave You Wanting for More

There’s a ton more that you’ll need to dive in for yourself. This is a complex, fully fleshed out game with loads of gameplay features. But let’s talk about visuals, writing, and all of that nerdy shit. The writing is decent. There are some errors here and there, but you’re getting a coherent story. And, holy fuck, this game is full of exposition. Thousands of lines of dialog, descriptions, and much more fill the first hour or so of the game.

The art is fucking incredible. It’s got a hentai art style with busty babes, lewd moments, and uncensored hentai scenes. You don’t get full animations or anything, but you do get some damn good artwork. These illustrations are incredibly fapworthy. Couple that with the taboo fetish content and steamy dialog, and you’ll be busting nuts like crazy.

Solid Overall Gameplay Experience With Streamlined Menus & Features

The overall gameplay is good as well. All you need is your mouse. It sounds like it would be clunky with all the menus and shit you need to use, but it was intuitive. Plus, it frees up a hand for you fucks to jerk your micro-dicks raw. Everything was easy to navigate. The point and click nature of the game was easy to grasp. Definitely a solid setup for a game like this.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

If you came to this game for the hot fetish scenes, then you will not be disappointed. This is where the game truly shines. There aren’t many games out there where you can watch a loli slut get creampied by a dog or watch as the older sister gets a facial from a horse. This game offers a unique array of scenes that you corrupted fucks will love.

Aside from the kinky shit, this game just has a lot of good hentai scenes in general. The art is fucking great. The gameplay rocks, too. You can easily hop into this game and play without having to learn any complex systems or any bullshit like that. And there are tons of scenes to unlock that you won’t get in one playthrough. It’s well worth it to play through this shit a few times.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The game is completed, so I don’t know if my suggestions will be any fucking good. But, hey, I’ll say it anyway. There is way too much exposition. Holy fuck. I don’t need a hundred fucking lines about Eri’s backstory and why she needs the sisters to shoot videos. That shit could have been conveyed in half that at least. And the game tries to hold your hand way too much. Just give me a tutorial page I can reference instead of dumping it all on me at once.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Slice of Venture 2: Come Hell or High Water is a quality fetish game that I think the majority of you horny cucks will enjoy. Just make sure you go in knowing that the game is almost entirely centered around bestiality and incest. If you like that shit, then you’ll be cumming buckets. It’s got a fun story and lots of content to offer. I highly recommend you all go give a peek for some quality games.

PornGames likes Slice Of Venture 2

  • Taboo fetish content like incest and bestiality
  • Loads of different paths and scenes to explore
  • Fappable artwork and quality hentai scenes
  • Replayable game with many different viable approaches

PornGames hates Slice Of Venture 2

  • Way too much exposition
  • Expensive price tag