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Sin VR

The world of VR started out as the next platform for software and gaming, a large technological advancement that would present developers with the opportunity to innovate in ways that were never before seen. You could finally enter the fictional worlds of your computer screen: no more keyboards, no more mice, no more peripherals. The action would be laid upon you, and you would be standing right in the middle of things, injected into a world different than the one you know. Naturally, I and the rest of the porn world knew damn well from day one that the second that VR became a thing; it would be used for porn.

It’s the natural progression of things. The second we get a new technology, it never really grows properly until someone develops a way for people to use it to jack off. I still believe that the internet only really became as large as it did thanks to online smut. Today, we’re looking at some of the most inspired and most creative gaming projects ever made. SinVR is one of the first proper smut games for VR that aimed to bring you nothing more and nothing less than proper virtual sexual escapades.

Covering the Spread

What’s a porn game without accessibility? If it’s available on one platform and only under certain circumstances, then a porn game is fucking useless. Only when a porn game is truly available to everyone, does it really prove that it matters. Personally, I wouldn’t give a shit about this game or any other smut title if it forced you to buy the best PC or the most expensive VR headset in order to play it.

Thankfully, the people behind SinVR knew very well that the world would not stand for console exclusives and demands of expensive hardware. That’s exactly why they made sure that there’s no wrong way to enjoy SinVR. Do you want to play this game on your phone? Boom, head over to GameVirt, and pick up the $20 cardboard version. Want something more upscale, like tracking with a full VR headset? Get the Steam version. Speaking of, the Steam version makes it very clear that every single VR headset is very welcome.

All the VR

You can enjoy this game using any version of Oculus. They also have full support for the Vive and the Valve Index. And, for some reason, they even let you use Windows Mixed Reality. I’ve honestly yet to see a Steam game that just flat out lists all VR headsets as equally compatible. I haven’t had the chance to test them all yet, I only have the Rift S on hand, but I’m sure they all work exactly the same.

The immersion gets much better than that, mind you. You can play this game seated, standing, and freely across your room. Now, this I have actually seen in other games, but for a porn game in which you straight up fuck bitches and nothing else, this is super important. The seated position sort of includes a lying down position – they just don’t write that kind of shit on Steam. I guess they’re playing dumb. Still, if you can play it sitting down, you can play it in your bed.

Now, you might be thinking, since you’d use one controller to move around, set the scene and bend the girl over, and your other to control your virtual penis, who handles your actual peen? Well, you could hire someone to take care of that for you while you’re in the virtual world, but what if penis handlers are illegal in your country? Worry not, SinVR has you covered.

They officially support the VStroker line of automatic masturbators, so you can lie back while your dick’s being pumped clean of juice in the real world. I’ll admit, I’ve never had my dick inside one of these things, but if they’re anything like what they’re advertising, they should feel pretty realistic. At the very least, you’ll know they’ll be tight. If you’re in virtual reality, banging a hot chick, and your dick’s being pumped dry, I’m pretty sure that’ll be more than enough for you to have an amazing night alone.

Don’t Own a VR Headset Yet?

Not a fucking problem. You can play this whole goddamn game without popping into VR. That’s right, you get the exact same experience with the exact same game, all through Steam. This is perfect if you’re thinking about buying a VR headset, but need to test the waters first to make sure there’s ample content for you to enjoy. Granted, you won’t know what it’s really like within, but you’ll get to see the scenes all the same.

I’m always down for these kinds of demo options that let people dabble in the action before they have to make an investment. Plus, if you get a lot of content for this game and you only want to jump into VR for the best parts, it might be easier to browse using your PC then put on your headset after. To each his own.

Tons of Content

Speaking of content, this is roughly where SinVR’s team are hoping to make back their investment. You see, the game is actually completely free on Steam, but the team has figured out a very interesting business model. Unlike games like Virt-A-Mate, which basically sell you the simulator and expect you to make your own fun, SinVR comes with ready-made scenes where the girls are not optional. The entire thing is one packaged experience for you to enjoy.

The scenes are also sort of on a rail, meaning that there’s a list of sexual positions and places in the level that will be explored, and you just choose when you’re bored of the current and would like to move on to the next.

The free version of the game comes with one completely unlocked scene, no catch there. You get one cowgirl in a cowboy bar, and you get to fuck her six ways to Sunday. It’s pretty hot, and I recommend that you try it out. But, if you want more out of SinVR, you’ll have to pony up the dough. From what I can see, they’ve got a huge list of scenes that are all extremely polished. Like, let’s say you get the Wonderslut DLC, which is obviously a nod to Wonderwoman. You don’t just get the girl, you get a whole environment along with original sexual positions, plus voice acting. The whole thing feels very well made.

You might hate the fact that every single scene costs $10 a pop. You might be able to save money if you get a bundle, but either way, this is a lot of money. I guess you’re encouraged to only buy the ones you really like, or drop a ridiculous amount of money into one product. That’s your choice. If you want something with a bit more diversity, other VR porn games come with no polish what-so-ever, but they give you the ability to mod the girls. It’s a matter of preference.

The Quality

This is not the best looking porn VR game I’ve ever seen. That honor goes to Virt-A-Mate. However, this is a close second, and it does come with a lot more content than that game or other competitors. You get an actual completed scene that someone else handcrafted for you to enjoy, but it does mean that you have no freedom in how you’re going to explore it.

You can’t move around or control your character. Hell, you can’t even control your own thrusts inside the bitches. That’s kind of annoying. My favorite part of similar VR games is pulling my dick out of the chick’s ass and shoving it in her pussy, then back again. That kind of freedom really goes a long way towards making you feel like you’re actually in another world.

This game feels more like a cinematic demo than a game, per se. You click a scene; you watch a scene. That’s the core gameplay. On the other hand, the biggest complaint that I’ve seen other people levy against other porn VR games is that they’re too complicated to set up. They require work and tweaking. Well, if you want to keep things simple and you like your games working out of the box, then SinVR is the game you’re looking for.

You boot it up, and you dive right in. No muss, no fuss. Hell, I didn’t even have to fiddle with height controls, somehow. It just knew exactly where to place me, every single time. I haven’t had that much luck with other similar porn VR games.

My recommendation? – Download the free version off of Steam and try it. You have nothing to lose. You can decide for yourself if this is the porn VR game for you.

PornGames likes Sin VR

  • Decent models
  • Tons of different scenes
  • Free demo
  • All VR headsets supported
  • Mobile version

PornGames hates Sin VR

  • Scenes are expensive
  • Very little freedom in-game