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Sex Gangsters

SexGangsters! What’s up, you horny fucks! You’ve probably already seen this game on the side of a page because of all the porn you’ve been watching. It might have even become a pop-up ad in a new window because of all the porn games you’ve been playing. You ingrates can’t deny that fact because I know you’ve been shutting yourself in your room to beat your meat nonstop whenever you have the time to do so.

So! Sex Gangsters is a game where you - the so-called “hero” is asked by an old guy to take his place as an apex leader in his ‘world.’ Your main objective is to meet, collect, strip, and fuck women for your gang. Travel all around the world and to different cities just to meet these women. Being the moral-less person that you are, you’ll stop at nothing to get all of those women to be in your gang.

That’s the basic description done! I’ll go into detail with everything about this game, so don’t get all of your filthy, Cheeto-dusted fingers on your keyboard to go play the game yourself just yet! Since this is a review, I’ll take about the gameplay - and basically everything about the game, what I like and dislike. The decision to play the game or not is up to the fucked-up, chickpea brain, and insatiable libido of yours.

Your Fantasy

Come on now; no need to be in denial. Everyone’s had that fantasy of being a brolic, muscular dude who can pick up chicks just by being the douchebag he is! Well, that’s what this game is! You’re the most privileged muscular white douchebag who got to receive a fuckton of cash from some rich old guy, and now you can spend it to fuck all of the women you come across. Doesn’t that just sound great for your virgin penis?

The Gameplay

Okay, read this carefully, because most of you weird fucks are here for the review anyway, so here we go! You start the whole adventure when you walk in on an old man having his way with two beautiful women - heh, you wish you could! He brags about his lavish life with a fuckton of cash and a fuckton of women; then, he tells you that it’s your turn to live the same lifestyle. He then gives you a free woman and an ass load of cash to start your conquest.

The whole premise of the game is that it is a sort-of sex-adventure. Where the storyline is linear, meaning all of your choices will lead to one endpoint. Meaning, your gameplay is going to be shit and really dull because you won’t get any unique changes due to one choice you made. Though it’s a quick progression through the story, you’ll find it difficult to maintain.

Why? Because this game is heavily dependent on its players using lots and lots of real money, just to play the damn game. Why am I highlighting this fact? It’s basically asking not to be played with this mechanic. It’d be great if you can just progress with a single payment(for the full access), but nope, you need to keep paying and paying to get any enjoyable playtime. It’s not worth the money to keep on playing this below-average game.

Sex Gangsters have different game mechanics as well - where you still need to spend money. Mechanics that can speed up your whole story progression, or make your wins from fights easier. Other Wiki contributors have claimed that the developers/creators made final bosses that are nigh impossible to defeat, to encourage your spending just by trying. If you’re the patient type(which you aren’t), then you can wait for a long fucking time to play again.

Apart from the adventure aspect that the game has, there are fights and tournaments as well! In battles, the girls you have conquered(and leveled up) contribute to your attack and defense stats. The fighting aspect of the game is entirely PvP, though with a random pairing system. The tournaments are held weekly, where you need to place in certain numbers to attain rewards.

Fighting in the game requires you to use up your stamina. You use up 1 stamina point for every attack, with a maximum of 3 - this is set, regardless of your level. You have to wait 10 minutes to refill 1 point of stamina, or you can spend 3 gold(another resource which you can buy with real money) to refill your whole stamina bar. If it doesn’t load up, then you might have to refresh the page.

The different rewards are; for the top 3000, you get money and gold. For the top 650, you get the week’s tier 3 girl. For the top 250, they get the girls at tier 2 and 3. For the top 100, they get all of the girls. If you are the person who doesn’t want to spend money, I don’t recommend you aiming for these spots. Again, this game wants you to spend a hell of a lot of money just to attain any good gameplay. So if I were you, save your money and find a better game.

What I Like

Just the sheer effort put into creating a game should be appreciated by everyone - despite the shittiness of the game. I do like the simple storyline, though. The linear storyline means you get to the sex scenes faster and makes fuckwits like you and me avoid making mistakes to reach the endpoint sex scenes. Which is what all of you horny, perverted fucks want anyway, right?

The strategic use of the item mechanic is praise-worthy too. I mean, getting idiots to spend money to attain pseudo-achievements is a surefire way of raking in a fuckton of money. I mean, there are 5 categories for items, and each has at least 10 items. Not only for the fighting aspect of the game, but some items are also required to progress through some of the quests and storyline.

The tidiness of the whole page layout is quite admirable as well. I mean, everything is clearly labeled on the right side of the game screen in a dull font and not in a particularly eye-catching manner. At least, everything is labeled for you to see clearly. I think the developers did this to really make their game only enjoyable to those with actual spending money and not the perverse teenagers just looking for a quick wank.

What I Dislike

Okay, so, there are probably more dislikes than what I like, so pay attention. Firstly, the artwork is really shit - frankly speaking. Because it is inconsistent(in the art style and coloring sense) for a lot of the time, its worthy of its quality considering its a game made in 2013. I mean, other porn games have better artwork than this with the release date nearly coinciding. So I wouldn’t think that’s a good enough reason to be let off.

Secondly, the money-hungry fuckers who made this game and the whole spending real money to play the game fiasco. I mean, really? Its clearly labeling itself as a scam game, where you waste a shitload of money for no fucking reason! They give you fake achievements like ranking just so you can feel a sense of fulfillment. The game even presents “special offers” when you are doing well - its more money for better gameplay. Don’t be fooled by this!

Thirdly, the whole linear storyline(though I’m contradicting myself) is so damn boring. I get that it’s so the players can progress through the entire game without any problems, but it goes against the whole reason of what makes a game fun. I don’t think many people will get hooked unto this game because of this and the previous reason. There’s no room for improvement, and it doesn’t allow players to choose their own outcome and sex scenes.

Lastly, it’s really fucking boring. Yeah, I get that its a sex game - hurray for the titties and whatnot. However, if the art quality is similar to this, along with the game practically stealing your money, I’d rather play something else. There are plenty of other adult video games that exist which are way better than this game, that is if you’re just looking for the titties and sex. There aren’t any animations either, so there isn’t anything to spice up your gameplay.


Playing this whole game really agitated me, because though it is a “free” adult game, it is shittier than any other free adult game I’ve played. Sex Gangsters keeps begging for money; it has an inconsistent and shitty art style; the fighting aspect of the game is similar to that of poker (meaning it's all based on chance). It has a below-average storyline that’s linear(which means no exploring), and it’s super boring.

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  • Simple storyline
  • Has plenty of game mechanics
  • Has different modes
  • Good layout