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Second Life Sex

How’s life going, you horny motherfucker? Watching the same videos? Playing the same game again and again while playing with your dick like how you usually do? Let me guess, you still lock yourself up in your room and masturbate until your balls go dry. Well, you should start going out in the real world and start living your life, you loser! But, if the real world isn’t your thing, you are in for a treat, my friend. What I have here for you will surely make you want to stay in your room for the rest of your life.

Say hello to the virtual paradise, SecondLife. Oh yes, you read that right. A virtual world where you are free to do whatever the fuck you want. Isn’t that fucking exciting? That’s not even the best part yet. SecondLife has added adult content for us horny incels to enjoy! Yes! Not only that, but SecondLife also has a bunch of virtual destinations to match all of your preferences. But we are here to talk about the adult content, so let’s get on with this fucking review.

What is SecondLife?

Let me start off by giving you a brief idea of what SecondLife is. For many, it is basically a paradise for all virtual lovers and seekers. Seek an adventure, and discover new experiences, meet new people, be part of a vibrant community. You can even become a creator where you can express your ideas, create anything, and make your imagination come true. Heck yeah, you can even earn extra money by starting your own business in the virtual world. Whatever you want to do, it is all possible through SecondLife.

What to expect in SecondLife

Before we go to the adult theme content, let me mention the overall quality of the game as you initially enter it. Why? Because you can immediately tell how the game is going to turn out just by looking at the very first title screen. It might not be as amazing as other really known VR Games, but you can tell that the people behind SecondLife placed time and effort into creating it. Let me put it this way, imagine a game with a bullshit design(logo, title screen, etc.) do you think that the game would be that good as well? Nope, it would be shit.

You do get to instantly know that SecondLife has a bunch of good content because, on the left side of the page(where you’ll see all of the content) are categories based on their overall topic. Looking for the content that you like won’t be hard, compared to other games where you have to look for mods or downloadable content. Wasn’t expecting that, right? Well, it’s there. Just be thankful that the people who created SecondLife have made something very useful.

First Impression

I was definitely not expecting this much from the game. At first, I thought that the game would only have videos that might somehow be what you are in the second life. But boy, was I wrong. I did not see this one coming. I couldn't believe it at first, but when I got into the adult area, I was thoroughly surprised. It’s a fucking virtual paradise! Fuck yeah! The fun doesn’t end there, though, as there is more to explore.

You Should Definitely Play This

Honestly, SecondLife is just great. A game like this where you could find a lot of virtual worlds is just fucking great, especially with the adult content added to it. If you are looking to squeeze the most fun virtual world out of SecondLife, then you should definitely head on to the role-playing areas. Inside, you will find tons of adult-rate zones where you can enter and have fun with other people, and of course, your pitiful penis.

In the adult-role playing areas, you will find worlds with different storylines that are guaranteed to bring out all of the juice in you. What more could you fucking ask for? It’s all in there! All of the destinations are open for anyone to download. All you have to do is go to SecondLife, register for an account, go to the adult area, and download all the zones that you fucking want you horny bastard.

What I like about Second Life:

Who wouldn’t love a game like this? I mean, come on! With plenty of different choices that the game offers, it instantly becomes a paradise for porn lovers out there. Personally, I love everything that I see in the game. It has a simple design that makes it easy for me to look at. All of the tabs and headers in the game are well placed, so it's no challenge navigating through everything in the game.

I also like the amount of adult content that is given to me. With this much, it is kind of hard to pick one that I would like to try out. But if you are a horny motherfucker who just wants to try out everything that is adult related, then it shouldn’t be too hard picking the right one to masturbate to. Another thing that I liked is the share button. I think it is good that it is there because if ever I found something really good, then I could easily share it with my friends without having to go through other methods.

Aside from adult content, SecondLife still has a lot to offer. I was able to explore the game’s content online from the creativity section, entertainment, social, real, education, and business. I was able to go through all of them without encountering a problem. I was also able to go through popular destinations. I was able to look at the editor’s picks, featured events, trending, and the beginner picks, which was a great overall experience.

What even made it better for me is that I didn’t see any ads, unbelievable, right? But it’s actually true. The feeling of not being able to deal with ads is just fucking great. I didn’t have to worry about anything and just get straight to the destination that I want. Having no ads is one less problem for any user, and I personally think that it is one of the most crucial parts of giving a user the best experience while in-game.

What I don’t like about Second Life:

Although the possibilities are (quite literally) limitless, the level of greatness you’ll achieve is severely dependent on your imagination, skill, and patience. Having a top-tier idea that everyone will love will just end up in shambles if you have the skills of a literal piece of shit. Second Life is a game that unapologetically leeches off of the creativity of its users, but it's nothing major to really dislike about the game.

Even though the game was the very definition of hot garbage a while back, it has been developed quite a bit when you check in on it again. I still can’t get over the fact of the shitty controls that they have paired with the shitty graphics, which is a major bummer for me since this contributes to the whole gaming experience. If you have a shitty gaming experience with a porn game, it means you’re not going to get hard, thus, not being able to nut.

My Recommendation to Improve the Game

Can’t they do something about the controls of the game? Like damn, it’s one hell of a work-around. Getting used to all of the controls, operations and such would just take a long ass time, and it’d probably take you idiots a hell of a lot longer to figure it out and actually start getting good at the using the controls, I’m sure of it.

Second is the graphics. I swear on my life, that this game looks just like a glorified PC version of the mobile game IMVU. Even that game can be played on PCs and Macs, so I don’t get what’s particularly special about Second Life, when most people just use it for photoshoots. Step up on your visual graphic quality people! The naive masses are paying money for your game when the graphics kind of resemble a hot, steaming pile of cow shit.


To conclude, SecondLife is a really good go-to VR game, especially if you are looking for a massive virtual world to do whatever you want. There are plenty of different adult contents for you to enjoy yourself with. With SecondLife, you can enter a virtual world and experience a whole new, better world with different people. I am glad I got to come across SecondLife because I have never come across a platform such as this. Overall, SecondLife is one hell of a virtual world.

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