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You guys are in for some controversy with this one. RapeLay has been putting panties in a twist since 2006, if you can believe that. This full 3D semi open-world game that lets you get it on with three super sexy Japanese girls is almost 15 years old. And it still holds up to this day. But, what makes this game super important is that it’s the only video game title that has had entire countries freaking out about censorship and rating systems. It’s also the only game ever to be banned in Argentina, apparently, and those guys are known for letting anything slide. I played RapeLay when it first came out, and a bit more for this review, and nothing much has changed. It’s still the same game that changed the world by being bold and giving the public what they wanted, a full-fledged rape simulator.

Getting Weird As Fuck

I’m not normally a fan of disclaimers. My website is a safe haven for all perverts, no matter your preference. Still, we’re talking about a video game that has had entire countries freaking out about its content, so I feel I have to just throw this out there: Don’t even think about doing anything you see in RapeLay in real life. Don’t do it, don’t try it, don’t even consider it.

Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s just move on assuming you are absolutely against rape in every way, but you like your video games to be as depraved as possible. Enter RapeLay. This game’s concept is straightforward. You play as a chikan, which is a cute Japanese word for a very disgusting pastime. A chikan is basically a person who gets his rocks off by sneaking up on women in public and groping them in various creative ways.

There are dangerous sexual deviants in the streets of every country, but Japan’s perverts take the cake on creativity. Not only do they have specific invented words to describe exact perverted pastimes, but they also go out of their way to invent new ways to molest people. I mean, in western countries people will tell you to watch out and protect yourself. In Japan, you’ll straight up get told not to bend over while you lock up your bike because people will tend to walk up behind you and stick their fingers in your ass. That’s an oddly specific warning. It’s like they have sex offender sports with different types of activities or some shit. I sincerely hope no-one’s keeping score.

The Edgiest Video Game Ever?

I don’t know if they wanted to make a video game that stood out as being particularly weird or if the developer had a passion for virtual rape. Either way, Illusion Soft managed to create one hell of a rape simulator with pretty modern graphics for the time. It was a Windows-only game, and I guess that’s the only way you can play it today as well. This was right before the first major shift into HD graphics with games like Crysis, so the fact that the game comes in crisp 3D is awe-inspiring. We’re really not used to seeing quality 3D worlds and characters in porn games, even today. It just costs a lot of money, I guess.

So they managed to bring triple-A level quality to the masses, and they loaded the game with so much content it was bursting at the seams. I’ll get into the gameplay later, but suffice it to say there’s a shit ton of stuff you can do in this game. And yes, it’s all rape, all day every day. There are no mini-games and side-quests. There’s no grind. It’s all just the “good stuff”, if you can call it that and it’s all really hot.

The Gameplay

All right, let’s dig into the beef. What is RapeLay, and how do you play it? Well, I called it a semi-open world, but I was being a bit of a fibber. The game moves you through a ton of scenarios in which you get to know three named girls. – Two sisters and their mother. Your main character is an established sex predator, and the whole idea is that you need to molest them regularly and gradually, every chance you get.

At first, it starts as innocently as possible, you try to get a good grope or two in on the subway, and the girls try their best to ignore you. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense if the game took place in the west. You’d probably get tazed a minute in. It turns out that in Japan, women just stand there while you grope them on the subway. On the one hand, that makes for a kinky fantasy. On the other hand, I kind of wish they had tasers and used them. You have to earn your right to grope a woman; you know what I mean?

So the gameplay ramps up in between scenes, and eventually, you get to full-on penetration. You do have to earn it, however. Still, most of the gameplay, even the early bits, is all really hot and perfectly easy to fap to. The later scenes turn into proper pornographic stuff, though. The idea is that you’re psychologically toying with these women until they turn into your sex slaves, and they pretty much do everything you tell them to. That’s how you eventually get all three of them in bed together, and they just sort of wait for your instruction.

You get a neat little interface to help you track your progress across all three of them, with details about their genitals and their personality. It lets you tick off a bunch of boxes as the girls slowly devolve into complete insanity. You pretty much want to make sure that you punish them in every possible way before they completely lose their minds and pledge their allegiance to your cock. It’s pretty damn hot. I honestly think this game would work great if you just removed the rape part from the story. It’s very similar to like 90% of all dating games on popular porn game sites these days.

My Final Verdict

RapeLay’s been around since 2006, and better games have come out since then. Still, it’s a proper triple-A title in a time when we still get most of our smut from indie developers and freemium games. It could be your favorite porn game for all I know, especially if you haven’t tried it before.

As for the international controversy, well, I kind of have a lot to say. I don’t think that there’s a clear cut case to be made for RapeLay. I don’t know if these countries were right to ban it and complain about it. I just don’t understand their exact concerns. I mean, they’ve said that this game is misogynistic and disrespectful to women. I don’t really know where they’re coming from.

I mean, the main character is undoubtedly evil. He’s also a criminal. But I never got the feeling like he hated the women he slept with. It always felt like he was a dangerous beta cuck who couldn’t get laid any normal way. I don’t understand why the game’s misogynistic. If you could also rape dudes in the game, would that make the whole game ok and perfectly acceptable?

They also said that the fact that this game encourages rape means it’s basically promoting violent crime, and that was not acceptable under any circumstance. Except, most mainstream video games that are super popular these days let you murder people in first person. In every country that I know of, murder is judged as far worse a crime than rape. So… why is it ok to murder people in games but not ok to rape women, specifically?

I don’t know; the whole thing smells a bit fishy to me. It sounds like they were grasping at any excuse they could find to knock this game down. I don’t get why they’d do that. There will always be tons of video games that offend people and push the envelope on crazy and smutty. I don’t know what makes this one so special.

I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game and a real staple in the genre, but I just don’t see it causing anyone to go out and rape a Japanese girl, especially if you live on the other side of the world. Ok, I shouldn’t joke. I don’t think this game makes you a rapist. I just think it makes you a little weird, but that’s fine. Jack off in the privacy of your own home and enjoy yourself any way you like. That’s what computers were invented for.

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  • Great Graphics for 2006
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  • Controversy?