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Princess Trainer Gold Edition

"Princess Trainer Gold Edition" developed by an artist; Akabur, the grandmaster of slave trainer in the porn game industry. Almost every slave trainer game made now has been inspired by it. It is an epic parody of Disney's Aladdin, which fulfills every horny kid's dream, to see Princess Jasmine naked and fucked. I mean, who doesn't want to see a Disney Princess having orgasms, right?

After the long, tedious years of development and a whole lot of different iterations that had different content, created and removed content, Princess Trainer is finally done and complete! Yup, no more updates are in the works. It's a game that is finished, dudes.

The latest Gold Edition of "Princess Trainer" was released to the public in March 2016, and that marks the end of multiple years of development of the game. The game has gone through a lot of repetitions over time. Some characters had their scenes extended due to their popularity, such as Iris. In contrast, other scenes were cut to make room for more developed storylines for other characters, especially those concerning Lola.

The story basically goes that you are the "old man" and you are given a duty by Sultan Jafar to form Princess Jasmine into becoming an obedient and a fine wife for the Sultan to consume. However, you are one pervy old man that can't take his hands off the growing girl.

Along the way, the Princess will get to experience various jobs, and that means many costumes. She will be a maid, a saleswoman, and a waitress. Yes, boys! Role-playing possibilities. You get to meet many people, including two other ladies who actually want to be sluts. One is Lola, a blonde teen who has massive underboob and loves childish things. The other is Iris, a knife-wielder and a daughter of a criminal now a bartender.

Fetish wishes granted

So this game caters to the fetishes we dickheads commonly have. First, erotic humiliation of women, imagine doing nasty things to your innocent and pure student body council president in the middle of the crowd. Next is, the male being the dominant and female being helpless submissive. Man, the satisfying amounts of BDSM and all holes that can be drilled are so damn high.

The game is sure to satisfy the thirsty lads who want a smut game focused around BDSM and are into kinky slave-and-master role-playing. You can make the Princess fulfill your fantasies that you can't do with your boring girlfriend, or you can't do because you don't even have one.


The colossal fault of this game has is that it is incredibly grindy. Before the player can move to the smut content of the game, you have to make Jasmine work for a lot of days to earn enough money to continue with the story. While some see it as a device for good gameplay, and excessive wait makes for grindy gameplay, which gives satisfying smut appeal.

"Princess Trainer" is nowhere compared to how much of a struggle is Akabur's "Witch Trainer." Still, the Gold Edition has definitely increased the grind from the older game by adding new things that need to be purchased but not giving more effective ways to make money in the early game. And that's not even counting the challenges, which are even more hard to complete. If you guys just want a fap material, this game is definitely not for you.

To continue on gameplay-related issues, quests are often extremely unclear that it makes a player just go random places over and over, either with Jasmine or without her, to see if a scene will finally play. It's like finding the clit of your girlfriend, or it's almost playing mystery game to discover fucking smut scenes.

Wait, who is really the main character?

Moving on from gameplay, the characters themselves have some problems, which makes it a 6. Princess Jasmine was once the main character of the game but has taken a backseat to original characters in the Gold Edition. Jasmine becomes a device to grind and make money to pay for the quests that get the other girls. She lost the spotlight on the game. That doesn't get well with the title being "Princess Trainer."

Further, the player isn't even involved in training Princess Jasmine. The player just commands Jasmine to work for a few days, and then she attends the Jafar Slave Girl Academy on other days after she's earned enough. The school trains her, and the player gets to have various sex scenes with her that show how she's becoming more submissive as she attends more classes.

What's worst is that Jasmine's stats don't affect anything except how she acts in her bedroom and in unlocking the sex scenes. I felt that the game follows a linear story, where Princess Jasmine acts snobby and rebellious at first, then slowly becomes willing to be a slave. Still, the game allows the player to access scenes in a variety of orders that make her personality seem to be all over the place. Like, what the fuck!

This could have even fixed by simply streamlining the story only to take place in a specific order. As it is, it ends up looking like the player should get their money back from the Academy for poor training.

In the original game, both of these Jasmine-related issues stood out less as a problem because there was less content to get out of order, and it was the focus of the game. Force Jasmine to work, force her to attend school, have sex with her, and then send her out into public to do exhibitionism that makes the people of Agrabah hate her.

In the Gold Edition of "Princess Trainer," this boring gameplay for the Princess stands out like a sore thumb because there's a much more in-depth and interactive method of training one of the original characters, a bar waitress named Iris.

The scenes training Iris to enjoy public nudity, humiliation, and the player's choice of lewd acts are guaranteed to be enjoyable to anyone who wants to dominate women. The problem with this is, it's the type of impactful content that should have been given to Princess Jasmine, of course!

There's also Lola, another original character who goes to the player's household. Like Jasmine, she attends the Slave Girl Academy during the day, though there is a slightly different story reason for doing it. Her backstory was somewhat disturbing in the middle of a bunch of smut content, which I believe shouldn't be included. It just gives weird vibes.

Mostly, if someone's not into adults acting like a kid crying during sex, they're not going to enjoy the start of Lola's training quest. It can certainly put an unexpected and sudden change of mood. Your erectile tissues will back down.

And finally, there's Azalea, another original character who is the local cuisine. Her mother may have been selling more than dresses out of her store long ago. Like Iris, her story overshadows both Jasmine and Lola for how in-depth it is and for allowing the player a measure of control over activities. Like come on, where is the justice for the Princess?

What I like about the game

The way the game was written is an easy 9 out of 10 ratings. Its story is fairly established. The writing itself is actually excellent, with great dialogue and reasonably complicated plotlines that made me hornier. You can have side missions, essential characters who you shouldn't screw, ordinary mysteries along the way, and actual choices. The pacing is also stable and feels grindy, which some of us found frustrating, especially me.

Well, I'm not surprised by the perfect ten art quality because it was personally made by Akabur, who was formerly an artist, not a game maker, and a good one at that. His style is closely cartoonish, and it should be since its a Disney parody. It might throw some off, but I personally loved it, which made me cum countless times. The art style has a lewd Disney feel to fit the storyline, and the animations through the game are mostly perfect for a cumshot.

Another 10 out of 10 for its successful completion. It's flawlessly complete! There's actually a storyline ending, and no parts are missing. It's a finished game! Which gives an idea that this game is worth a try!

What I don’t like about the game and recommendations

A rough 5 out of 10 scores for the gameplay. It's standard Ren-py for the most part. There are several points where it changes, pretty much limited to the dice mini-game. However, it never made me find the game boring. It's perfectly fair, not bad, but not good either. Good enough to beat your meat.

The game has definitely improved since its last release, giving more content for characters like Iris, Lola, and Azalea. Still, it sacrificed in some places by increasing the grind needed actually to explore new content. Not exactly an excellent choice for a smut game; people don't play an adult game to experience a story-interrupting grind, they play it to enjoy the story and art. And of course, have an orgasm.


Adding the five categories I mentioned above, it is 40 out of 50. Yup, a decent score indeed, undeniably it was pulled down by the very standard gameplay. Akabur's team should also realize not to put much work on its players because it's hard to stay horny while finding out what to do next. It just kills the mood.

I believe Akabur tried to make it a bit complicated for a more arousing effect that distracted him from the character development a bit. However, he never failed in the art and the way it was written. It is the rosetta stone of master and slave sex game that made our sad days less lonely. Princess Trainer is complete; that's what makes it a must-try!

PornGames likes Princess Trainer Gold Edition

  • Good story
  • Complex plotlines
  • Solid pacing
  • Neat dialogues
  • Great art
  • perfect for a Disney smutty parody
  • Its completion is success itself

PornGames hates Princess Trainer Gold Edition

  • Too many neurons spent on guessing what to do next
  • Sometimes I forgot that Princess Jasmine was the main character