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Pocket Fantasy

Woman, tits, boobs, nipples, vulva, pussy. Now that I have your fucking attention, I don't think that I could give it back to you. It may have been a very sad decade for your dick and you, now that everyone that your eyes could see already has someone they could share the deed with. Must be fucking sad for you to be stuck in your four-sided room with only the only light source is coming from your laptop.

So, I make this easy for you. I will give you a game that will become the best cum ever of your fucking miserable life. Hold the fuck on, are you sure that you are ready to blow your mind and empty the decade long cm in your body because it is about to get intense. Thousands of girls on the battlefield, morphing, evolving, and being a badass. More badass than you will ever do. So, if you are really ready, then read on motherfuckers!

What The Fuck Is This Game

Pocket Fantasy is for idiots like you who fancy porn, gaming, and big tits. It features a fun, colorful, and crisp look in which the hub menu is user-friendly with an intuitive user interface. What makes this game cum inducing is the cute illustrations that will not just make your eyes glimmer but makes your balls bust a nut. Yes, that is fucking right. This game is made so your sad, lonely, desiccated dick could experience the fantasy of what it's like having a bang with a woman with a delectable body.

What you don't fucking know is during the cut scenes in the game, the bitches are full-on innocent whores. When in battle, the trollops are in appealing, enchanting, and charming chibi sprites who also have fucking great animations. What will make you easily reach the peak is the full voice acting in this game. It is like fucking Japanese babes, but with subtitles so you can understand what the fuck they are talking about.

Thus, having a subtitle in the game does not ruin the experience or anything. It just simply add some flair in it, and it's only fucking detrimental when you are not educated and cannot read. What obviously stood out in the game is the character design, its elements are superior, and others could learn from them. Every fucking bitch in the game has their own unique looks. So you cannot just say that the developer in this game does not care about you; in fact, they fucking did by serving you different babes to fuck. How's that bastard!

There is no such thing as copying and pasting of looks in this game. As I fucking aid earlier that every slut has its unique aspect and appearance. You may come across some bitches with an innocent flair that will eventually show its true color and transform it into a monster whore. There are tons of variety of pussy in Pocket Fantasy that your tiny little brain could not even begin to comprehend.

As you go deeper into the game, you will encounter scenes that will be the end of you. These scenes will surely empty your balls. That being said, as you progress in the Pocket Fantasy scenes will be more steamy and sexy. There will be sex scenes in which you when the game ends, you will come out as a new man. But that was not just the point. The thing is, how do you progress in the game. That would be the right question. Well, in that case, this extravaganza will take us to...

The Gameplay

The story of Pocket Fantasy focuses on battling. Yeah, yeah, not just fighting with dick and pussy but battling like having weapons. So, you have this bunch of bitches that are facing the forces of evil. You set these trollops in a grid, and you will use them, well, their ability and special powers to fight against the loads and loads of enemies. You already know that each bitch has a unique look and appearance. What you don't know is that each bitch also has their own unique special abilities.

Yes, you read that right. The creator of this game did not just come to play, but they are also here to slay. Back on the game, you can also pick up loot even if the battle is currently ongoing through this you will earn XP and gold. To enter the battle, all you have to do is tap on the grid points on the game. Well, that grid that you will be tapping is special. Sometimes, there will be nothing there, but sometimes, hen you are fortunate, you will get a little gold for free.

One unique little thing about this game is when you will run into an enemy that will signal the start of the battle. The only single thing you have to do here is to clear the forces of evil in that particular area. One way to ensure your success in this game is you should build a strong party in which their abilities should align or complement one another. Like any other adventure game, in Pocket Fantasy, the whore will evolve as you are playing.

As the famous quote goes, don't judge the books by its cover. You do not judge the sluts with their initial skills because if you did, the excitement and the exhilaration of watching them become a badass would perish. There are hundreds of girls to choose from, so if one hoe falls, you can just replace it with a cool one later on. Pocket Fantasy is an addictive and fun game. Not only that, but it will also delight your eyes and quench the dryness of your dick.

What To Like With This Game

There are tons of things that make this game stand out from the crowd. With an ocean of games flooding the internet, it is hard to find an original and enduring game that will enchant and captivate you but, at the same time, treat the horniness in your body. But with Pocket Fantasy, it encapsulates almost all of the things you want in the game and with an extra. As extra as the tons of characters you can choose from in the game.

I fucking love this game. Thus, I will not be giving stuff the I dislike because I just can. So, let start with the fantastic and stunning character design where the hell can you find thousands of characters that have unique features, appearance, and abilities in them. I will say it here, nowhere. Yes, nowhere. This game really made the effort of making each character stand out with their own unique ability and their looks that will make the gamer empty their balls.

What can I say about the color combination and their color palette? Can I just say ama-fucking-zing? I could say all the fucking bewildering and staggering words, but I cannot describe the beauty, and the allure color palette in this game have. It was on another level. The color combination is engaging, arresting, and graceful at its finest. I would go far from that saying that this is much more good-looking and more beautiful than the normal bitches you see on the street or the model you adore in the magazine.

The navigation and the user interface of the game is a total genius. It is fucking easy to navigate because of its user-friendly hub and its instinctive user interface. These kinds of stuff are the essential ingredients in making your game much more amazing than any other. If your game features these elements, then you are on your way of becoming iconic. And all of these things are in Pocket Fantasy. So, can someone say in front of your laptop say the word legendary? No, that is not a request but a command.


So what can I say now that this fucking game already stole the words right out of my mouth? Pocket fucking Fantasy, all I can say is this game is something to behold. It is unique right off the bat in terms of its exemplary character designs to classical color palette and color combinations to the refined interface and easy navigation of the hub menu. What more could you want? This game gives it all and gives it will an extra.

PornGames likes Pocket Fantasy

  • The user-friendly hub menu that is easy to navigate
  • Tons of characters to choose from
  • The unique appearance and looks on the characters
  • The spectacular voice actors and the incorporation of subtitles
  • The bitches constant yearning for affection

PornGames hates Pocket Fantasy