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Mythic Manor

I get it. You have a finer taste. You don’t jerk off to 2D babes or waifus like any regular weeb. You like that real shit and you want 3D hotties with massive tits, tiny waists, and juicy asses. Trust me; I get it. Those are the kinds of bimbos and sluts that I go for in real life. It only makes sense that you cucks would fantasize about them in your grungy basement. And, holy shit, these 3D games are popular these days. You can’t find any porn site that hasn’t been flooded with 3D or SFM porn.

I guess it’s because it’s easier to make or something, especially when there are fully-fleshed out programs out there that give you every asset and tool you need to make fetish porn with it. And you sick fucks love the weird shit. I swear every SFM thread I see on a porn site is full of sluts like Widowmaker getting a dog’s red rocket shoved into their pussies. What the fuck? Some of you need to chill on the bestiality shit. Furries are bad enough. We don’t need you cucks going a step further into degeneracy.

Fetish-Filled Game With Hundreds of Sex Scenes and Romance Options

Thankfully, the game I have for you today isn’t full of that shit. It’s jam-packed with tons of other fetishes and kinks. Mythic Manor is a 3D porn game brimming with hot babes, complete sex animations, and decent gameplay. We’ll get into all of that shortly.

What you need to know now is that this game can be downloaded for free from the creator’s site over at The game is still very much in development, but there are hours upon hours of sexy content to explore already. And the creator claims that the game will always be completely free to play! No subscription costs or paid profiles necessary. So, throw them a bone and dish out some dosh for their Patreon if you become a fan of this game, which I know you will.

The game starts you off by telling you that you’re not in the regular world. Well, you kind of are. But there are other beings called “Mythics” that walk among humans. These mythics are god-like beings that have descended from demons, angels, and other mythical creatures. And you’re one of them. Well, sort of. You’re a half-breed who just decided to stop being a fucking loser by moving out of his parent’s place. You go to live at this house run by your godmother named Esther. The house is called Mythic Manor and, you guessed it, all of the hotties who live here are mythics. These mythic babes look like regular-ass humans, but there’s something more to them.

Uncover the Mystery of What it Means to be a Mythic Half-Breed

But what does that mean? Who are you a half-breed of? Only time will tell. I’m not about to spoil all of that neat shit for you. The game actually has a decent story, so you’ll have to fuck your way through some of these hotties to find out what that is all about. And the game cock-teases you all the fucking time. These girls are so fucking hot. You meet all kinds of different babes at the house. There’s a nerdy chick, a dominatrix, a sexy gardener babe, a sporty slut, and so many more.

At its basics, this game is about leveling up your physical and mental traits by going out and doing shit. You can write articles at home to earn some cash. You can go to the gym to get a little stronger. You can chat with chicks at the convenience store — all of that good stuff.

The map of the town is massive. You can go to dozens of different places, and each place has different babes with their own side plots. While you’re out on the town, you might run into some of the sluts from the manor. Do activities with them to level up your relationship status.

Do that enough, and you’ll be fucking like crazy in no time. But don’t limit yourself just to the babes from the manor. There are dozens of sluts out there just waiting for you to give them a good, old fashioned dicking. The game really focuses on allowing you to do whatever you want. Go out and talk to whatever chick suits your fancy. And don’t worry, most of these girls are kinky as fuck. You won’t be limited to lame-ass vanilla scenes if you put the time in to find the true sluts.

Point & Click Style Gameplay With Lots of Secrets to Uncover

The gameplay is like a point and click adventure game. You go around the world, clicking on highlighted items and characters. You have conversations and can make choices that will influence your relationship with the characters going forward. It’s pretty fucking fun, and the models in the game are so hot. It’s not like some of those 3D games where every bitch looks the same. There are babes in here that will suit many different tastes.

No joke, you can play this game for tens of hours and still not uncover all of the hidden scenes. And let’s talk about those scenes. Fuck, they are good. The sex scenes are fully animated, and they actually look pretty realistic. So many other 3D games have scenes that look way too stiff. This game has fluid animations and kinky sound effects that put you right into the scene. And the animations improve as you play.

Some of the later scenes are to fucking die for they are so sexy. The game lets you know that the starting sex scenes might be a little janky and that they are going back to make them better. But, fuck, I didn’t even think they were bad. Even the starting scenes are fap-worthy. The game gives you some choices during these scenes as well. Change positions, get kinky with certain fetishes, and so much more.

Enjoy Fully-Animated Sex Scenes on the Go With a Complete Android App

Since the gameplay is pretty straightforward, the creator has already launched an Android version of the game that has every single feature and option that the desktop version does. That version is also available for download from the Mythic Manor site. I didn’t experience any lag or drop in quality on the mobile version. It’s great for taking your kinky quest for sex on the go with you. The only difference is in the controls. You tap on shit instead of moving your mouse around to click. That’s really it.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Mythic Manor is full of so much content. There are hundreds of sex scenes that you can uncover and unlock as you play. And you can go back to the gallery and fap to them as many times as you like once you find them! The game even gives you hints if you’re feeling lost. Really, Mythic Manor isn’t only a good porn game. It’s a solid game in general. The story is good while not taking away from all of the kinky sex. You don’t have to wait forever to get to the good shit. Hell, even the writing is pretty damn good. It’s not a visual novel by any means, but you can expect a fair bit of steamy dialog during conversations and sex scenes.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

My only suggestion for this game is to keep the good shit coming. It’s free, full of content, and has hundreds of animated sex scenes. And it’s not even fucking finished! There are $20 porn games out there that don’t even have half of the sexy content that this free, unfinished game does.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you’re a fan of 3D sex games, then Mythic Manor should be at the top of your list to play. I’m not even that big on 3D games and found myself having fun with all the wild, kinky sex scenes that go down in this game. It’s just a good fucking time. If you’re looking for a new game with engaging characters, a good storyline, and loads of hot sex, then look no further than Mythic Manor. I highly recommend you all hop over to and at least give this free-to-play game a shot.

PornGames likes Mythic Manor

  • Engaging storyline
  • characters
  • and writing
  • Hundreds of unlockable sex scenes
  • Fully animated fetish scenes
  • Hours upon hours of gameplay
  • It’s completely free

PornGames hates Mythic Manor

  • Nothing yet!