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My Summer with Mom & Sis

We’re going a little bit retro with this review, boys, and girls. Don’t get me wrong, this right here is a modern game, through and through. But, the developer, NLT media, has come such a long way in recent years that this game literally feels like a relic. Still, it’s a real 10 in my book, and I’ll try my best to cover all the details. NLT was originally a 3D porn comic company, and their work was amazing. They explored some controversial themes, but they always kept shit above board. After a while, they started dabbling with porn game development, and the rest is history.

Their first few gems were rather short, but they were stuffed full of smut content. My Summer with Mom & Sis is one of those originals. I’ve already covered Visiting Aunt Sara, and I gave that game my glowing recommendation. Well, this game is damn near the same thing, with different characters. In other words, it’s more free perfection just left out there for the world to enjoy. NLT stopped profiting from these particular games a very long time ago. Right now, they’re busy working on Treasure of Nadia, so these games are very much up for grabs, entirely for free. Without further ado, let’s dig into this bad boy.

Peak Hotness

If you’ve ever played any NLT game or even just read their comics, you should know that they’re the best at what they do. I’ve seen some contenders come close, but there’s just something about NLT’s original approach to 3D models that always gets me hard. They make realistic looking character models, and I want to bang them. It’s as simple as that. Everything from the super-hot giant breasts that are always perfectly shaped to the wet fuckable pussies is just perfect.

In this particular game, you get two main chicks that you’re going to be banging over and over again in increasingly depraved ways. Wanna take a guess who they are? That’s right; they’re mom and sis. I’ve tried really hard to figure out which one I like more, but fuck me; it’s impossible to choose. They’re both perfect female specimens. The sister is a bit tinier, which makes her a bit more alluring as a fuck toy. But, the mom character has slightly larger breasts and is generally more of a slut.

Fun Gameplay

NLT pretty much mastered the formula to perfect gameplay when they got to Lust Epidemic, but these older games are more or less imperfect versions of that same type of gameplay. The game is described as having puzzle elements, but being more of an exploration game. I gotta say that’s kind of accurate. I mean, the puzzles aren’t really all that puzzling. It’s more like an old-fashioned point and click adventure game. The whole thing takes place in one large house, with the option to go downtown to purchase items from stores and what not.

The general idea is that there are items that you’ll need in order to get basic tasks done, so you’re constantly on a fetch quest. But, every time you finish any simple task, there’s some kind of smut reward around the corner. Sometimes this is intentional, other times it’s accidental. At first, you manage to sneak a peak of your sister and mother’s hot bodies, a bit, accidentally. Further down the line, as they warm up to the idea of fucking you, things get hotter and hotter.

Still, the fucking isn’t on the top of their list; it’s more of a pastime. That’s why you happen to casually come back to it, over and over again, as you’re doing seemingly more important things. This is a great approach to gameplay, because you’re both hard in anticipation of more sex scenes, and you have an overall plot that keeps you motivated and caring about the characters.

The Story

If you want to criticize this game, the story is probably where you’ll find gripes. It’s not a bad story, it’s just kind of missing intrigue, to be honest. I mean, in Lust Epidemic, you’re basically uncovering a mystical and supernatural mystery, along with a more run of the mill murder mystery. That’s a lot of mystery. You’re constantly curious and pushing forward to uncover more about the story, and the smut just sort of bombards you at all times.

In this game, the story is a lot more casual. I mean, yes, the main character is concerned, and all, but his problems seem a bit trivial. Fucking bitches seems to be your only priority. Now, I’m not complaining about this, I’m just saying, they could have done a lot more to build suspense.

Summer Vacation

The story basically revolves around the main character, an 18-year-old kid with no real noteworthy talents or characteristics. He’s normal looking, and he’s got pussy on his mind. He reminds me of a young version of myself, to be honest. So, he’s recently become an adult, and he’s getting ready for college. He will be leaving his home for good, so he’s taking the time this last summer to get ready. He’s gotta collect some money and generally wrap up loose ends before taking off.

His family’s kind of stand-offish and generally bored of him, his father especially. They’re basically treating him like he’s a waste of space. I guess this is supposed to somehow increase your motivation for getting out of the house as soon as possible. But, that’s out of the question until you’ve managed to thoroughly ravage the chicks of the house.

In true NLT fashion, all the other dudes around, including your dad, are not particularly attractive. This goes a long way towards convincing you that your character is the only desirable male within a five-mile radius. I mean, I’m the hottest dude on the premises no matter where I go, but when there are literally no other eligible dudes around, women practically throw themselves at me. It certainly helps to not have any competition.

Tons of Scenes

What I like most about NLT is that they really get a lot of mileage out of a small number of sexy 3D models. I mean, there are two main chicks in this game. If this were some sort of 2D visual novel, you’d get bored of exploring their bodies an hour into the game. But, you don’t have that problem in this game, because there’s always something sexier around the corner.

Sure, you’re already used to the sex scenes coming in gradually, but there’s more to it than that. I can’t really put my finger on it. It almost feels like the chicks get hotter the more you play the game. Plus, there are these neat little animations that just add to the action. This is one of NLT’s older games, so don’t expect to see a lot of motion; they didn’t have a lot of money and time back then. Still, you get a decent bit of animations, whether they’re slide-show style or a back and forth fucking animation. Everything feels nice and organic.

My Recommendation

I say, download this game and Visiting Aunt Sara and every single other NLT game ever made and play them in order of release. You will not regret it. I can’t say whether these games are worth replaying, but you get a gallery of all the things you’ve unlocked so you can rewatch the scenes at your leisure.

I guarantee that once you start this game and get to the first sex scene, you’ll be hooked. No-one does 3D smut quite like NLT. They don’t have the best models in the industry or even the best writing, but they balance shit really well. They know how to pace their gameplay without boring you to tears. Plus, the gameplay flows really smoothly. You’re never really ripped out of the action, unless you’re watching a sex scene.

Also, they don’t add pointless puzzles to their games to pad the length. You get pure quality, through and through.

You don’t have to be into incest porn to enjoy this game. Hell, you don’t even have to be into porn games to enjoy this game. It flows easily, it doesn’t require a lot of thinking, and it constantly rewards you with smutty goodness. I can’t testify as to whether women would enjoy this game, because let’s face it, it was made for dudes. But, I can’t stop recommending NLT’s shit.

Don’t forget, much like all of their other games; this is a completely free title. You don’t have to pirate it or anything. Just head on over to NLT’s website and get a proper download link.

PornGames likes My Summer with Mom & Sis

  • Extremely high quality 3D models
  • Tons of sex scenes
  • Doesn’t hold your hand

PornGames hates My Summer with Mom & Sis

  • Literally nothing