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MNF Club Game

Meet And Fuck Club! Before anything else, do you know what MNF stands for? Well, Meet n’ Fuck, of course! Anyway, I’ll stop assuming that your dumb-ass can’t understand anything, but have you ever come across something like this? An unholy mix of porn and role-playing games that would guarantee to take numerous hours of your life. I mean, most of the games already spent most of their time in a role-playing game, how much more if there’s fucking in its contents?

Anyhow, the MNF club game is absolutely free, as you only need to open their website and download the game from there. The game has most of the functions of an MMO sex game, such as the capability to meet other players in the game and talk about, I don’t know, sex? Not mention that you get to do almost any erotic thing you can think about. So, without further ado, let’s get on with this review.

Let’s Get To Know The Game Better

Well, you already know the meaning of MNF, right? You still don’t? Are you even fucking reading this? Fucking dick. Anyway, Meet n’ Fuck Club is a multiplayer virtual sex game that is set on a fantasy island. There are numerous locations that you can explore while you get to meet many characters along the way with your 2-Dimensional avatar that you use to operate around using the basics of your computer like the keyboard and mouse.

By the time you’re reading this, the game already has a staggering number of registered users, which is roughly about a million. I know, that’s a whole fucking lot. The game is basically revolved around the aspect of mini-games to acquire in-game cash, and also the MMO aspect of meeting new players to...well, have sex with. The best part? Each player controls the sex animation in a way that the game shows one scene at a time with 3D flash graphics.

Starting Your Own Lewd Journey

For you to be able to play the game, you need to register for an account, but don’t fucking worry as it’s absolutely free. However, it’s only a basic membership, in which it doesn’t unlock all of the available features. When you finish the registration process, you can finally get started as you’re initially moved to the character creation process, you get to choose whether you’re a male or male while also creating your unique name.

The character creation is quite flexible; there’s a lot of elements that you can edit aside from your avatars body, outfit, and face. Those elements are the Skin color, Hair color, Torso Type, Body hair, Facial hair, and facial features. The only bad side is that you need to have a premium account to create 5 more avatars because the basic membership only allows you to create one. When all is said and done, you finally start your journey (fucking finally), you start as a homeless man with 1,000 dollars in the pocket for you to spend.

The Mini-Games

You finally start exploring everything that this fucking game has to offer, you can open the map and select a place where you want your avatar to travel to. By the time you are reading this, there are only 13 locations to choose from, but who knows? Maybe the fucking developers would add more to its content soon. Anyway, each location has different mini-games, non-player characters, and shopping opportunities, not to mention that there’s a chance you get to meet an actual player; this is an MMO after all.

The “Fucking” Part

The MNF Club’s gameplay is quite basic, but that’s a good thing, we don’t want to be fucking bombarded with a lot of information at the same time, unlike other porn game titles. You know who you are, motherfucker. Anyhow, the best part of the game is when you finally host your own sex scene, in which you can also get to chat with the receiving end of your lousy excuse of a dick.

The sex functions of the game are fucking awesome as you go through numerous “rounds” with each character as you take turns on whoever controls the fucking. There’s a progress bar that is displayed on top of the screen in each sex scene. As your bar reaches its maximum, it's time for the other player to take control. Furthermore, you would need to rent a hotel or mote room to fuck each other, in which it’s quite expensive, thus limiting the number of characters that you get to fuck. But don’t worry as you can earn a lot of cash by playing the min-games.

Premium Features

I know the game is already free to download and play, so why the fuck would you need premium features for? Well, that’s simple, to get ahead of the fucking game, of course. I can’t actually give the exact amount to be paid for the premium membership as the price changes from time to time. Anyway, in regards to what you’re going to get when you finally have a premium membership, are the following: Capability to create six avatars, new sex positions, can fuck any character, inventory collection.

What I Like About The Game

I can’t seem to get enough about the idea that some dipshit finally made a porn game based on an MMO-RPG genre. As soon as I heard about it, I immediately downloaded it and wasted numerous hours on it. To my surprise, MNF Club is almost everything that I was expecting it to be, a role-playing game with a lot of fucking. I fucking love watching women getting pounded by some buff-ass dude, I mean, who the fuck doesn’t? Even most of the women love seeing that shit more than the average men.

Anyway, I actually didn’t expect the game to have an amazing design, and boy, it blew my fucking mind, but only at first. However, it’s not all that bad because it still has it’s an addictive element, which is the game being an MMO; you get to meet a lot of people. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people playing this game, more than enough to even form a community. Moreover, you’ll soon realize that you won’t be able to do much unless you acquire the premium membership, and I can honestly say that it’s fucking worth every penny.

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

MNF Club is an MMO game, and for those retarded little fucks who don’t know what that is, it’s a term for games where a massive amount of players can play it at the same time. As I was saying, I love porn, and I especially love porn games, which is my the MNF Club caught my attention when it was introduced to me. However, since it’s an MMO game, it requires you to have an account, in which I’m very much against all of that, because the one thing that I want to keep hidden when I want to play a porn game, is my fucking identity. Don’t follow me? Let me ask you this, whenever you watch porn, do you use Incognito? Yes? Exactly my point!

Although the game is free to download and play, I can’t seem to piece together as to why the fuck did the developers think about premium memberships? Not only that, the usual things that you can do in a porn game such as fucking anyone, lewd comics, and other shit, you only get to do if you’re a fucking premium member! Yes, I’m fucking angry, that’s why I’m saying fuck a lot, because who the fuck wouldn’t? It’s a god damn pron game for Pete’s sake, did the developers suddenly thought “Hey, let’s make a porn game, but leave all the fucking, or any vulgarities to the premium members.” Well, fuck you, devs! Fuck you. Fucking change that!


MNF Club, or also known as Meet n’ Fuck Club, is an MMO sex game. In the term MMO alone, I would’ve been excited, but as I’ve spent countless hours going through it, I noticed a few things. One of which is that the game is quite cartoonish compared to most of the porn game’s that I’ve played, and although it definitely has the element of fucking in it, I still feel that something is lacking.

Ultimately, I can’t seem to see myself would last long in this game, because as you play through it, you’ll soon find out that you absolutely CAN’T DO SHIT as you need a premium membership just to fuck anyone. I somehow understand that the developers needed money for improvements, and they need to get it from somewhere since they already advertised the game as FREE. But really, though? They took away almost everything that a porn game stands for? Without the capability to fuck freely, MNF Club is just any other boring game that I would completely disregard and ignore.

PornGames likes MNF Club Game

  • Excellent design
  • Free to play
  • It still has players

PornGames hates MNF Club Game

  • You need an account to play
  • You need a premium account for a more flexible gameplay