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Magical Investigation Of Meridiana

We are all horny motherfuckers right here. That is precisely the reason why you are trying to read another one of my excellent reviews, right? Well, if you are a horny motherfucker who loves to game, I definitely got a good one in store for you — introducing The Magical Investigation Of Meridiana. The Magical Investigation Of Meridiana is an adult-themed adventure game. So, if you like to see boobs and adventure games, you would want to see how my review on this game will play out.

Magical Investigation of Meridiana is an adult-themed, adventure game designed and created by Mithos56. It gives off a Zelda, or Monster Hunter vibe to the user but it leans toward a more sexy, adult content. I know that I have been well-known for my sex games review and that I'm pretty knowledgeable about anything that is porn and porn games.

I had a great time playing the Magical Investigation of Meridiana. It gave me a fresh impression on what these indie game developers can do and what their potential is. Read more of my review to know why I feel so positive about indie game developers and Mithos56 in general.

A Small Indie Game Developer’s Masterpiece

I believe that the best thing about video game development in this day and age is how anyone can just make it big. The game is created by Mithos56. He is an independent video game designer and is the brains behind this great fucking game. Magical Investigation of Meridiana is an excellent example of how someone with great talent and skill put out such a great game. Magical Meridiana is an adult-themed adventure game that allows you to game and remain engaged while you're at it.

You can find Mithos56's masterpiece on Patreon. You would have to take out a bit of cash to be able to play this game, but I think it is an excellent bargain for a game that has potential. Mithos56's strategy to put out the Magical Investigation of Meridiana in a Patreon is a great move just because I can feel his capabilities being max-ed out.

The Magical Investigation of Meridiana features some help from Unreal Engine 4. By using Unreal Engine 4, small game developers are now able to build their own masterpieces without necessarily buying the tool right away. This means that small game developers can now easily put out full 3D titles with ease. Taking Unreal Engine 4's capabilities and infusing it to their own games, thus expanding the potential of the game.

That is precisely what Mithos56 is about. He wants to be able to put out a quality game by using tools like Unreal Engine 4. Being able to combine his vision and a great tool just brings out the best in people. Thumbs up to Mithos56 for doing that with Meridiana's Magical Investigations; A game that is centered on the fantastic adventures of Meridiana, our heroine.

Game Mechanics

Meridiana is the protagonist of the game. She is undoubtedly the star and heroine of the show. The game is centered on her conquests to fight mythical beasts and to fend off dark cults. I felt like I was basically cleansing a land filled with evil while having a boner. Meridiana is a sorceress who uses different styles of magic. If you're into tits and awesome adventure games, then the game can be of service to you.

Meridiana is equipped with magic skills to help her in her quest. This allows her to fight monsters that want her dead. All of these are done with her tits showing out; an excellent touch for an adventure game might I add. I had a decent number of spells that I was able to use while playing the game. I was able to take a few spells like teleportation that I believe helped increase the character's ability to fight.

I had a great time playing the Magical Investigations of Meridiana. The game was able to provide me with excellent 3D graphics. Magical Investigations of Meridiana also had decent animations. From what I know, Mithos56 is continuously putting out updates to improve the game and add more game models. The game alone has great mechanics and potential. It also features a great vision and sexy design for the main character.

What To Expect While Playing The Game

Playing the Magical Investigations of Meridiana gave me a great experience. I was able to explore and do quests with the use of Meridiana's primary skills. These fundamental skills are the magical abilities you can use to interact with different monsters. All of these are done with Meridiana's magnificent tits hanging out. I really don't mind seeing great 3D tits while fighting all those damn monsters.

I was able to use three major magic spells. These are blast black, homing light, and energy blast. I was able to use all spells, and each use leads me into something different. Some spells have an area of effect. Meanwhile, other spells provide a much more simple mechanic like firing a burst of energy. All of these spells can be used to fight different monsters and creatures you will encounter. Safe to say, it has a pretty decent mechanics for a 3D adult-themed adventure game.

The game features balanced meta. I wasn't just allowed to used unlimited spells, which gave me a more tactical motivation. Using spells depletes your magic pool. Meridiana also has a stamina bar. The stamina bar plays a factor in your ability to teleport, allowing a specific value of usage in a particular duration. You are also able to use alternative methods of fighting monsters.

Mithos56 surely aims to provide quality content that made me engaged to the game. While all these game mechanics sound great, the sexy content in the game plays a significant appeal. It is a fucking great game to play. Go on a fucking adventure while seeing a barely covered Meridiana body in front of you. Meridiana's figure and tits are definitely a view you won't miss. The game, after all, is centered on her body and her adventures.

What I Like About Magical Investigation Of Meridiana

I really liked that Magical Investigation of Meridiana was able to keep me engaged while I was playing the game. I found the game mechanics quite amazing. Mithos56 was able to incorporate the mechanics of a 3D adventure game with sexy, adult-themed content. As a matter of fact, he did a fantastic job of doing this. Talk about putting into life your vision for a quality game, huh?

To expound on the great mechanics, I found some parts of the game, which made it appealing to me. For example, when I was low in the magic pool, I just had sex with the monsters, and this gave me the ability to restore my magic pool. All of that was done while I was sitting in front of my computer watching Meridiana gets fucked by a monster for a magic pool.

Meridiana also had the ability to lure enemies into becoming allies by using her body. I mean, who wouldn't? Seeing tits like those would make me forget that I want to kill her if I was a monster. Why would you even aim to kill her rather than just fuck her brains out anyway?

What I Don’t Like About Magical Investigations Of Meridiana

There wasn't anything that I found on Magical Investigations of Meridiana that threw me off. I do not believe that it is justifiable to mention Magical Investigations Of Meridiana in a bad light.

However, the fact that a one-person team only makes the game definitely shows in some parts. Magical Investigations Of Meridiana is definitely under development. I believe that getting a few guys on the creative team can only mean a much faster improvement for the game. Mithos56 can definitely use some help. Maybe this can only mean that the game is much more marketable and more appealing to more people.

Recommendations For Improving The Game

I definitely recommend that Mithos56 start integrating a team into the game's development. Although Mithos56 is doing a great job of putting up constant updates for the game, I just really think that a team can do broad things at a faster rate. The team can then start exploring different trajectories and goals for the game. If this would ever happen, I hope they find a great way to make improvements while staying true to the mechanics of the game.

I also recommend that the Magical Investigations Of Meridiana finds a way to develop other characters. I just think that seeing other tits, other than Meridiana's, would make the game more fun. Not to take away anything about Meridiana, I love her body just the way it is created, and it has been a pleasure to see her get fucked by in-game monsters.


Overall, Magical Investigations Of Meridiana is a fucking great game if you like adventure games. It is a 3D, adult-themed adventure game that will surely keep you engaged while playing. You might even find yourself jacking off while Meridiana fills her magic pool up. You see a chick's tits and ass while going on an adventure to fend off monsters. A pretty fucking sweet deal if you ask me!

You can download the game from Mithos56's Patreon page. Although it does need you to take a bit of your cash and pay up, I promise you that your money will be worth it. Never play those old and boring adventure games anymore. Play Magical Investigations of Meridiana for some tremendous 3D adult-themed adventure fun!

PornGames likes Magical Investigation Of Meridiana

  • Great 3D graphics
  • Decent animations
  • Engaging storyline
  • Great game mechanics
  • Meridiana’s boobs
  • Meridiana’s ass

PornGames hates Magical Investigation Of Meridiana

  • Slow game development
  • Game is under-developed