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Kingdom of Deception

Who doesn’t love a kinky hentai game where you play as a strong female warrior who gets slowly corrupted and enslaved? Yeah, yeah, the market may be fit to fucking burst with all of the games like that out there. It seems like every indie hentai game developer had the same fucking “unique” idea.

But that doesn’t mean these games suck or anything. Lots of them are incredibly nut worthy. And these dudes are making these games for a reason. They are very popular. You cucks just seem to gobble this kind of game right up with no questions asked.

Can you guess what kind of game I have for you fucks today? Ding, ding, ding! That’s right! I’m telling you about yet another sexy game where you play as a busty female warrior who gets raped, abused, and all sorts of kinky shit while she tries to complete her quest. This game is called "Kingdom of Deception".

It was made by "the erotic masterminds" over at "Hreinn games". If you haven’t heard of them, then go check out their Patreon page or blog. They have some incredibly fapworthy projects on there. The game launched back in 2017, but there have been constant updates to the game every week or so. The game is nearing its official complete release, but it is still in beta development as of right now.

Play as a Hot Warrior Babe Who has Fallen from Grace

The game puts you in the shoes, or should I say knee-high leather boots, of this sexy purple-haired babe named Sabia. A doozy of war was fought against the bestial races of the world where humans won. Sabia is a commander and is basically on cleanup duty. You’re off investigating this ruin for “official reasons” when you are ambushed by big ass orcs. It looks like you’re about to get killed, fucked, or a combination of both. But then your saviors come! More orcs!

Yeah, you get saved by other orcs that are the good orcs or whatever. They kill the bad orcs, but then you get knocked out and taken to camp. You can choose to fight, run, or tell the truth. Regardless, you still get taken back to their camp. The details are a little fuzzy there on how exactly they get you back. I was too busy gawking at Sabia’s enormous tits. Anyway, you wake up in camp with all of your shit gone.

Earn Cash, Buy Shit, Fight Orcs, and Explore the World. Oh, and Get Fucked...a lot

This elf slut named Neve greets you and tells you that you’re basically free to roam around and do whatever. She says you can peace out and get out now...or you can root out the fucks who betrayed the tribe and put them on trial. Really, that’s the only option. The game won’t let you leave right away, even if you wanted to. That’s some bullshit. Don’t give me that option if I can’t take it. Seriously, I don’t even get why you would stay and deal with that shit in the first place. Let the orcs be orcs or whatever.

But, alas, you have to fuck around with the camp. It acts as a tutorial area where you can figure out how to play the game. You basically have to run tasks for people to earn “Lundils,” which let you buy gear. You can only do so many tasks per day, depending on your stamina. So, you’ll have to come back to your tent to take a power nap every so often.

Uncover the Mysterious Nature of the Kingdom

It’ll start with basic shit like cleaning up the camp, working at the bar, harvesting plants, and then you’ll finally have enough money to buy a sword and some armor. From there, you can start working at the “Relief Tent.” Basically, you suck orcs dicks for lundils. This is the most lucrative way to get some cash. Once you do that, you’ll open up other options around the camp. There are places to spar and increase your stats.

Doing this will eventually allow you to level up and learn more skills and shit that will prepare you for the outside world. And you’ll need it, too. This game can be pretty fucking brutal. If you thought the orc fights were hard, then boy are you in for a rude awakening when you start getting raped by insane looking tentacle creatures.

You can form alliances and betray people. It gets pretty intense. At one point, an orc asks you to kill an opposing orc, and you have to figure out what the fuck to do. The game gives you a lot of options for how you want to play. Barring the railroading the beginning, you’ll open up possibilities for going to all sorts of different locations where you can do various quests.

Oh, and once you are certain someone is a fuckwad betrayer, you can throw them on trial and get moving on in the story, but be careful. If you are wrong, then you get gangbanged by orcs and lose the game. After that, there’s a whole world to explore in this game with dozens of different locations. This is the kind of game that you can sit down and fuck around with for hours and hours.

Sexy Illustrations and Lots of Kinky Sex Scenes to Unlock

It helps that the game is pretty nice to look at. You get a big-ass game player with quality illustrations of hot babes all throughout the story. Though, I was pretty happy to get out of the orc camp. Those fat fucks are so damn ugly. If I wanted to look at that kind of shit, I’d just find one of you cucks on Facebook or something. What is it with hentai games and orcs anyway? It’s always fat-ass orcs with big meaty cocks. I want to see a fantasy game throw in some other kind of hung beast next time. Or even sexy lesbian orc babes.

The gameplay was alright enough. It won’t go winning any awards for originality, that’s for sure. It’s a point and click game where you have to manage stamina, and that’s about it. The combat scenes are painfully straightforward. It gets a little more engaging as the game goes on, but it is pretty basic shit. At least the sex scenes are hot as fuck. They aren’t fully animated, but they are really well done. No censoring or anything like that. And every scene you unlock can be revisited on the main page under the “Gallery” button.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Kingdom of Deception is a sexy game full of hot scenes. It does take a little bit before you get to any super hot fetish scenes, but you get a decent lead up of vanilla sex scenes to keep you occupied. And the art is spot on. The character illustrations are sexy, especially Neve. She’s a fit dimepiece. Though I wish they did more with your character’s face. She’s always just standing there with her mouth open. That’s great for blowjob scenes, but it just looks super fucking weird otherwise.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I do have one major gripe with this game. No autosaves. None at all. And it doesn’t even fucking warn you about that! I played this game for over an hour before I died in battle. Guess what? I had to start the entire damn saga all over again. The game doesn’t even indicate that you should be saving or anything. God, that was some bullshit. I had to go for a walk to cool off after that. So, yeah, make sure you save your progress.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Kingdom of Deception is a kinky RPG with loads of hot sex scenes for you to fap to. Surprisingly enough, the plot is actually pretty damn good as well. The orc camp alone has a lot of shit to uncover, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The world is full of crazy scenarios, interesting side-quests, and rapey tentacle monsters. That last part might be my favorite. But, yeah, Kingdom of Deception is a good-ass game that you should check out if you’re a fan of RPGs. Just remember to save!

PornGames likes Kingdom of Deception

  • Loads of kinky sex scenes to unlock and fap to
  • Simple gameplay with a lot of dialog options and sidequests
  • Superb
  • sexy illustrations
  • Tens of hours of content to delve into

PornGames hates Kingdom of Deception

  • No autosaves!
  • Boring combat