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Incest Story

Salutations to the unexpectedly plenty redneck hillbilly community that loves to play video games with the theme of incest! Listen here boys; I come bearing a gift to you degenerates that absolutely live for incest related stuff because it’s some weird fetish that you all possess. It comes from the same developer who made known titles(in the incest business) such as Milf’s Control and Robot Touch. So you can definitely expect some good things!

I bring you the title Incest Story! It’s a great addition to the collection that Icstor has released, and trust me, it’s going to be more than just satisfactory. To put it simply, Incest Story is an RPG filled with comic book-esque erotic scenes! You, as the protagonist, have to use your wit, skill, and cunningness to get the woman you want in the sack - by that, I mean, fuck them. You’ll mainly be targetting your aunt, mom, and sister! Yee-haw, damn rednecks.

With that being said, you already have the whole plot of Incest Story figured out. Just act like yourself(you know, totally perverted without morals) if you want to succeed in the game. Be warned, though; it’s probably too much for your tiny pea brain to handle because there is a turn-based combat system. This combat system is essential for you to progress because, after each win, you get rewards - which again, you need to proceed.

The Gameplay

So in this segment of the review, I’ll basically be telling you the whole lookout of the game, because you lazy perverted fucks need to find out just why this game is good and that you need to try it out for yourself, instead of just reading a review about it. I’ll talk a bit about the whole story. What you need to do, I’ll also be talking a little about the entire gameplay experience in relation to controls - probably more.

When starting the game, you’re already launched directly into the dialogue of the protagonist—being woken up by his mother, asking if he could buy the day’s newspaper. From this scene alone, you could probably already make out what the rest of the dialogue will be like for the rest of the game. For me, this was a make or break because this is the part that’s crucial to keep or to lose the player’s attention. Which, for the average pervert, is pretty easy to lose.

I did mention earlier that Incest Story is filled with comic book-esque erotic scenes, but it goes for the whole cutscenes. The dialogue between characters is probably most resemblant to dating simulators without all of the dialogue choices because those are irrelevant and unimportant when it comes to a porn game like this. So be prepared for a lot of skipping through whatever the fuck the characters have to say.

You ever thought of playing a game in the style of Pokemon but even better(because it’s filled with porn?) Well, here’s your opportunity to do so. I’m not lying when I said that. The whole art style when moving around the town, the sound effects, the music, the controls, and whatever the fuck else you could think of! Walking around town to encounter enemies? Yup, it’s here! Turn-based combat against monsters? I said whatever the fuck you could think of!

Yes! Incest Story has some form of a combat system included in the game! However, knowing that the game was developed by the same guy who made Milf’s Control and Robot’s Touch, you’re probably expecting something so fucking bogus and easy. Well, let me tell you, you bet your damn ass, that you’re right! Attack, skills, items, and escaping - very typical, right? Yeah well, here’s a kicker, you have guns. Fucking guns! Blast the little monster fucks away!

If you do manage to get lost along the way - in terms of what quests to complete or in what order to do them in, don’t fret! For on Icstor’s official website, you can search up the game’s walkthrough(only if you’re an idiot brat who can’t think for him or herself). So do feel free to go to the website to check it out for yourself. In essence, you can also download the other games I’ve mentioned by Icstor. That is if you really want more incest-centered porn games.

What I Like About Incest Story

We’ll now be getting into the actual review part of this review, where I can start talking about what I like about the game and then what I don’t like about it later. The previous segment could be considered as just a cannon fodder because this is the real part of the review. This is the segment where you degenerate inbred losers should actually listen if you want to know if Incest Story is really worth downloading. So peel your eyes and stay the fuck seated.

Firstly, Icstor really didn’t shy away from developing games that are complex(in terms of the different art styles and game types). He managed to grab great parts of different games - such as the turn-based combat from Dragon Quest, the landscaping and art style from Pokemon, the sex scenes from Virtual Reality games that use 3D models. He turned it all into one free game, so just that is really commendable.

Secondly, the art style and graphic textures are always consistent. There really isn’t much to say about it because, for a majority of the time, it’s always pixelated. Then you get the consistency in the character art(yes, the 3D models), which, to no surprise, looks pretty okay since there are no animations, there’s less room for errors, right? The collection of pixels used on the enemies and the skill effects is rather humorous.

Lastly, the song choices really match well with the situation that the player is in. For example, the suspenseful music plays only when battles can occur, and the more mellow music plays when you’re just walking out and about. It’s basically like your very budgeted Pokemon game. The sound effects pair with the shitty graphic textures to provide some light-hearted humor(I’m not sure if that was the goal, but hey, it was achieved).

What I Don’t Like About Incest Story

Now here comes the juicier part. Why I absolutely fucking despise this game. You’re a little shaken, right? I mean, I did pour in all of that effort to describe what the game would be like for you. I also already stated why the game is good and that you should try it for yourself. However, that doesn’t mean I still despise it. I felt livid the whole time of playing this game. Why? Well, shut the hell up because I’m about to tell you why.

Firstly, there is no fucking objective to this damn game. Thank god that they provided a walkthrough for the idiot masses because, without it, you probably won’t even give this game the time of day. If there is no solid objective in the game other than to just fuck your family members, aren’t there better games for that? I mean, it’s good fun exploring but with nothing to do in a shitty pixelated world, doesn’t sound very fun, does it?

Secondly, the fucking controls! Oh my sweet baby Jesus, the damn controls are infuriating. If they referenced snails when it came to movement speed, then congrats to them because you might as well be one with that walking speed. Once in the game, you don’t use your mouse at all. So everything is controlled with your arrow keys, spacebar, escape key, and enter key. Meaning everything might be confusing for a person with 2 brain cells like you.

Thirdly, I really can’t get over the fact that they chose to put 3D models into comic book-esque dialogues and scenes. Like couldn’t they have just made a scene using the 3D models for structures, characters, knick-knacks, and whatever just to make the sex scenes look a little more pleasing to the eye? But no, we get a still image that doesn’t look all that great, so not a very satisfying wank. I’d rather go to any other porn tube.

Lastly, the game feels very grind-y for a game that has low quality. If I want to get dedicated to grinding for levels, loot, and gold in a game, I should at least expect the grind to be somewhat enjoyable or at least be something dynamic and spontaneous - so at least a minimization on the repetitiveness. Incest Story doesn’t do that though, so good luck with the grinding, you damn plebians.


It feels like a repeat of the other more well-known games by Icstor, so there isn’t any spontaneity with the map, the characters, the enemies, the whole lot. So if you’re looking for a fresh game or a better one, then please do so. Don’t resort to playing this game because it really isn’t anything special.

PornGames likes Incest Story

  • Great game concept
  • Art is consistent
  • Music and sound matches well with the game

PornGames hates Incest Story

  • Very lackluster
  • No clear goal
  • Weird(?) sex scenes
  • Way too grind-y