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Hot Candy Land

HotCandyLand, aka Sweet State! Hi, there, asshole. You must be wondering what the fuck is going on here. If you stick around for a while, you will know a secret that will change your whole life. Well, it's not the kind of secret that will make you rich, but you'll be one of the few people who will see first hand how amazing this fucking game is. Hotcandyland is an adult-themed game that is set in a city called Pornwood. I know you're already curious just by hearing the name of their city.

If you love taking pictures of bitches in their underwear, then you should consider checking this out. There are tons of fun things you can do in this game that will surely make you horny. You get to choose girls that you can add to your collection of bitches. Once you've created your roster, you can now put them to work for you to earn a lot of money.

This strategy game requires both time and patience. These two essential things are essential to the game because you'll be asked to do tasks that will challenge you mentally and sexually. Hotcandyland is a decision making, and a strategy game that will give you pleasure and contentment. Keep reading so that you'll have enough knowledge which you can use when you've started playing the game.

Reviewing The Game In General

Hotcandyland, by far, is one of the easiest decisions making games I've played in my life because the navigation is not confusing. One of the things I love about this game is that I get to spoil my bitches so that I can earn their respect and trust. The gameplay is so smooth, that's why I chose this game over other porn games. Hotcandyland can be played anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a PC.

Other than the navigation and gameplay, the sound effects are outstanding as well. Some games have crappy background sounds, which is why some people tend to exit those types of games. The game developers did an excellent job with this one because they created a masterpiece that captivates the attention of every sex addict on the planet.

What I Like About This Game

If you haven't heard of this game, then you should probably check it now for you to know how fun it and exciting it is. Hotcandyland is one of my favorite adult-themed games because it allows you to create your own empire of bitches, which you can use for your own personal benefits. This game doesn't have a lot of intimate actions, but it can still make me horny every time I play it because I get to take photoshoots of the bitches I've recruited.

The dialogues in this game are quite interesting because you will have to do a lot of tasks to become the best pimp in town. I like being challenged all the time, that's why Hotcandyland is the perfect game for sick fucks like me. I get to stay in a hotel, go to malls and do some shopping for my bitches, compete with other pimps, and more. I can also deposit and withdraw my money in the bank of Pornwood.

The gameplay and navigation are not that difficult; that's why I decided to play it. You'll be seeing a bitch in the lower right corner of your screen all the time because she will serve as your guide throughout the whole game. Some games are very confusing because they lack tutorials, or they are not that easy to comprehend. So if your primary concern is the controls and navigations, then you should stop worrying now and start playing this fucking game.

The art style used by the developers of this game is unique compared to other porn games because they used American cartoons instead of the typical Japanese anime, which is what you see in most adult-themed games on the internet. The background scenes of the game are lively, and the color combination is impressive. Some games have a dull background, that is why some people would prefer watching porn rather than playing them.

Most porn games on the internet need to be bought, or you have to spend a certain amount of money before you can play them. This kind of issue prevents broke nerds from having fun. Hotcandyland is a free-to-play game, but you'll have to register first before you can start messing with it. The registration is not that hard, and it doesn't take too much of your time. You will need to invest a lot of time in this game for you to become successful and wealthy.

What I Don't Like About The Game

If you're looking for a sex game that has tons of actions, then you should probably think twice before trying this game. The main objective of the game is to become the best pimp in the city. Yes, there will be a lot of sexy bitches, but there's not a lot to see. If you're going to ask my personal opinion, I would say that you should keep looking instead of wasting your time in this game.

As mentioned earlier, Hotcandyland has a fun storyline, but it is still not enough to satisfy my weird fetishes. Adding more missions and quests can make the game more interesting. The people behind this game should also add more characters so that fuckers like me will have the chance to see different girls from all over the globe. Nothing is more fun than seeing random sexy chicks selling their bodies for money.

The graphics of this game are somewhat cute, but it still needs more work. There may not be a lot of intimate scenes in this game, but they should at least do some upgrade to provide better gaming experience. I usually masturbate every time I'm playing adult-themed games, but with this game, my concentration tends to wear off because I don't find the graphics appealing and inviting.

I know that every gamer should undergo a specific process before they can start playing a game. The problem with this game is that it takes too long to start because of the long-ass tutorial. We don't need introductions and instructions that consume so much of our time. The game developers should shorten the tutorial clips and replace them with short and concise instructions so that the players can begin exploring immediately.

My Recommendations for This Game

There are a lot of things this game needs to fix and improve. The first thing they need to change is the graphics of the game. Since they already proved that they could create cute and sexy bitches, they should at least experiment with some 3D animations to make the bitches look more realistic. It is much better to play a game that has characters that look more natural and real.

Aside from the graphics, they should also put more scenes to prolong the game time. Adding characters that are based on famous models and celebrities in real life can also make the game more engaging. They can try making stories about broke celebrities that are willing to do anything to get back to their old life. By doing such changes, they will surely attract more people to try their game.

Since the game is free-to-play and can be played on any browser, the only thing missing is the mobile application. It will lessen the hassle if they create a version of this game for mobile users so that they can play it anywhere and anytime. If they manage to develop such an option, it will help the gamers to release all the stress they are experiencing when they're at work or home. Mobile applications can make every gamer's life easier.


Hotcandyland may have a few problems, but I can still say that it has some of the essential elements every game needs to keep gamers, such as myself, entertained all the time. I enjoyed playing this game because I get to make decisions that will make me wealthy and successful. I may not achieve those in real life, but at least I can experience them in this motherfucking game.

I usually play this before I go to sleep or when I have free time at work because it helps me take the stress, I'm feeling out of my system. Saving money and making the right decisions are one of the best things this game has taught me, which I can apply in real life as well. If you're planning to play this game, you should take the time reading the tutorials being shown by the sexy bitch in the cornet for you to know what are the essential things you need to do.

PornGames likes Hot Candy Land

  • The Storyline
  • The Gameplay
  • Easy Navigation
  • Game Tutorials
  • Free-to-play

PornGames hates Hot Candy Land

  • Not Enough Adult Scenes
  • Time Consuming Tutorials
  • Unrealistic Graphics