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High Tail Hall

Take a good look around fucktards, as from now on; you’re going to see the world from a different perspective. However, it’s not one of those lucid dreams or fantasies like flying around in your astral form and shit, but it’s the type of erotic fantasy where you’re going to see a whole lot of animal/human hybrids fucking each other to their heart’s content. The game already has a sequel. However, for now, I’m only going to review the initial version of the game. Anyway, let’s get on with this review.

A Rundown Of Its History

Commonly abbreviated as HTH, High Tail Hall is a flash game series meant for the adult audience, in which it’s full of animal-hybrid bitches. The game is formerly a project by Crowchild, which was launched back in 2003 for a gaming platform online, Newgrounds, but it later became HTH Studios. Throughout the years, the game had four major variations, in which all of it is a result of countless delays and setbacks.

As of now, the game is still in its public beta stage; however, by the time that the game is completed, the development team will initiate a full release of High Tail Hall. Moreover, in the game’s current state, the character that you’re going to portray would have limited interactions with the whole game. Furthermore, the developers made a new island in the middle of a body of water; you get to explore the nature and the ruins while you are having the cravings of fucking the natives. Not to mention that the cast members of HTH Studios are also natives.

My Initial Impressions

Don’t hang your sloppy little dicks at the edge of your fucking seat just yet, because there’s something I want to mention before I go any further with the review. I wouldn’t consider the initial release of High Tail Hall to be as modern as it can, as I’ve seen better graphics during its time. However, I’ve played the newer version of High Tail Hall, and I can honestly say that it’s way more fucking awesome compared to the

The game is actually quite bigger than I expected, bigger than your 3-inch pathetic excuse of a dick. However, do put in mind that High Tail Hall is a furry game, which means you’d get to fuck a lot of animal/human hybrids. I’m quite sure that you’re going to fucking love the fuck out of this game. However, I can only assume that you haven’t heard of something like furry fetishes before, I suggest you do your research on it, but be warned, the internet is full of weird shits, what you’re going to search is not for the faint of heart.

Exploring The High Tail Hall

As you start the game, you’ll start off with a brief introduction of High Tail Hall (that you can skip), then the game would let you immediately experience the full extent of the fucking animal hybrids part. After I have enjoyed the sex scenes of the game, I went to the place called “glass room,” and there you’ll find a big-titted babe at the bar who looked like she’s up for a one-night stand, in which she’s would be more than willing to suck the living soul of your dick.

After you’ve played for about five minutes, you’ll then get the vibe of the whole game. You’ll be able to progress through the game to get to the next areas, not to mention that the game would provide decisions in each scene to determine what the next stage would be. Overall, High Tail Hall is pretty much like an erotic novel that has numerous fuck scenes that you can fully control.

What I Love About The Game

Before I talk about the bad part of the game, I’ll be more than glad to share with you everything that I loved about High Tail Hall. But before anything else, let me first start by saying this, High Tail Halls is an uncensored pornographic game that is full of erotic contents such as fucking species of animal/human hybrids, because of that alone, I already fucking loved the game.

Anyway, one of the reasons why this game always gets my dick up is that it’s actually easy to play. The controls, navigations, the key placements are all relatively convenient so that your other hand is free for you to be able to jerk off your sorry excuse of a dick while you navigate through the gameplay. Moreover, there’s also a lot of fucking scenes in the game as there are numerous female animal/human hybrids in it for you to put your small dicks inside. In addition to that, I can also consider the artwork to be good. I'm talking about the designs of models and how they illustrated the sex scenes with finesse.

What I Hate About The Game

I’ve spent hours on this game, but I was not satisfied because the only reason why I wasted so much time into it is due to the gameplay having unnecessary content. To make a retarded bitch like understand what I’m trying to say, I’ll be explaining as slowly as possible. For starters, the gameplay has so many things needed to be done with a mouse, such as you have to click the mouse frequently to progress through the dialogue for you to be able to get to the fucking part. Moreover, the gameplay is quite limited, as there isn’t that much to do in the game. The worst part? You have to go through a fuck-load of dialogue just to get past a scene.

Anyway, when it comes to High Tail Halls’s graphic quality, I can only say that it’s like a fucking 12-year-old made it, and that’s saying something considering what young programmers are capable of in recent years. There’s even a 14-year-old programmer on Facebook, for fuck’s sake. Anyway, with that being said, there’s still a lot of work to be done in the game. The developers need to step up to improve the quality of the graphics. Who the fuck would want to fuck jerk off to mediocre animations of fucking some animal hybrids? Certainly not me!

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

Hold on for a moment; the big boys are talking. I’m going to talk directly to the developers of the game as there’s a lot of things that I could recommend for High Tail Hall. Don’t get me wrong, the game is actually good overall, but there are a few components in the game that would make the players feel bored out of their fucking minds. One of which is the content itself, although it’s quite easy to play, I still find the gameplay to be boring as it involves a fuck-ton of clicking to get to the fappable scenes. Not only that, the overall content is very short and limited, because as you play through it, you’d suddenly wonder why it’s fucking finished already.

Anyway, there’s also another thing that I would like to recommend. If you’re one of those sick fucks that would jerk off their balls to poor quality content, as long as they see a dick penetrating a pussy, then don’t read any further. However, if you’re not, then I would recommend to IMPROVE ON THE FUCKING QUALITY OF THE GRAPHICS! Like, damn! It’s like looking at a pixelated model of someone fucking the shit out that animal/human hybrid.


High Tail Hall is actually a good game to play, I’ve already played it for hours on end, and at the end of the day, I can honestly say that I had a great time. I would call the game to be almost completed. However, there is still a lot of room for the game to improve in terms of quality and the overall content. Moreover, I can’t stress it enough that High Tail Hall is a furry game, which means you’ll be encountering animal hybrids that are more than eager to fuck.

The game is indeed a good game to play, however, only to those who love a quick and very accessible show with tons of sex animations. High Tail Hall displays a balance of fucking and actual gameplay, thus making it a game that isn’t hard to go through. Considering that this is a porn game, it’s not just a sex simulator, as you’ll be engaged in the game’s content as well. To sum up, it all boils down to personal preferences of whether you like to fuck furry animal hybrids or not.

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  • Easy to play
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