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I’m branching out. Typically, I bring you games as individual reviews, and I try to avoid collections on principle, but I figured I’d shake things up a bit since this particular collection is such a nice gem. First of all, it’s on GOG, which, if you’re not aware, means that there’s no DRM anywhere on this page in any of the games. GOG is anti-DRM, as far as I know. <strong>GOG is really trying to cut ahead of the competition and show gamers how much they care</strong>. I’m glad they’re kicking ass across the industry, and I hope they don’t renege on their promises of fair practices in the future.

Anyways, enough about GOG, let’s talk about these games. You’ll notice that more than half of the games on here already have individual reviews on my site. They’re notable titles that I personally consider the greatest of all time in their respective categories. I’ll do some coverage on the individual games, but I’ll try not to get too in-depth since I’ve already combed through those games in great detail. I want you to consider this collection as a whole mainly because I want to have a single link that bundles a bunch of porn games for people who haven’t really tried porn games before.

So, if you’ve got a friend who has never tried porn games, or you’re a porn game virgin yourself, this collection is quite seriously the perfect starting point for people who haven’t tried this shit before.

<h3>Starting Off Strong</h3>

At the top of the list, we’ve got the entire Dr. PinkCake collection, i.e., his super famous and super successful titles, Being a DIK and Acting Lessons. These two alone are worth discussing at length. These games revolutionized point-and-click porn games and showed people on Steam that porn games belong on the platform as a form of art. I know that PinkCake was far from the first to boast a porn game on that platform, but he was definitely the first to blow up the scene, especially when it comes to the popularity of western porn games. He’s also a real pioneer of indie development, showing people that free games can make people a lot of money. So take note, developers – this is how you combat piracy. By being fucking awesome.

Next up, we’ve got both HuniePop games. The first one was a beloved classic, though, in my opinion, the gameplay was a tiny bit dry. The second one took all the best parts of the first and added a few features that made it an absolute smash hit. So instead of romancing one girl at a time, you go at two of them at once. There’s also quite a bit of RPG metagame to keep you hooked for days on end. HuniePop 2 is a highly engaging game, let me tell you. I was supposed to play it for a day when I did the original review for it. I’m still playing it to this day. It’s that good.

<h3>A Timeless Classic</h3>

You’ve also got a ton of Leisure Suit Larry games on here, including but not limited to the original that came out in goddamn 1987. I’m willing to bet that this game is older than 99% of the people reading this review. This was perhaps the first-ever erotic game to make it through to the mainstream. There were older titles, for sure, but they were primarily janky indie titles entirely comprised of text. There were also some Japanese arcade games that sucked dick. Leisure Suit Larry is pretty much the spiritual ancestor to amazing titles like Being a DIK. This is where it all started.

Arguably, the newer Larry games are worth playing a lot more on account of the modern art and the overall improvements that have come with time. But you could play the original as an anthropological exploration of how this all got started. The game isn’t ugly by any means, but it’s just not fap-worthy either. It’s raunchy but in a funny way. Even if you’re incredibly depraved, there’s no way to jerk off to it. Sure, the newer Larry titles aren’t precisely smutty either, but the quality of the art style makes it so that you can rub one off if you’re really dedicated.

<h3>It Gets Better</h3>

Those few titles alone justify this as the perfect porn game starter pack, but it gets significantly better when you scroll down and realize that isn’t even half of it. Someone had the good sense to include Evenicle on this list, and more power to them. Evenicle is an odd combination of several porn game tropes that I honestly haven’t seen combined nearly as much as I’d like. On the surface, it’s a standard turn-based JRPG. It’s cutesy and light, with a ton of combat action and experience farming. There’s also an incredibly detailed story that roughly revolves around a goddess who punishes people who engage in extramarital sex.

It sounds weird, I know, but it’s damn hot. Oh, and also, the entire goddamn game is filled with all kinds of gory situations, including but not limited to monster rapes, dismemberment, disfiguration, murder, and all sorts of other graphic shit that’s sure to give you nightmares. Oh, and it’s fully voiced for added pain and suffering. This game is one of a kind, and I can’t recommend it enough. But I’m damn sure that you’d enjoy Evenicle if you’re fucked up and want to see some messed up shit.

<h3>Weeb Shit</h3>

Evenicle might be a JRPG, but it’s far from a generic Japanese porn game. It’s innovative, engaging, voiced in English, and overall well-polished and entertaining. The usual Japanese porn game is notoriously slow-paced and usually structured like a book. I don’t know why the Japanese do this, but it’s a trend that we can’t get away from. For what it’s worth, there are few visual novels on this list and what’s on here is a lot more tolerable than usual. I’ve tried playing through Bible Black, the all-time visual novel classic from over twenty years ago. I still can’t get through half of it. It’s fucking tedious. The games on this list slide a lot easier. They’re more polished and clearly made with fan appreciation in mind.

You’ve got Kindred Spirits on the Roof for a softer, more easy-going vibe, featuring a lot of schoolgirls because Japanese women only exclusively exist as schoolgirls. There are young schoolgirls and old schoolgirls. There are no other female archetypes. If you want something a bit more casual that still has a ton of story, check out Sonicomi. It’s a photography game, kind of like that Pokémon title for the DS where you had to find gerbils in tall grass and capture images of them, except in this game, you only snap stills of a hot anime babe.

<h3>Hard Recommend</h3>

You’ve got a ton of quality games on this list, and everyone except the original Leisure Suit Larry is worth having. I can’t make it any simpler than that. As for the price tags, well, some of these games are awfully overpriced because of how expensive they were to produce. Take The Witch’s Diary, for example. It’s a Japanese simulation game, so kind of like a visual novel. As such, it took a lot of time and money to produce. But Succubus is available at around half the price and contains a ton more regarding visual fidelity and overall quality. You’re also likely to spend more time playing it. At least, that’s what I believe.

Evenicle is a massive project, so logically it costs the most out of all of these. It’s currently $45 with no discount. That’s a fucked-up price point. Either way. Evenicle is the only expensive game on this list worth the full price. The others, like Hunie Pop, are only a few dollars across. Games like Leisure Suit Larry are often on discount, so wait for that. They can be discounted down to 20% of their original price.

And finally, remember to bookmark this link and send it to all of your friends if they’re curious about the world of porn games and they’d like a gentle introduction to the experience. In the meantime, I will see if I can get GOG to include Good Girl Gone Bad on this list. That’s about the only game that should be here but isn’t. It’s a staple.

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  • Evenicle needs a discount, pronto