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Salutations you horny, incest-loving, perverted, degenerate bunch of fucking weirdos! This article has quite the delivery for you! If you are one of the said incest-loving degenerates, then rejoice as your redneck hillbilly blood will definitely boil once you’ve started playing the game we’ll be reviewing! The game is titled F.I.L.F., which has been speculated to stand for Family(or Friends) I’d Love to Fuck, which is sort of the same thing as what Milf stands for, right?

Okay, so the storyline(or basic description) of what F.I.L.F. is going to be like goes like this; the main character(You) has decided to finally come home from being away for a long time. You are greeted by your mom(Mellissa) and your sister(Samantha) only to be surprised with even better news that both your aunt and cousin are moving into the city as well! Doesn’t that just ignite the passion you have for in-breeding?

There’s really not much to the game. Other than the glorious 3D sex scenes that are sure to be great content for your jacking needs. I mean, F.I.L.F. is like your typical dating simulators with the addition of a fuckton of adult shit to unlock and play. Scenes with your own mother, sister, your cousin, your aunt, a local hooker, and so much more. If you have this kind of fetish(and I know you do), then you should definitely go and play it.

The Gameplay

Like any run-of-the-mill dating simulator/interactive visual novel, there is out there; one would expect that the title screen would give you a little taste of what the game is going to be like. None does it better than this game! Because I’ve played quite a bunch of dating simulators/interactive visual novels that use 3D models and whatnot, but none have really taken the cake unlike F.I.L.F. over here. So I had quite my expectations set a little higher.

Upon starting the game, they don’t shy away from trusting you directly into the game, which a good thing because you’re not going to waste much time, and you’re just going straight in. At first, F.I.L.F. does give you a little backstory about why you’re moving back to your hometown. Still, you’ll definitely uncover more as you progress through the story, though not much of it. Because your primary focus will definitely go into fucking some bitches, am I right?

Once you’ve gotten your formalities done with the whole immediate family(just your mom and your sister), you’re asked to go shopping with your mom because your fashion sense is all wack(wearing flip-flops with a button, what the fuck are you thinking?), and this is where you’ll see your first glorious scene. Your mom dresses up in the stall next to your fitting room. Sounds exciting already, right? Well, she’s trying on white lingerie, even more exciting!

This is just a little sample of what you’ll be encountering within the small town of F.I.L.F. because believe me; there is a shitload of things that you’ll need to get done. Each girl in your incestuous harem has their very own storyline, and some you just have to progress through quite slowly, but it is quite a good reward. By that, I mean the myriad of titties, asses, pussies, and a lot of your fucked up sexual fantasies will be fulfilled here.

This is more than just an interactive visual novel because there are more interactions that progress without depending on the whole progression of the story. So it is more like a dating simulator, with sex. However, unlike the high-spec dating games, you can’t really progress through the game just by picking your number one waifu. For the whole game to advance to the endpoint, you need to progress everyone’s storyline further.

There’s no disadvantage for you, though, because no matter what storyline you choose to progress, there’s always a sex scene in store for you because that’s how the game has been designed. To keep you degenerate idiots satisfied with your gameplay despite not fully devoting yourself to the game. I say that because of the remaining percentage of your devotion is going to your other hand, jerking off that pitiful pencil dick you have.

What I Like About F.I.L.F.

Here comes the actual review part of the review. Here we begin to talk about why this game is one that I highly recommend you fuckshits to play. Though there are negatives, don’t let those allow you to shy away from a considerably great game. Taking in the fact that it is independently developed using 3D model templates(with characters, building structures, and other items in the game). So shut up, sit back, and read this shit properly.

First of all, the whole storyline, albeit quite scarce, is pretty good. Considering the fact that there has to have been quite a lot of effort put into this game to get that format of multiple simultaneous storylines. Your progression with your mom is different from your progression with your high school friend. The use of this format is commendable because this makes the entire game a little more enjoyable.

Second of all, the whole audio quality is excellent. Though the are no voice lines or any audible moans associated with the characters, everything else is nice. The music choice is perfectly matched with the scene that you are in. For example, the music playing when you are at home is not too intense and easy to listen to. While being in the strip club or the night club blasts high energy music into your earphones or speakers - whichever you use.

Thirdly, the art style is consistent. That is all I can really say about it. I mean, I would only say it’s out of place if they decided to completely switch up their art style midway through the game. ICCreations does use the whole 3D format throughout the entire game. Meaning the characters, buildings, items, and whatever else there is in the game are all the same throughout. This goes for the animations as well, although not many in numbers.

Lastly, the quality of the sex scenes is great too. They have made sure to put in many different scenarios to satiate the curious minds of fucked up losers. Getting caught by your sister when you’re getting some acti8on with your mom. Getting scouted by some pron industry for you to have a full-on sex scene with your cousin - ending with you being jerked off by a camerawoman cumming into the mouth of your cousin. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?

What I Don’t Like About F.I.L.F.

Now to make things balanced, the negatives. These aren’t anything major because, to me, they are quite petty. So as I have said before, don’t let these negatives sway you from wanting to play the game for yourself. So now shut the fuck up about me being biased towards this game because I’m about to give you some bad shit about this game(though quite insignificant.)

The sex scenes often switch between animations and still images. This is kinda annoying when you want to squeeze one out, but you can’t find a rhythm due to the frequent switching. The clicking is rather fast-paced because you don’t want to go through all of the dialogue, so you could often switch from the animation to the still images sooner than you want. Hence, it’s kind of a blue ball - unless you can jack it to a still image.

I briefly mentioned it earlier, but the clicking is fast-paced. Not only that, but its a fucking lot. Like with any dating simulator/visual novel, the main difficulty or challenge to get over is the amount of clicking that one has to do to get shit done in the game. Now don’t disagree with me on this. Because instead of getting the golden scenes is hindered by you having to spam the shit out of your left click. Which nobody ever likes.


My opinion isn’t divided just because of the petty negatives I have? Not at all because of the time that I spent actually enjoying the game. As I said, the game utilizes the multiple simultaneous storylines pretty well, so the diversity was quite refreshing - taking in the fact that this game isn’t professionally developed. One thing from me, though, it’s not yet fully developed, so I was cut short in my playtime - lots of “future updates” choices.

PornGames likes F.I.L.F.

  • Good storylines
  • Overall audio quality is great
  • The animations are great and smooth
  • Family booties
  • pussies
  • and titties.
  • Great sex scenes!

PornGames hates F.I.L.F.

  • Frequent switching between animations and still images
  • A fuckton of clicking
  • Too much missing content