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Everlasting Summer

Today we’re going to talk about two things that make absolutely no sense when strung together in a single sentence. Namely, Soviet Russia and Japanese schoolgirls. You could make some dog-shit argument that the eastern tip of Russia reaches all the way to Japan, but please don’t. You know exactly what I mean. There is no common thread there, and you know it. Hentai babes could not be further removed from the hot blondes you normally see come out of Russia. Plus, there’s no real culture overlap there either. That’s why I was very pleasantly surprised by Everlasting Summer. This is an honest to god Russian video game with strong Soviet undertones, mixed with a hentai style. Oh, and did I mention it’s a dating game?

Fapping with Tears in Your Eyes

The first thing I had to do for this game was check out the Steam reviews. I’ve always found them to be a great way to dive right into a new title, to figure out how the public might view it. I mean, it’s one thing how I see a game, it’s another how you might interpret it. Personally, I just check out the tits and asses and call it a day, at least, for my own personal review. I only really care about how far into a game I can jack off before going limp or calling it a day. And suffice it to say, this game was not made for jacking off. But, we’re not done here yet. Stick around.

Right off the bat with the reviews, we’ve got overwhelmingly positive responses from the general public, but they all have a very similar and unexpected vibe. I’ve seen a lot of sad porn games. I’ve also seen a lot of unusual porn games. You can cram virtually any emotion into a fap, it just works. I mean, I can jack off to videos of chicks crying as long as they’re also getting it on. Don’t judge me, it’s a genre of porn, and it works. Maybe her eyes are watering up because of the cum that went into them. I don’t know.

Plus, if you’re the really sensitive kind and your life’s gone to shit, you’re probably no stranger to late-night faps during which you cry your eyes out. But, you gotta fap. As long as there are titties on the screen and seed in your balls, you know you gotta fap. Still, I haven’t seen a porn game even touch the topic of depression before. That’s because depression is deeper than just sadness. It’s the kind of under-the-skin pain that you don’t really want to think about when you’re fapping. Even if you are actually depressed, fapping is supposed to be your sacred "getaway" from the deep shit. You want something that’s just a bit more surface-level than that. Well, Everlasting Summer says fuck that and dives straight into the feels like few other H dating games do.

Tons of Feels

So the Steam reviews for this game pretty much all mention depression and feels in one form or another. Some people say that this game got them out of their rut. However, others say they got into a depression from playing it. I literally don’t know what your experience is going to be, but at the very least, you’ll get some feels.

From what I’ve seen of the game and the reviews, I really don’t think this is something you want to play one-handed. At the very least, you might be able to rub one off in breaks. Like, let’s say that you romance someone, in particular, it gets hot and heavy, and you take a break to rub one off before getting back into the game. I don’t think that the general mood of the game in-between is going to get you particularly hard.

Then again, I’ve met a lot of crazy chicks that get off on depression for some reason. It’s safe to say that there must be dudes who do the same thing. If you’re one of those fellows, by all means, go crazy. Play this super deep and ultra-immersive dating sim with a bittersweet story whilst polishing your flagpole. I sure as shit won’t judge you.

No Smut?

During my initial research of this game, I was confused out of my goddamn mind. You see, they told me that this was a hentai game, and that’s exactly why it made its way onto my list. I cover every fap-worthy game, even if the only thing keeping it aloft are a few nude scenes. Whatever. If you can jack off to it, I will review it and tell you whether it’s worth your time or not.

Well, imagine my shock at seeing that this game was entirely devoid of any nude scenes. In fact, the whole goddamn thing feels PG-13, in terms of what you see on screen. At best, you see the girls in their swimsuits, but that’s not smut in my book. Maybe if they were real chicks with gigantic breasts, I might be able to rub one off, but this way? Absolutely not.

Yes, Smut

Well, after a few minutes of research, I figured out what I was missing and no thanks to Google either, I had to ask around instead. As it turns out, this game does, in fact, have a ton of h-scenes, complete with nudity, you just have to mod them in. And no, I don’t mean that you have to download nude assets and swap them out or whatever. There’s a tiny ass 300kb file that can be added to the game’s folder to unlock the sex scenes that are already in there. They’re just locked out of reach for some fucking reason.

I suspect that this has to do with Steam’s general tomfoolery around adult content. On the one hand, they allow adult content on their platform. On the other hand, they keep shooting games in the face. I don’t know what their problem is, but I’m glad that this game survived, one way or another. Anyways, to unlock the h-scenes in this game, you have to get the special mod file. Thankfully, this process has been simplified greatly. You used to have to go out of your way to find it on some random YouTube video, then follow a shady link and use the on-screen instructions.

Fuck all that. The h-scene unlocker is now built into Steam. You can download it as additional content for the game in the workshop. You subscribe to this “mod”, if you can even call it that and the game is suddenly riddled with hentai titties.

It’s worth mentioning that this mod doesn’t really add much to the game, you still get the same experience, it’s just much naughtier.

Smut Quality

I quite like this game’s art. It borrows a lot from the hentai playbook of drawing naked chicks, with what I suppose is an Eastern European spin. The style looks original and consistent throughout. It’s entirely two dimensional, of course, and you see a lot of tits and asses. You see naked chicks both in your dialogue with them and the cutscenes.

I found it pretty easy to jack off during these scenes, though I had to take my time to get in the mood. The game has a way of getting under your skin and putting you in an existential mood. It’s not the best way to get to a man’s heart, I gotta say.

This is the kind of coming of age dating game that tries to take you on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s not a smut game at heart, which means it’s made for the heart and not the cock. I’m not saying don’t play it, but I am saying hold off if you want something super sexy that you can wave your dick at.

As a coming of age dating sim, though, it’s possible that this game could be your next favorite virtual novel or it could turn out to be a piece of shit. Personally, I thought it was very immersive and fun. I didn’t get through the whole story, because I have women to fuck and shit to do, but what I saw looked very interesting.

Still, I’ve seen some online reviewers call this game a desperate attempt at deep emotional writing. The fans, on the other hand, seem to be sucking the developer off in gratitude, so I have no idea where we’re at with this game. It’s got a 10/10 rating on Steam, so it can’t be bad, right? You’re going to have to decide for yourselves. It’s free to play, so by all means, dig into this emotion sandwich.

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