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Dual Family

I am calling all you perverted, porn-addicted, horny people who love reading dirty comic books. Not only does this game feel like a comic book, but it also has interactive dating rewards for picking the right options. I have found a great game that combines your two favorite addiction - nude bodies and great dialogues. Pretty fucking rad, right?

Assuming that you got a thing for incest, this game would blow your brains out with the different paths you can take into fulfilling yourself. Why not build up that eagerness to cum and be skillful in the in-game interactions and get those fantastic rewards for being a stud that you are in-game!

What are you fucking waiting for? It is time to find some hand lotion, pull your cock out, and read my review of the horny, first-person, incest dating game: "Dual Family" right here.

First-Person, Incest Good-ness

So what is this unique game? Dual Family is a first-person, adult-themed life simulation that is set-up like a novel or comic. The game allows you to choose the character you want to be. The in-game characters you can choose from is between the Dad and the Son. Choose the woman who you want to love! Picking either of the characters lets you experience two unique stories that are separate from the other.

If I choose one of the two characters, I'd be able to play a storyline that is completely different from the other. This would mean I can get to have different perspectives of what it is like if you know what I mean. The game placed me in a situation wherein the wife and husband do not see each other eye to eye. The game does not really elaborate on the reason, but it sets you this situation up as a measuring stick for the experience that you'll get to have.

The storyline gave me the impression that their past love was crushed and for no understandable and clear reason. The family is splitting at its core, and if you play the Son, the mother is an exhausted wife, and she is just seeking for sexual validation. You'd be able to get a sister/daughter that begins her sexual awakening. It's up to either character you choose to fulfill that!

You can download the game both on Android, Windows, and Mac. There isn't an excuse available for you not to try this game. I download the game for you so you lazy, undecided idiots would know how the game works. It's an awesome game to play while getting rock-hard in front of your computer, mac, or Android phone. It isn't a demanding game in terms of storage space and gameplay, so it is pretty easy to download. I'd rate it a solid 4.5 out of 5 so far.

I'll have to admit that my expectations weren't met with how my experience went. Yes, it was a first-person game, with unique interactions for me to fucking get myself off, but I didn't really feel like reading the dialogues. Maybe it is just me, but I am only not in the mood the get a reading fix while jacking my huge cock off in front of my computer.

I wish it were like a triple-A game, and you'd bet a million dollars on it, and I would empty my balls every chance I can get. But sadly, it is not. However, I found the scenes quite interesting. It was really well-drawn, and for a game of its caliber, it was pretty fappable for me. I found myself rubbing my cock every once in a while.

Dual Family’s Gameplay Feels Like Reading A Dirty Comic

Dual Family's gameplay felt like I was reading a dirty comic. In this case, I was the one who got to decide how my dirty comic would end up. Although it is not a game that transitions into quests and whatnot, I still found myself fucking immersed in the choices and interactions my character found itself in. I enjoyed how vulnerable and easy it was to manipulate the women in this game. Should I say, I got the better end of the deal when I got to fuck them in different positions.

The game is just well-drawn. I would have to give props on the creators on that one. They really put in the effort to make good visuals and satisfy me on that aspect. Even if I did not feel like reading, I still found myself rock-hard in front of my computer. It felt like I was almost begging for the interactions to go my way so that I could release all of my load!

As my character goes through the game, I was given opportunities to warm whoever I wanted up. An interaction would give me options and pop up on my screen, such as:

-Check up on her

-See how she's doing

-Peek on her room

Every single option would lead to another interaction. If I was really aggressive and eager, I could choose the options that would lead me to that direction. It wasn't that difficult at all to get all the mouth-watering scenes that got my cock so fucking hard. However, there are some details to watch out for as it can unlock secrets. Look out for a Button and a Bottle. Both of those things can lead you down to some great fucking rabbit holes.

It is up to me to get them in the right mood. I could quickly peek in their rooms and get caught, and that would start up a conversation. A few good selections here and there can get her horny. Now I'm allowed to kiss her or leave the room. Now, who the fuck in his right mind would leave the room when you have a chance to fuck? I pick kiss to escalate the mood and look like I'm emptying my load all over this game tonight.

What I Like About This Game

One of the aspects of this game that was cool and I really liked is that it gives you different options when you are in an interaction. You get to have the freedom to pick and choose different actions your character will take. Of course, these choices and interactions would lead down to more opportunities that would be unlocked. Pick the right options, and you can quickly switch into the scenes wherein you'd have to stop for a minute so you can jack off on a scene.

Another good thing about Dual Family is how fast the game will load. I guess it doesn't need to load for a long time as it is not at all demanding to your phone, Mac, or Pc. That's really a good thing for me because I didn't have to spend time waiting. Nobody loves waiting when you're rock hard and about to cum.

The game is super user-friendly. I did not have a difficult time navigating my way into the game. The game also gives you solid instructions on how I can fuck and fuck and fuck all game long.

The graphics reminded me of a well-drawn, 3D dirty comic book. It is very obvious that the creators of Dual Family have put in the work into the different storylines. They have done a masterful fucking job on the situations that would come up from every interaction option that you select.

All you have to do now is to select the option presented to you — no heavy lifting whatsoever. You horny perverts do not have to come up with overused lame lines to say to the girl. Cumming has never been easy, isn't it?

What I Don’t Like About This Game

I cannot think of anything negative in this game except for one thing that may be relative to all who play this game. I was not a fan of the reading. Maybe it is just me, but I'm only not in the mood to read long paragraphs when all I want to do in this game is to gaze and stare at nude and scenes of fucking so I can cum. Maybe some weird dude likes to read while jacking off, but that is not me.

With that said, maybe the creators of Dual Family can come up with other alternatives that can help alleviate this problem. A few videos or animations can do. Perhaps this suggestion is a reach, but I think that this one can really get the game into another level.

If you are looking for fast virtual pussy in first-person, Dual Family may not be the perfect match for you. The game will require time in building the relationship. You'd have to practice some patience to get that mouth-watering reward you so desperately need, my friend.

My Recommendations For Improving The Game

The creators of Dual Family should find ways how to make the game more interesting for the user. The game as it now has some great storylines, but I'm afraid that I'll go back one day and find all the interactions that I went through as boring. Maybe introduce a few more bitches I can interact with and fuck with that will stay true to the theme of the game.

Another thing is to find an alternative to the reading dilemma I have. Maybe record voice-clips that would play during an interaction to make it more realistic. This alternative would really get my cock rock hard, believe me, or not.

But if you're a dude who finds it cool and stimulating to read and rub your dick off, then ignore my suggestion. I do not judge your ways, my friend, read and cum all you want.

My Conclusion

Overall, Dual Family is a fucking great game if you like that first-person, interactive stimulation. You have control over the outcome of each relationship. The game is built in a way that would surely get you laid. If you're an idiot who can't function appropriately in a conversation, Dual Family is the perfect game for you. Relax in front of your computer with your cock in your hand while you fuck someone, first-person style. Who could say no to that?

The game isn't system demanding. It's effortless to download and navigate. The game basically does all the heavy lifting for you. Just don't fuck up in selecting the interaction options, and you'll surely get that ending you have been craving desperately about.

If Dual Family sounds fantastic to you, then go ahead and download this game now. It's super easy to download, and you'd be in the game in no time. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in this game and empty your balls that are just overflowing with sperm.

PornGames likes Dual Family

  • The game loads fast and without a hitch
  • I can navigate the game effortlessly
  • Unique storyline
  • Offers two different perspective

PornGames hates Dual Family

  • The reading
  • Interactions are somehow predictable