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Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai

A good librarian like a good shepherd! Hey, what’s up fags and fellow eroge perverts, it’s me, your fucking number one porn guy. So I mentioned eroge because we’ll be reviewing Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai. If you ask me what it means, I literally don’t have a fucking clue.

Thankfully, a quick google search and Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai literally means A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd. At first, I still didn’t really have an idea what this game was all about. The title just doesn’t make sense. Or does it?

So before we get into the nitty and gritty of this visual novel game, I’ll educate some of you clueless fuckers on what eroge and the overall genre means. Sit back, read, and feast your eyes on the thing that is called eroge. If you think listening to “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors can help you while reading this shit, then, by all means, go ahead.

Introduction to Eroge

So for those who are uneducated and focus on porn from just one continent, well eroge is an erotic game in Japan. It was in the early 1980s that Japanese companies developed their own brand of consoles that would compete against the consoles in the U.S.

The earliest commercial erotic computer game was Night Life. Although the game was really just made up of images of multiple sex positions, it paved the way for others to develop eroge. Even well-known companies you know today, fucking made eroge games. Companies like Square and Enix all had these beginnings.

Man, the world of Japanese porn, hentai, and everything else are fucking deep. There are literally hundreds of genres and subgenres to know. If I’d have the fucking balls to tell you all about those things, then there wouldn’t be any room for my fucking game review, which is the whole fucking point of this thing.

So back to the matter at hand. Now that you fuckers know what eroge is, it’s time to fucking review Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai or A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd.

What is A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd?

A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd is a game by games developer August. I thought August was just another developer, but by googling the studio’s works, I was freaking surprised that every game they made were all visual novels with romance, harem, and other related themes.

Basically, Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai is a visual novel game that has lots of comedy, romance, and supernatural elements. Right now, I’ll tell you horny fuckers that this game doesn’t have hardcore scenes. Although I really get it that a lot of horny assholes are staying because this genre turns them on. If you’re one of those assholes, I fucking salute you for having the stomach to take in something as mild as Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai.

Anyway, the game happens in Shiomi Academy, which is home to at least 50,000 students. As with any other school, Shiomi Academy has something like an urban legend that’s known as “The Shepherd.” The Shepherd is a supernatural force or being that can supposedly provide guidance and ultimately grant people’s wishes.

Kakei Kyotarou is the lone and only active member of the Library Club, a club for people who have supposedly received Shepherd’s guidance. A particular event in the game triggers Kakei Kyotarou’s interactions with other people who have received guidance.

Main Characters

Since there are lots of main characters, I fucking decided that they deserve their own section in this article. I also think that the characters are the best part of this game, enough said. Here they are:

Kakei Kyotarou

He’s a 2nd-year student at Shiomi Academy. This guy loves freaking reading books that he’s more than just your ordinary bookworm. At first sight, you can see that this guy is brilliant and kinda laid back. Kyotarou isn’t that friendly, but he isn’t a snob as well. He’s just the guy that you won’t expect to move first in certain situations.

Shirasaki Tsugumi

This girl is also a 2nd-year student at Shiomi Academy and is the Library Club’s president. Her goals as club president are to find out who Shepherd is and make the academy a happy place for everyone else. Although she’s a bit naive, Tsugumi is very optimistic, kind, and fucking cute. She’s the typical protagonist that you just can’t hate despite her apparent flaws.

Sakuraba Tamamo

Sakuraba Tamamo is also a 2nd-year student and considered to be Tsugumi’s best friend. Due to Tamamo being calculated, hardworking, and serious, she is in charge of the Library Club’s schedules. She’s very protective of Tsugumi and is the most hardworking member of the club.

Due to her being a hard worker, Tamamo often overworks herself. She’s an interesting character as she’s friendly and speaks eloquently.

Suzuki Kana

Aside from being a 1st-year student, Suzuki Kana also works at the school cafeteria as a waitress. She’s also a member of the Library Club. Kana’s personality is that she’s funny and lively. She’s also carefree and likes to make jokes all the time.

Although she loves reading books and considers herself to be a bookworm, she pales in comparison with Kyotarou’s bookishness. A lot of people think that Kana has the best routes and overall storyline. Her character development maybe fucking slow but is the best in the game, kind like how you cook pot roast. Real nice and slow.

Misono Senri

Misono Senri is a 1st-year student in the music department. Aside from playing instruments, Senri is also a talented singer. Much of her traits are quite contradicting. She’s fucking reserved and quiet, but at the same time, she’s also mischevious and talks harshly to others. Although Senri has her flaws, she’s one of the best characters in the game.

Kodachi Nagi

She is part of the Library Club’s committee and is the neighbors with Kyotarou. Nagi is relaxed and free-spirited. She can also be lazy, and she often teases people. She is afraid of animals. Nagi’s story is fascinating, and her endings are one of the most satisfying in the game.

Mochizuki Maho

Maho is a 3rd-year student in Shiomi Academy. She is also the president of the school’s student council. Maho is the representation of a hardworking and responsible woman in a world dominated by males. She can easily stick out from the crowd due to her persistence. It is her ultimate goal to recruit Kyotarou to the student council.

Ureshino Sayumi

Another student working in the Aprio or the school’s cafeteria, Sayumi, is also a 2nd-year student at Shiomi Academy. At first glance, I fucking thought this hottie was one of the cutie pies. Don’t let her cute looks fool you. This bitch is manipulative, scary, and a bit mysterious.

She’s good with computer and console games, which is why her storyline revolves around this. Sayumi’s routes are the shortest in the game but are well placed, funny, and entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, although I initially thought she was a baddie; she was one of the best side characters in the game.

Serizawa Miyu

Serizawa Miyu is a 1st-year student who is a member of the school’s drama club. She’s also a good voice actor and is a member of the broadcasting group. She is very hardworking, confident, and friendly. Despite being a minor character in the game, Miyu has the appeal that can dethrone the other main heroines.


The game focuses on the interactions of the characters and their storylines. As you play through the game, you’ll be given choices. You progress through the game according to the choices you make. Your preferences will also reward you with scenes and other fun stuff. The objective of the game is to ultimately read every route and ending from both primary and side characters.

What I Like About the Game

Well, the artwork and everything in the game is quite polished, which is a rarity among games with some mature content in them. Overall, the characters are the best part of the game. Second, comes the story, and last comes whatever you came here for. I’ll repeat it; this game is light, mild, and fun(even without full tits showing).

Storywise, the game is excellent. Combine it with unique character development; the game doesn’t leave anyone behind. Even the minor characters are important, which, in my fucking opinion, is a rarity in most games today.

What I Don’t Like About the Game

The game kind of bored me at first. Although I ended up playing more than I wanted to, I really had nothing else to look forward to. If only the devs were more daring with the character’s scenes, then that would have given justice to some of the storylines in the game. Although I understand translating English to Japanese can be tough, the translations in the game are kinda shit. The translated words don’t even make fucking sense.

You would expect that a game that lacks full frontals and tits in their full glory would compensate, but no. You get fucking nothing. Just heap loads of feel-good stories that often times, make it weird to masturbate to.


I’ll make this fucking short, okay? I like the game because of the characters and the story. If you’re here to see some tits and pussies, then you might not like what you see. Don’t get me wrong though; there are some tits and close calls in the game but, that’s all that there is. I treated this game as a break from all the hardcore stuff I see all the time. At best, it didn’t disappoint.

PornGames likes Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai

  • Good Graphics
  • Lovely Characters
  • Light
  • Mild Tone
  • Good sound effects and voice
  • a rarity for visual novel games
  • Unexpected Storylines and Endings

PornGames hates Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai

  • Could have been a good hardcore fuck fest but yeah it is what it is
  • Expected more
  • Some translations are shit
  • Slow