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Cunt Empire

CuntEmpire! It’s time for another smash hit. Are you ready for this one? Cunt Empire is another in a long line of online-only free porn games that’s sure to keep you hard for a very long time. It’s similar to some other titles you’ve seen before and it does technically take a few pages out of the gacha book, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a pay-to-win title. There’s a lot of fun in here that’s entirely free and that’s why I’d like to recommend this bad boy to you. It takes inspiration from some non-pornographic games that I really like and it happens to feature real-world pornstars. That’s a nice combination of gameplay elements that really checks off all my marks for a pleasant smut game experience. I’ll get into the details soon.

Let me just say that this is one of those casual porn games that you can keep coming back to, on and off, for a very long time. You can use it for a quick fap and move along or you could keep coming back to it night after night. It’s perfect for a daily boner, like say, when you get back from work. If you want to rub one off before bed to some quality drawn titties, this is the game for you.

It’s Cookie Clicker, with Pussy

Have you ever played Cookie Clicker? If not, you should. It’s a really famous free browser game that came out a long-ass time ago and took the internet by storm. It’s dead simple. You click a cookie to bake a cookie and you sell it for cash. You make money and hire grannies, factories and all kinds of other methods to make more cookies faster. What’s the point? Well, you want to make more cookies. More cookies equals more money to make even more cookies. It’s a dumb idea, but it works really well. Plus, all of those cookie producing methods click themselves, which means you can buy them, then ditch the browser tab and return later to cash in on all of your cookies.

You get a similar setup here, except you’re not running a cookie farm, you’re running a porn studio. What kind of porn do you make? All kinds. The game gives you several different types of porn sets that you can use in order to make money over time. Every single set can be staffed with porn stars that you earn in-game. They can also be paired in order to work together. There are other goodies that you can equip onto every set, but we’ll get into that. Right now, we need to talk about the pornstars.

World-Star Titties

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that your welcoming committee in Cunt Empire is none other than Little Caprice. Yes, that Little Caprice. – the legendary triple-A pornstar. They actually got her likeness for this game and she basically acts as your in-game assistant. She shows you the ropes, but I’m pretty sure she won’t be performing for you, at least, not at the start. But, she does a great job teasing you into the action. I really like staring at her body while I’m casually pleasuring myself with some quality gameplay.

I played Cunt Empire for no more than 10 minutes before another legend stepped onto the scene and it just so happened to be Liya Silver. There is no end to the legendary cunts they’ve got starring in this game. I don’t know how they managed to get them to agree to pose for this game, but I’m glad they did. The real girls add a ton of quality to the game and make everything feel a lot more legit, if you know what I mean. It’s always more fun to play with chicks you’re already familiar with.

Tons of Fictional Girls

On top of the numerous real-life pornstars, you can find and hire in this game; there are also a bunch of imaginary ones that were drawn for the game, specifically. They come with their own backstories and a bunch of art, so it’s almost impossible to tell that they’re not real babes. Either way, everything’s drawn, so the imaginary babes and the fictional ones look consistent. You never feel ripped out of the immersion.

The whole point of having all of these girls working for you is that you need someone to man all the different sets. So, you hire some babes, assign them to a task and they start whoring out on camera, around the clock. They never stop working. So, when you hire a babe and assign her to masturbate on solo-cam, she’ll start touching herself and she’ll pump out cash for you every few seconds or so.

Improving the Smut

The babes make money for you right from the get-go, but the whole point to Cookie Clicker and all the games that draw inspiration from it, like Cunt Empire, is that you want to be upgrading your money sources. That means that these girls are going to need a lot more than just their fingers and a camera. You’re going to be using your hard-earned cash to buy them dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads and anything else they might need in order to pull in more viewers. You’re running a porn studio that’s constantly making money and never stops broadcasting, so naturally, you want to entice as many viewers as possible.

You do that by getting more, better girls and training the girls you already have to up their stats. The better you equip them, the more cash they bring in. There’s also the matter of Bitch Coins. I should probably explain those. You can think of Bitch Coins as Cunt Empire’s premium currency. You can earn a bunch of them by simply playing the game, but if you need a ton of them fast, you’ll have to fork over some real-world currency.

Paying Real Money

Keep in mind; you don’t actually have to spend a single cent on this game, that’s a fact. However, if you want to speed things along, you can spend hundreds of dollars on Bitch Coins, if you wish. The idea behind Cunt Empire is that your porn empire can grow exponentially, forever. You can go from being rich to being a millionaire to becoming a billionaire and so on. The game never technically ends. That’s why Bitch Coins never run out of style. The only way is up and there’s always a long way ahead.

The game is pretty much built around the idea of having you come back the next day when you’re significantly richer than the day before. After you get some much-needed upgrades, the girls start dumping the cash they earn into your account automatically, so you don’t have to click them. From that point on, your empire basically runs itself and you only need to sign in once in a while in order to make purchases and assign upgrades. Then, you release them into the wild again and just wait while money is being made for you in the background.

Jacking Off

You can jack off to this game, period. All right, I’ll get into the details. First up, you’ve got cinematic cutscenes that Cunt Empire pretty much throws at you from the very first second you fire it up. These come with a mini-game during which you have to click on key parts of the chicks while you’re giving them a good dicking and you get points and rewards. These are sort of like chapter endings that wrap up the story, but the story eventually runs dry if you keep playing, so I wouldn’t get too attached to these characters.

The main character is basically the perfect alpha male. All women want him, all men want to be like him and all pornstars are dying to bend over on camera under his wing. At night they also really need his cock, for no reason other than his penis is magic. I’m not kidding; the game actually makes it a point to explain that your dick has time-twisting powers in this game. It’s their way of explaining the fact that you can use real-world money to accelerate time. I’ve never seen a porn game go this far to explain an in-game mechanic, but there it is. Take it or leave it.

At the end of the day, the game is perfectly fap-worthy even without the sex scenes, since you’ve constantly got some famous pornstar either naked or half-naked on screen. On top of that, there are countless fictional pornstars getting dicked six ways to Sunday in order to earn you cash, so you’re free to jack off to that as well. I’m not here to give you stroking instructions, though. The game is free and I think it’s a real blast if you want the kind of smut game you can keep coming back to on the daily. Check it out. You won’t regret it.

PornGames likes Cunt Empire

  • Great graphics
  • Real-world pornstars
  • It’s free to play

PornGames hates Cunt Empire

  • Gets a bit repetitive in late gameplay