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City Of Sin 3D

This right here is one of those porn games where the less said, the better, because there really isn’t much to be said in the first place. I’ll try to be thorough, but I could pretty much summarize this game by saying: City of Sin 3D is to The Sims as Honey Select is to literally any hentai ever made. It’s the western version of a fucking simulator, complete with character creation and literally no other features what-so-ever. There. You now know everything you need to know about City of Sin 3D. But I have to be thorough, or I can’t call myself the best porn game reviewer in the world, so let’s dig into this thing.

Smooth Animations

In a simulation game, graphics are roughly the most important part of the game, second only to animations, sort of. You need both of these to strike a nice balance to keep the player from feeling like he’s fucking around with Barbie dolls. I’ve played some of the older porn simulators out there, and while the models look a lot like those you get in City of Sin, the second they started humping, I got really uncomfortable and turned the game off. Why? Because the camera clipped into their fucking faces and I had to watch two people awkwardly ride each other from the inside of their eyeballs. It was weird and immersion breaking, to say the least.

You get none of that bullshit with this game. They really made sure to polish every corner of every model carefully, and they rigged everything by hand. None of these motions are auto-generated bullshit. It’s not a physics simulator. All the action is very much on a rail, and all the content was programmed by someone who wasn’t a total fucking dumbass. I love that. I love that when I set up two people to doggy style each other, they had the common sense to look for some supports they could hold on to, so they’re not doing it on the edge of a fucking chair. That kind of shit really grinds on me something fierce.

Great Graphics

I mentioned that the models were great, and I stand by that claim. If you like the newer Sims games, you’ll like the models in this game. It’s the exact same style, but with nipples, dicks, and snatches. Simple. The character customization, while very extensive, doesn’t let you morph the characters into inhuman ogre monsters. You can create any human-like character you want, but you can’t break the simulation.

As for the general quality, everything is absolutely up to par. The models are perfectly crafted, colored, and textured. Plus, there’s a ton of environments that were all very carefully crafted to perfection. They’re littered with items that make them seem real. If you’re fucking in a penthouse, you want to feel like you’re in a penthouse. Even if the bed is the only bit of furniture you’re going to be using, you want to see the rest of the place, to feel the vibe of an actual expensive home.

I’d also like to give a quiet nod to whoever was in charge of doing the faces in this game. Porn simulation games are notorious for giving people weird valley vibes. I know I’ve freaked out at a game or two. If their eyes look like deadly weapons that are trying to cut to the bottom of my soul, I am not going to be particularly horny. I will be in the mood to perform an exorcism.

Playing with Dolls

Even though the characters all look like they’re perfectly serviceable fuck toys, this still feels like a game in which you’re lining up G.I. Joe and Barbie in increasingly suggestive sexual positions, then wondering why Joe doesn’t have a penis. Don’t get me wrong; the dudes in this game have dicks – they just don’t feel human, at all. The reason for this is because all of their motions are rigged to the sexual positions that are available for you to play with.

You pick out two people, and you click on a sexual position. You can also choose the environment in which you want them to bang. Finally, you can move them around the room, so they can bang on a chair and on a bed. On the one hand, yay for customizability. On the other hand, this gets boring really quickly. I mean, they’re just pumping into each other over and over again until they fill a cum bar, or until you press the emergency cum button. It doesn’t really say emergency; it just feels like a bailout for me. If you’re bored of waiting, you smash the cum button and get on with your day.

I don’t honestly know what part of this gameplay is the hottest, because I found all of it to be kind of grindy and repetitive. I mean, it didn’t feel like watching people have sex, nor did it feel like I was having simulated sex. Plus, this is an entirely single-player simulator, so I certainly wasn’t doing it with anyone else. It flat out felt like I was playing with plastic toys with realistic genitals. I don’t get the appeal.

Actual Toys to the Rescue

Ironically, this game can be made a lot hotter and a lot less Barbie Vs. Ken, with the introduction of actual toys – sex toys, that is. They support three different male sex toys that integrate with your PC, to get you more involved with the action. Naturally, these don’t let you move around or anything. They’re the kind of sex toys that let you do the pumping yourself, so you don’t have to watch the animation play out automatically.

So, for instance, you can get an armband that monitors your strokes and moves the action on the screen accordingly. In that sense, you’re stroking your virtual cock with your real cock, but on screen, you’re using the chick as a fleshlight. This is probably worlds ahead of the regular gameplay you get with this game, but I haven’t tried it out, so I’m not sure how fap-worthy it makes the game.

Plus, they don’t support any female sex toys, so that’s a real bummer. Chicks want to fap too, you know. I should know. I’ve seen them do it countless times over.

Character Customization

While not the hottest part of the game, this is easily the best part. I find it kind of sad that my favorite part of a porn game was the one part where there was no actual sex being had on screen, but what can I say? The character customization menu in this game is an absolute delight. It’s extremely specific and lets you create damn near any kind of human being you’d like.

So, whether you’d like to create the ultimate Adonis, or a realistic rendition of you, complete with a beer belly, this part of the game’s got you set. Plus, if you use the character creator, you can make custom characters that can be combined in gay scenarios. You can’t mix men with men or women with women if you use the standard built-in characters that come pre-packaged with the game. I’m not entirely sure why they built the game like this. It doesn’t make any sense. But, it’s not like there’s anything wrong with making your own character, so I guess your bases are covered.

I’m not sure who the target audience for this game is, since the character creator is so powerful and specific, but the gameplay is grindy and repetitive. It’s not hard to fap to, but I wouldn’t recommend paying money for a sex simulator that really only has one playthrough’s worth of gameplay. I just don’t see you replaying this game too many times. Even if they were to add new content to it, new sex poses aren’t exactly going to make the game any less repetitive.

As for the sex poses, they’re hot in and of themselves. And, with a sex toy attached to your cock, you might enjoy them all the more. Still, I can’t shake the feeling like this would have been a lot more fun if there was some kind of intermediate gameplay where you earn the sex you see on screen. The chicks will scream out in pleasure moans, but they’re on a loop. Everything is on a loop.

Hell, you would be better off using this game to teach virgins about the various sexual positions they’ve never tried than as fap material. Still, the game has a huge following, and it is very successful, so what do I know. Maybe it’s an absolute gem of pornography, and I’m just out of touch.

PornGames likes City Of Sin 3D

  • Great character creator
  • Perfect modern graphics

PornGames hates City Of Sin 3D

  • It’s really expensive
  • Gameplay is repetitive