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Breeding Season Game

For your information, let me start by saying this, I’ve played and reviewed so many pornographic games already, so I would suspect that almost nothing ever surprises me anymore. However, the Breeding Season proved me wrong, there may be similar titles to this, but this game seemed to make me play it more and more. Anyway, before we start with the review for Breeding Season, let me ask you this question first.

Have you ever played a farming simulator before? Well, of course, you do you little shit. People who haven’t played something like that are the ones who still have their dicks stuck up in their asses. Breeding Season Game is something that might get you addicted as you spend countless hours from breeding. However, this isn’t just any breeding simulator; you’ll live in a world where there are different kinds of sexy creatures to breed and sold to various clients.

A Different Kind Of “Breeder”

In this particular game, breeders make their money in two ways; either by harvesting products from the monsters, or from selling the monsters itself to various clients. However, as a breeder in the game, your character doesn’t only do some pure breeding; it’s also a part of the game that you need to fuck them yourself to improve the monster’s overall statistics. If you can see, it’s actually a win-win situation; monsters get their stats up as you fuck them.

Don’t be fooled by the fucking title of the game, it may look so innocent, but it’s FUCKING NOT! Can you imagine minors trying to search for a similar game online and stumble upon this fucking sex-filled farming simulation? Anyway, this game is a sacrilegious mix of a sex game and a farming simulator. Your role of the game is a breeder, from various creatures such as cat-like girls to harpies, you’ll have the world to choose from.

What You’ll See In The Main Menu

As you start the game, you’ll encounter the most basic menu you’ll ever see, like, seriously? That’s the best that they can come up with? They can create beautifully erotic artwork of women-like creatures fucking others, but they can’t beautify the first thing that a player fucking sees? Anyway, the main menu offers the basic features of every game, such as playing a new game, loading a previously saved game, and the basic settings. And...that’s about it.

The Gameplay

When you finally start a new game of the Breeding Season, you’re then given the liberty to choose the gender that you desire. However, you have to choose wisely as you must pick the right one depending on the fetishes that you have because the outcome of the game would rely entirely on the gender that you’ve chosen. I know the developers are some sexist sons of bitches, but why can’t they fucking create gameplay that doesn’t depend on gender?

What comes after that is the name creation, you’ll have to pick a name for your character, but who the fuck would put a lot of thought on choosing a name for a fucking pornographic game? After that, the next scene would appear as you show up on a train with a picture in your hand, while thinking of all the days that had passed by. But enough of this sentimental shit, you’ll be arriving on the farm sooner than you expect it to be, and that’s where the fun fucking begins.

Anyway, you can actually skip the small talks (the game’s dialogue) to go straight ahead to the part where all the fuckfest begins. Margo, your guide, would introduce herself to you as the manager in the Breeder’s guild, you’ll then be receiving a certificate of ownership for the ranch.

Therefore, you must work hard to run the place like a well-oiled machine; however, you can actually skip all of these parts, which is a massive advantage for all the people who only want to skip to the best part so that they have something to look at when they play with their sloppy little dicks.

A Basic Guide To The Game’s Breeding System

This will only be quick, so open your eyes and pull down your fucking underwear as I’m about to drop some fucking serious knowledge. There are a few modifiers that would affect the overall quality of the creatures that you’ve bred; it would also greatly alter the resulting offspring of the two creatures that you’ve recently bred. Anyway, the modifiers are as follows:

● Level - The level of a monster would increase every time it breeds

● Happiness - The happiness of a monster is distinguished by breeding. If a monster successfully breeds, then it would increase, and it gets rejected, then it would decrease.

● Preferences - They’re not just mindless monsters, after all. They all have their specific preferences on who would they rather mate, I mean, fuck with.

● Statistics - The basic statistics of a monster has its own leveling system, and it would greatly affect the breeding partner’s stats when they’re fucking hard.

The Graphics

To be honest, the overall graphics of Breeding Season is quite generic as the movements and animations of every sex scene is pretty dull and somehow a little bit boring. However, I can’t complain about this game entirely as I actually found myself enjoying the fuck of this game *If you know what I mean. Moreover, It’s actually quite hard to admit that the overall graphics of the game is somehow tolerable, I mean, I can definitely jerk off to this fucking artwork.

The Music

The music is, well… shit. It’s as if the developers hardly put any thought on this game’s overall soundtrack quality. For the other fucking idiots out there who don’t understand what I’m trying to say, well, listen up! The year 2000 was the time when music took over the lives of many. It got to the point that it swerved its way to every industry, from the basic commercials to the major gaming platforms, music was used to immerse viewers in their product.

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

As far as everyone is concerned, the Breeding Season is a medium-sized pornographic game, and while the game is good overall, I don’t think that this is a kind of title that everyone would understand so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, the part where there’s fucking usually comes as you expect it to be. Moreover, I can’t seem to fathom how fucking hot Roxie is; she’s one of the best fuckable characters in the game; however, it’s so fucking hard to fuck her up.

Anyway, there’s quite a bit to talk about when it comes to the improvement of the game. First of all, let me start with the overall graphic quality of the Breeding Season, because this is the most fucking important part of every game, in which in this particular case, every pornographic game. The animations and the movements of the “fucking” scenes are quite generic, as I would deem it to be quite dull and boring.

The other would be the soundtrack quality, you know, I’ve actually fucking noticed that most of the pornographic games have some bullshit soundtrack quality or selection. I mean, what the fuck is up with that? Did the fucking developers forget about the most important part of a game? When, in this particular case, a pornographic game? Seriously! Get your head out of your ass! I don’t want to fucking jerk off to this game while the music fucking turns me off.


I’ve spent more time in the Breeding Season Game than what I initially intended to do, and I’m so fucking happy about it, which is why I’m quite certain that you’re going to enjoy this game too. Moreover, to summarize most of it, the game has a smooth interface with good artwork and gameplay, not to mention that it has a save feature. Can you fucking imagine playing this game and end up doing it all over again if you fuck something up?

Just like any other farming or breeding simulator, it’s actually quite addictive. It’s like when you start playing; you’ll be having a difficult time to stop as there’s a lot of nude erotic creatures to choose from for breeding. Not to mention that you get to fuck them. Even though the game was once a huge success in Patreon, it got canceled, and the developers terminated their support for the Breeding Season Game, it’s still available for download over the internet.

PornGames likes Breeding Season Game

  • 4

PornGames hates Breeding Season Game

  • Great graphics
  • The erotic artwork is quite good
  • Playing it is easier than expected
  • Various creatures to choose from
  • Surprisingly addictive
  • There’s literally boobs everywhere
  • Thank goodness
  • there’s a save feature