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Bloodlust Cerene

Hello, motherfucker! Say hello to my horny little friend, And no, this isn't just any other site that you might stumble across from time to time, this is a pornographic site, bitches! If you're scouring the internet for the best porn movies of all time, then this is the best place to go to. However, the pornographic movies that site exhibits are not what you expect to see normally on a porn site. If you haven't guessed what I'm trying to say, then you're really one dense mother fucker, aren't you? Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that the porn movies here are all animated.

But wait, that's not the best part. Since animated porn aren't real people fucking each other (duh! That's why it's called animated), then you would only expect to see in the animations all of your deepest, darkest, most erotic fantasies come to life. But wait! That's not the best-best part! The porn animations are all perfectly made with an immersive 3D experience; it's like it's the closest thing to real-life porn content. However, we're not here to talk about the site itself; we are here to review a particular movie on the site, Bloodlust Cerene: Royal Descent. So, without further ado, let's get on with this fucking review.

What To Expect In

Before anything else, let me just talk about the overall quality of as you initially open it. Why? Simply because you can really expect a lot from the particular content depending on the website it came from. Imagine this, if the website is complete bullshit, would you expect it to have top-notch contents? No, of course. Anyway, the site is fucking incredible as you're immediately bombarded with their massive collection of porn animations.

Moreover, also has a couple of features right of the bat. One of which is the "New" feature, in which you'll be able to see all of the site's new releases on their contents such as Blogs & Stories, Images, Videos & GIFs, and the latest store releases. Aside from that, the strongest feature that this site has is its outstanding community. Well, you didn't expect a fucking pornographic site to have an online community, didn't you? You should fucking get out more. It's fucking 2021 already, faggot.

What Is Bloodlust Cerene

From the porn studio that brought you 3D pornographic animations, Bloodlust Cerene is a new animated series that is set in a fantasy world full of dark and seductive vampires, a headstrong prince, and noble dutches. The first chapter is already available, but we're not gonna review all of the fucking series as we only came here to judge the overall quality of a particular episode, which is the Royal Descent chapter.

Bloodlust Cerene Royal Descent is the second episode of the animated series as it starts where the first episode left off. Tristan has been dispatched and is left alone with a beautiful dutchess called Sophia, of course, along with the Vampire Cerene. As you expect from a fucking horny vampire, she uses her magic to fucking transform herself into a FUCKING SHEMALE! Cerene doesn't want to get fucked anymore; she wants to be the one to do the penetrating.

My First Impressions

Let's get this out of my chest; I've made a huge fucking mistake watching this on a Monday morning when there's a lot of things that I have to finish by the end of the day. The bottom line is that Bloodlust Cerene is beautifully made, as I also find the main character to be quite appealing. Moreover, hats off to the fucking creators of the movie as they made the sex scenes so fucking hot! Sophia and Cerene take turns in filling each of their holes.

A Beautiful Vampire Driven By Fucking

Similar to the first episode of Bloodlust Cerene, the overall graphic quality is fucking awesome. Despite only having a single location all throughout the movie, it's definitely not the deal-breaker as this episode is filled with fun-fucking-tastic sex scenes exhibiting many positions, in which it includes deepthroat, grinding, boob jobs, the piledriver, and so much more. It's not often that you get to witness an animated movie about two dickgirls fucking each other to their heart's content.

Ever heard of "futas"? No? Well, go look it up. Anyway, if you happen to like futas, then I can guarantee that you're going to enjoy this Bloodlust Cerene. The main character is a vampire that craves sex all the fucking time. In the first episode, she's already beaten Tristan; then, she's left with the erotically beautiful duchess Sophia. After having her way with Tristan, Cerene wants Sophia to be her new sex toy. Thus her transformation into a shemale begins.

You Should Definitely Watch This

In my honest opinion, Bloodlust Cerene is just about as good as it gets. This 3-Dimensional adventure story is almost an hour-long, not to mention that it was made with the highest quality in mind, you can say that the creators of Bloodlust Cerene definitely didn't fucking slack off. Regardless if you're a straight man or woman, you'll definitely love the story if you love sex.

Moreover, the movie is set in a medieval age, in which it's quite popular when it comes to fantasies, on top of that, you can even watch this with your significant other and I can still fucking guarantee that this would turn them on too. Think of it as a new type of foreplay before you fuck each other. In general, Bloodlust Cerene Royal Descent is definitely worth wasting your money and your time on if you're looking for some good 3D adventure fantasy movie.

Do you know what the best part is? It's in a file format that almost all of the devices would play. Whether it's an old television, your car's entertainment system, or your phone, the movie can be played anywhere with anyone you like.

What I Like About Bloodlust Cerene: Royal Descent

There are so many things that I like about the Bloodlust Cerene series, especially the Royal Descent episode. First of all, each movie is actually more than 30 minutes long. Can you imagine that? A porn animation where the creators really paid attention to minor and major details, and they even made it 30+ minutes long, not to mention that there's a whole fucking series of it.

The graphics of the animation is on a league of its own; this is the part where you finally realize that the price of a single episode is justified by what you actually get in return. Aside from the characters that are actually fucking hot to look at, the storyline is also quite alluring, as it's not just any other porn movie that disregards the story just to fill it with sex. Furthermore, if you're asking me how fucking sexy is Bloodlust Cerene Royal Descent, then I would answer "to the fucking extreme."

My Recommendations To Improve Bloodlust Cerene: Royal Descent

I know, I know, the animation is quite spectacular, but I can't help but complain about one little thing. Fapping into animated fantasies is amazing and all, but do they really need to have a single location? Do you feel me? Oh, you don't? Fucking wait as I will explain this to you in a way that a fucking toddler can understand. The whole fucking episode is set in a single room where Cerene and the others do their dirty pleasures. I mean, come on, of course, I want to see some extensive fucking, but I still want it to have an intriguing storyline. If you're wondering why I didn't complain about the price, it's because the content that you're going to get is fucking amazing. Phew! Talk about value for money!


To conclude, Bloodlust Cerene: Royal Descent had an unexpected cliffhanger for an ending, but I can't really say that it's bad because cliffhangers could only mean that there are more episodes to come. The animation and the quality of the graphics are quite amazing, not to mention that Bloodlust Cerene is basically a full-blown production of porn as each episode is over half an hour in running time.

Being able to watch this beautiful animation requires you to pay a hefty price for it. However, if you're wondering if the quality of the content justifies the price, then yes, yes it fucking does. Creating an animation this detailed and this long, especially a pornographic one, requires countless hours and effort, even more than producing a live-action one. To be honest, after I finished watching the animation, I was actually surprised as to why this isn't more expensive. Overall, Bloodlust Cerene: Royal Descent is one hell of a porn animation.

PornGames likes Bloodlust Cerene

  • 3-D Animated movie
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Erotically hot characters
  • 30+ Minutes of animated goodness
  • Guarantees to make you cum

PornGames hates Bloodlust Cerene

  • It's quite expensive