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Role-playing games have always helped people live out their fantasies. The Dungeons and Dragons nerds stand up to orcs instead of the jocks who bully them; the Fallout freaks get to pretend all the normies are dead and their superior intellect and toughness has kept them alive; and the World of Warcraft crowd gets to imagine leaving the house and interacting with other humanoids. Then you’ve got AssDiction, for dudes who have always wanted to do butt stuff with mom.

AssDiction is a web-based RPG of mommy/son incest. It was released a couple of years ago but is still popular thanks to its taboo storyline and erotic 3D art. You can play it for free at GamCore, where it’s been played nearly half a million times.

AssDiction: An Addiction to Ass

I have to admit; I love the title of this game. It sounds like some shit that would have had your friends rolling around on the ground, nearly dying of laughter, shortly after you guys grew pubes and discovered weed. If you’ve clung on to that juvenile sense of humor, as I have, you should probably start using the word in your daily conversations. Bust it out at your AA meeting and pretend it was a Freudian slip.

I’m hoping the title is accurate, too. What we have here is a portmanteau, a combination of two words: ass and addiction. If this game doesn’t revolve heavily around an insatiable appetite for butt stuff, I’m going to be sorely disappointed. The CG MILF on the menu screen already has me hard with her luscious, round booty, and I’d like to see it come fully out of the panties.

The designer’s Patreon link flashes on the screen before the game starts, so I gave it a peek. AssDiction is by Inceton, who also created Echoes of Lust. Despite the fact these guys give out their games for free, they’ve got a shit-ton of patrons pledging them a monthly donation. That says a lot about the quality of their work.

The game opens with some mysterious dialog on a black screen, with no visual clues given who is speaking.

“Okay, then. But, don’t forget what I told you! Butt only!”

“Thanks for doing this, MOM!”

Then we fade into a top-down view you’ll be familiar with if you play a lot of RPG Maker porn games. If you were hoping to jerk off to the sprites, you’re probably out of luck unless you have a fetish for pixels.

Our hero is writing erotica in his bedroom, but it’s too hot, so he goes downstairs. That’s where shit gets a lot more interesting. He sees his mom at the kitchen counter, and as soon as you walk over to the doorway, a much more realistic, 3D version of the MILF shows up on the screen.

Mom is a Classy Bitch

Mom is a classy bitch, and I can see why dude falls for her. The very first time we see her, aside from the title screen, she’s bent over a table in really sexy underwear. She’s not even cooking anything, as far as I can tell. Sometimes hot women with great asses just like to bend over things, I guess.

My fears about the unfappable sprites were unfounded. As my mom climbed up onto the table for some reason, I knew this game was going to have plenty of content to shake my dick at. Goddamn, this is in the very first minute of the game!

The action isn’t animated, instead offering a subtly different CG render and bit of dialog with each click. Mom wiggles around on the table for a while, and I just gawk at her with a boner. I still can’t tell what she’s doing besides looking sexy.

My first choice in the game is whether to keep watching or go to my room. I’d already been up there, and it was boring, so it was an easy choice to make. I kept staring at that luscious mommy ass.

Then she turned around, saw my boner, and looked so disgusted I never tried again. Game over. Damn, I always come on too strong in these games!

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

I had to start all over again. This time I went to my bedroom when given the opportunity. This didn’t stop more CG images of mom from popping on the screen as he lays there jacking off.

As we look at the cougar from various angles, the on-screen inner dialog goes on and on about the shit he’d like to do to her. He wants to shove his face between her butt cheeks and tongue her ass for hours, then stick his dick between her cheeks and rub her asshole. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see some of that action later in the game.

The next morning I ate breakfast, and then the game sent me back to my bedroom yet again. I was about to get annoyed by the tedium, but then my mom appeared on the stairs, wearing a tiny skirt that exposed her pink panties.

As with the table sequence, this one plays out with a bunch of different CG poses as dialog and thoughts scroll by. Mom is apparently oblivious to the fact that she’s wearing a really slutty skirt and tries to hold a normal conversation, but it’s difficult with a boner.

Our dude’s stiffy almost brushes against his mom during a hug, and he ends up slinking off to his room to keep fantasizing her. A lot of the game is text on a bare black screen as he thinks about butt-fucking his mom.

Mom, Can I Talk to You?

The next morning, I asked mom if we could have a talk. I told her about how I saw her and gawked at her, and how I’m always fantasizing about her now. I really don’t think any of it should have come as a surprise, especially considering she was just lounging around on the living room couch in her underwear.

I really don’t want to spoil anything for you. You might think that coming out to your mom as a motherfucker would really alter the dynamic between the two of you, but I’m not sure it does here. She takes it really well. You’ll have to play through to see how well.

I laughed a little when I found out that initial eye-fucking had happened while he stood at the doorway to the bathroom and not the kitchen. I guess that would explain why she was in her underwear, but not why she was leaning over… something. A big bathroom table? Are you having dinner in there?

The lo-fi graphics are one of the main limitations of that RPG Maker style. While the CG mom in the overlay/cutscene bits looks realistic, the top-down gameplay parts aren’t anything special to look at.

I’m not sure that matters, though. The “gameplay” seems like it’s largely a formality. I only played through a few days of the game, but the storyline seemed like it was on rails. I had places to be and plot points to get to, and the game was just going to push me in that direction. I didn’t feel like there were a lot of choices to be made.

There are only a few seconds of RPG walking from room to room between the sex and dialog scenes, which play out in CG stills. These parts are the real meat of the game, even though the overall interactivity level is pretty minimal. This is a game for people looking for a story and some 3D porn to look at more than people looking for a real challenge.

AssDiction’s a story-driven RPG about the love between a young man and his really hot mom with a perfect ass, and the lengths they go to express that love. It starts off pretty fucking kinky and ramps up pretty quickly from there, so you incest fans are going to love it. The game is free to play on the web, so you can be staring at your mom’s ass in the next couple of minutes.

PornGames likes Assdiction

  • Free incest RPG
  • Web-based
  • Hot cgi milf graphics
  • Sexy taboo storyline

PornGames hates Assdiction

  • Minimal decision-making
  • Weak rpg maker pixel graphics
  • No animations or sounds