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Artificial Academy 2

So I just started playing Artificial Academy 2 and holy fucking shit… This game has blown my mind almost as much as I have blown my load all over my pc. This is a fucking masterpiece of a game. Remember those childhood fantasies about watching your favorite anime characters making out and fucking? Well, this game has all that for you and more!

Artificial Academy 2, is basically at its core, a hentai porn game. Illusion Co. has come up with a porn marvel with this one right here. Here I thought that Illusion Co. was starting to fall off the map after releasing porn games that weren’t doing it for me then all of a sudden they come up with this. Boy, was I wrong about that company falling apart?

Sex, Sex, Sex Everywhere!

Artificial Academy 2 or AA 2, for short, is what I call a “High School Drama Porn Simulator.” I tried the game out of curiosity, and I never realized how much I wanted this kind of play in my sad, lonely life. I never fucking looked back. The game has driven me crazy with its unique user interface. Think about your favorite anime characters back then, but add a couple of thousand tweaks but hornier. That’s what you get after creating a character with a unique class and year. Naming them doesn’t do much in the game for you, but I would say that it gets plus points for a nice touch.

The game is a highly customizable and addictive game from the start. You start things with creating a school, identifying the class year, and a class number. You can then pick the clubs and finally begin to formulate the class roster. You can load the list with premade characters (including the teacher, yes, the fucking hentai teacher) OR take part in customizing character maker and creating a unique hentai anime sim.

One thing about the character creator It is fucking magnificent. It gives you shitloads of options to choose from. From types of hair and different personalities and traits, you’ll surely be delighted in creating your own high school 3d hentai mod. You can make characters hetero or homo. The game is a free-for-all for all you weird cucks out there. From lesbian/gay characters to bi but leaning towards hetero to leaning towards homo and all the other rocket science descriptions out there, this game has got it all for your high school hentai fantasy.

AA2 Is A 3D Hentai Simulator For Building Relationships

It is true that Artificial Academy 2 is a porn game built for masturbation. What the game doesn’t show you is that you get an opportunity to try and build relationships. While it may be a fact that the game’s AI would go crazy over your character, (and yes, the game’s AI are packed in a boatload of hentai anime characters), I still had to build and work towards being able to fuck every single one of them. It is also interesting that the personality traits from the character creation can influence my character’s interactions with other in-game characters.

I won’t lie and pretend I was able to resist the game’s character creation. It was simply too interesting for me. I was able to create a character that appealed to me. After creation, then came the roster of the class. I didn’t really bother to individually create all characters because I was in such a masturbatory and curious mood that I just had to load all the pre-made characters. From all the character attitudes to the traits, the game basically had me in an anime blur from all the excitement that was building up.

I was amazed by the way the pre-made characters had the most spot-on character creations; they already had their unique traits and attitudes. After the character creation, it was time for me to get on with the game and finally interact with others and try to prowl for the romance I craved. Each day consisted of the morning, day, and afternoon. Each period is around 20 real-time minutes, and to be honest, I wasn’t able to pay attention to the time; that’s how much I enjoyed the game and the interactions.

Graphically speaking, the game is okay to look at. AA2 had the generic background which was pre-drawn and the characters moving around was quite charming to look at. There’s also generic background music that would be playing while you explore. Trust me; you’ll never look at porn again without that background music playing in your head. I was basically humming it while taking a piss for almost a month!

The interactions have a wide array of variety. I saw one character getting dumped and one character being rejected. I felt like it was a whole new alternate reality for me with all the high school drama around me. I was really amused by the way that my character interacted with other characters. I was able to somewhat engage in small talk and topics about boning her. Each choice that I made influenced the chance of it working or failing. It all came together to the following. The game has a formula of like and dislike, love, and hate.

The Story: There Is No Story

Like what I have said, the game is about interactions! There is no fucking story! You get to control your destiny in this game. From everything that my character did with each interaction, It was me deciding all of it! I had a blast with the game’s idea. It brought me to a sort of dating website, and anime hentai merged into one amazing, the masterpiece of a game.

There was no formula on ways my character could get to fuck another character; it was just my skillful choice on picking the right selections for my interactions.

I can vouch that the game was right on not placing a storyline. It could have simply ruined the experience of the game for me. I feel that me enforcing my fucking will on that fucking high school was the best thing that happened to me. I had the chance to be chased by every girl on the roster! Heck, even the teacher was after me! How could a storyline possibly live up to that?

What I Like About The Game

I really found the character creation part fun. It was 50% character creation and 50% interactions and fucking. Character creation just because it had thousands of combinations I was able to choose from. I also liked how well the game looked graphically. It definitely passed like a game that I could masturbate to whenever I feel lonely and in the mood for NSFW interactions if you know what I mean.

Another aspect I found interesting was the different formulas of personality and traits and how well my character was able to work his way into successfully fucking all of them. I had the time of my life, to be honest. I really had fun boning this teacher I had in my class, just reminds me of the good old fun I used to imagine towards my teacher... If you’re looking for some good old high school drama and fucking, I can vouch for you on this one. This game is a masterpiece. It should be hung up on the history of porn’s hall of fame.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

To be honest, I really did not see anything that I did not like about the game. The game seemed like a fucking porn masterpiece for me. My dick would call me a liar if I said that I did not enjoy this game. I probably enjoyed it more than I should have. If there is any flaw in the game that I saw, It’s perhaps the characters with the evil personality. Who the fuck wants to masturbate to any character that has a wicked personality. It’s like my character bumped into this evil fucker and threatened to fucking kill me. Seriously, It’s too much for a porn game.

Although that flaw was present, it was a rare occurrence. I think that Illusion Co. has created it out of the belief that it may stimulate their audience more? Maybe it did, I really don’t fucking know, but it did not work for me. Nope, not at fucking all.

My Conclusion

Overall, Artificial Academy 2 was a pleasant game to play, in my opinion. I was able to feel what it is like to be chased by my fellow students. Even my teacher, my teacher of all people! I found the interactions such as small-talk, confess, and asking them out on dates a new experience, and the game had me doing all of these to dozens of characters!

I really enjoyed how it was setup. I feel like this game is a perfect match for me. Seriously, I was getting hard from the small talks alone.

PornGames likes Artificial Academy 2

  • There’s plenty of choices in terms of who to fuck
  • I’d have to work my way into fucking them
  • It’s very easy to navigate
  • Respectable graphics
  • Enticing anime women
  • The game AI seems to be a good substitute for a real woman
  • The game loads without a hitch

PornGames hates Artificial Academy 2

  • The characters with evil traits