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Android Adult! Strap yourselves in, boys and girls. If you’re an android user and a pervert, then boy, have I got the website for you? AndroidAdult is a type of website that I honestly haven’t seen nearly as much as I’d like to. It’s a variant of a trendy format of sites where you get to download free porn games. They don’t host the games on the site; they just have previews, reviews, screenshots, and download links. So, in other words, they’re curating the games for you. Now, I have seen that before, but what I haven’t seen is an entire site dedicated to bringing you nothing but Android games, with a strong focus on emulated and ported porn games that weren’t made for Android, to begin with.

Most high-quality porn games that are currently making a killing on the market are made in Ren’Py. I won’t get too technical, I promise, but this is important information. Ren’Py is a simple game engine that can export games to different platforms, including but not limited to Android. So, many developers who don’t give a shit about Android have used Ren’Py to make PC games. Then, some devoted fans get together and port the games over to mobile quite easily because Ren’Py is compatible with Android. Just like that, you’ve got yourself a ton of porn games that weren’t made for Android but work perfectly on Android.

The final question on your mind should be: But where do I find such Android porn games? Well, right here on AndroidAdult. That’s what this site is here for.

<h3>The Ported-Over Triple-A Titles</h3>

I see a ton of porn games right on AndroidAdult’s home page that I recognize from previous reviews, and they’re all PC games. However, they’ve all officially been ported fully to Android. I’m seeing Milfy City and Good Girl Gone Bad on here. Do you have any idea how important those games are? Hell, they’ve even got Being a DIK on here. If you haven’t played that game, stop reading this review, and go play it, then come back. It’s important. I’ll wait.

If you haven’t picked up what I’m putting down yet, these are very important porn games because they’re the pinnacle of perfection. They’re proper 10s. They’re hotter than 99% of all recorded pornography. You know I don’t just throw these kinds of statements around. I mean it. These games are damn fine pieces of art. So, be grateful that you now have a website dedicated to bringing all of them to your phone. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, they went out of their way to properly compress these bad boys, so you could easily have the top 10 all-time best porn games on your phone all at the same time. You could take your morning dumps with a side order of scrolling your Instagram feed, or you could play some of the most fantastic porn games ever known to humanity. It’s your choice.


<h3>Better on Mobile</h3>

Funnily enough, most of these PC games are actually quite better on mobile screens. You probably know this already, but mobile screens are roughly the same resolution as PC screens, on average. You’ve got the HD standard, with 1440p and 4K slowly creeping in. Anyway, my point is that a significantly smaller screen with the same resolution as your desktop will look much better because those countless pixels are crammed in tighter than a nun’s vagina. This is far from the ideal setup for playing Counter-Strike. In action games, you need extra screen space so you can see finer details. But, most of these porn games are works of art, and art is better enjoyed on smaller screens in larger pixel densities. These games are going to look astounding on your phone. They’re going to look like they were made with phones in mind, initially. I guarantee that.

So here I go, making a bold but controversial statement: Even though PC gaming is the best kind of gaming, mobile porn gaming is the law when it comes to high-quality indie porn games. Most of these games have simple controls and no fast-paced action. Plus, wouldn’t you want to tap your finger onto the actual vaginas instead of using your mouse? It’s more personable, I think. It feels like you’re making a connection with the bitches on the screen. I’ve always been a sucker for innovations that let us take our porn on the go. I have nothing but old Playboys and porn comics on my eBook device. If you’re a mobile-loving son of a bitch like me, get on AndroidAdult right the fuck now.

<h3>Old and New Releases</h3>

AndroidAdult is well-maintained, with new games being added every single day. But, you’ll notice that the majority of the games on the homepage are over three years old. There’s a very good reason for that. These games, especially those I already mentioned by name, are considered top 10s in the porn gaming community. They’re going to float to the top no matter what. Plus, games like Milfy City get updates every single day. That game is very old, yes, but it’s far from reaching 1.0. So, in other words, it’s an old game that’s simultaneously the newest available game, if you count the latest updates.

This site does a great job at bringing you the latest and greatest porn games right as they become available. Granted, there’s a bit of a gap between the PC release date and the Android port, but given that it’s not that hard, it happens pretty quickly. Besides, they’ve got the complete first season of Being a DIK on here. That game alone is enough to keep an entire website afloat, trust me. Play it; you’ll see what I mean.

<h3>Great Design</h3>

AndroidAdult is one of the most straightforward websites I’ve ever seen in my entire life. They’ve got five main buttons on the top part of the screen. There’s the home page, which features a random smattering of recommended games the community has been buzzing about in the past 24 hours. Then, there’s a section for complete games if you don’t want to play a pre-alpha and wait for the next patch. Next up, there’s the RPGM section for games made in RPG Maker.

This can be a bit complicated for newbies, but it works something like this: RPGM games have shit gameplay, but they usually come with a ton of worthwhile cinematics. Developers have been using RPGM for over two decades now because it’s that easy to code in. However, they’re slowly phasing it out in lieu of Ren’Py, and a ton of RPGM games have already been re-released in Ren’Py, just to get as far away from RPGM as possible.

On the flip side, a lot of people love RPGM games with a passion. So, the section is beneficial. It’s a great way to find RPGM games and stay away from them. It’s your choice. The next button on the site leads to the popular section, where you can be reminded yet again that Milfy City is the most popular porn game of all time for some reason. Don’t get me wrong; I agree that it’s a top ten contender. I just don’t understand how a perpetually unfinished porn game is many people’s number 1 choice. Anyways, moving on.

<h3>Top Shelf, Bottom Shelf</h3>

I’ve seen other websites like AndroidAdult, and they all seem to have the same approach to game curation. They get their hands on pretty much every single game that they can find. On this site, that means that if a porn game exists and it runs on Android, well, you can find it here. They’re still pushing the best games to the top so you can find them easier, but if you go digging into the latter results pages, you’ll find some janky indie shit that is barely hot enough to jerk off to.

Personally, I applaud this approach. Not all porn games are created equal, but all porn games deserve to be fapped to. If I were a porn game developer, I wouldn’t want my game to be forgotten. So, by all means, check out AndroidAdult and their vast selection of games <strong>Bookmark the site and come back for more if you’re into regular mobile porn gaming</strong>. This is one of those top-notch websites that I hold in high esteem, just because there’s no complication to using them. The site is neat, cute, well-organized, and fun to browse. You’ll find countless hours of fun on AndroidAdult. That’s a guarantee.

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