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AI Shoujo

Ah, fuck yes, yet another Illusion game. From the geniuses that brought you RapeLay, Honey Select and VR Kanojo, comes Project-I, now known as AI Shoujo. It’s… well, it’s a Japanese porn game. Illusion has made it clear that they want to dominate the 3D gaming market with actual 3D gameplay. So, no pre-rendered cutscenes here like you’re used to seeing in western indie productions. No, this game was made by a full-fledged action studio with a lot of money and time on their hands. On the downside, they do cut costs by reusing the same goddamn engine for their past ten games or so. I’m damn sure that AI Shoujo is just a Honey Select reskin with some new features, but hey, they added a lot of stuff. It’s worth checking out.

The reviews for this game are kind of all over the place. Some praise the openness of the gameplay. It’s an open-world game, properly and without excuses. It actually delivers on what it promises. But, there are those who complain about the open-world gameplay not being done right. I tried diving into this bad boy myself to see what the big deal is. There was a lot to unpack here. There is definitely a game inside AI Shoujo and there is also definitely porn. But, I wouldn’t exactly call it a porn game. We need to dive into some specific details for that.

<h3>A New Concept</h3>

You are a guy who is dating a girl and you’re also stuck on a tropical island together. There are other inhabitants around, but for the most part, you spend your time trying to get inside your girlfriend’s panties. Hell, you don’t even get to call her your girlfriend unless you earn that right. The point is, you go around doing all kinds of open-world tasks to get her to like you enough to take your cock in her ass. And even then, I’m not sure anal exists in this game. I didn’t get that far into the gameplay.

What I do know is that this game branched off a bit from the repetitive gameplay of Honey Select and VR Kanojo. Those games were mostly about the sucking and fucking. Over and over again, you’d just dick girls until you cum and then do it again the next day when you forget how bored you are when you play those games. They didn’t have a fun core gameplay loop, since they were basically porn generation games. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Some people really like setting up their own scenes and jacking off.

Plus, it kind of gives you the illusion of a harem of your own making, without forcing you to play through a story or do any quests. You jump into those games and you fuck babes. That’s it. AI Shoujo is different, way different.

<h3>The Core Gameplay</h3>

You run around the island doing all kinds of survival gameplay tasks, like making a campfire and fishing. So, what the fuck does any of this have to do with porn gaming? Very little, I’d say. But, you do get laid in the end, provided you do everything right. You see, every girl in this game has her own little quirks and preferences. You get to decide who to play the game with at the start and then the story unfolds. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fast track through the game. You have to actually do what she wants, over and over again, until she warms up to you.

Now, I’m no stranger to this kind of logic. Hentai games pretty much pioneered the whole approach. You run errands for a bitch, listen to her talk about her feelings and eventually, she takes her clothes off. She pretends she doesn’t want it, but she does. She just needs to squeeze some value out of you first. Remember, it’s not prostitution if no money exchanges hands. It doesn’t matter that she’s wasting your time and time is money. You get the pussy in the end, though.

My problem with AI Shoujo is that the tasks you run belong in Zelda games and Minecraft. You run around the beach collecting sea critters and figuring out ways to cook fish. This isn’t… fun and it’s not quick, either. You are literally building a relationship here. It’s faster than real life, but not by much. If you don’t actually enjoy the core gameplay loop, then this game is not the porn game for you. I wish there was a way to make the game super-fast, without removing the errands completely. Now that would be satisfying. Catch one fish, cook it, get anal. That’s a core gameplay loop I can get behind. Instead, I’m out here doing tasks for hours.

<h3>Current-Gen Graphics</h3>

It’s hot. The game is proper next-gen sexy. It’s got those state of the art graphics you shell out the big bucks for. The graphics are definitely worth every penny. They mostly make do by shading the fuck out of everything, but it just works. It’s easy to make a great looking beach with a jungle behind it if you just squeeze the fucking maximum out of people’s graphics cards. Speaking of which, this game requires at least a GTX 700 series graphics card. You can get one of those for less than $20 these days, so it’s not like you have to go above and beyond to run the game. It just goes to show you that this is a proper 3D title, without any cut corners.

Every bit of the game was clearly crafted with care. All the models and assets look like they could fit just as well in the newest Final Fantasy. This is primo Japanese game development right here. I also like that the game supports high resolutions. I think it’ll go as far as your screen, regardless of how crazy you want to get with it. They’re using a proper game engine for this one, boys.

If you’re expecting lifelike photorealism, though, this game will absolutely not deliver. They’re going the plastic route. Everything looks doll-like. The girls are dolls; you’re a doll, the jungle is… well, the jungle looks real at least. But still, AI Shoujo is a 3D hentai game; it’s far from realistic. That being said, it’s several times more realistic than some of Illusion’s other work like Koikatsu Party. That game straight up looks like a cartoon. These babes are a lot closer to real women. Well, they were, before I inflated their breasts to watermelon size. Speaking of…

<h3>Character Customization</h3>

It’s an Illusion game. Of course, the hottest feature is going to be the character creation menu. You can customize yourself and the girls that you play with. You can also play as a girl, so there’s fun to be had there too. Unfortunately, I don’t see a trans girl option, which is kind of sad. But hey, you can have hot scissor action, so that’s neat.

The character creation is extremely detailed, but the most important part by far are the breast size sliders. You can make them as large or as tiny as you’d like. You can change their shape, direction, weight and even their nipple size. The world is your oyster when you’re creating the perfect waifu in AI Shoujo. The game comes with a few girls already available by default, but you’re free to make one from scratch. You can have as many as you want. Ideally, they want you to replay this game with different babes.

There are also personality options for the girls, so that the playthrough is different. My personal recommendation is that you make a girl who’s an absolute cock slut, a pervert. The thing I find most irresistible in a woman is my penis. She should find it irresistible too. So I recommend that you cram that bad boy so far up her ass that you have her burping cum for a week.

<h3>My Conclusion</h3>

It’s a great game with a lot of potential, but the core gameplay is boring as hell if you don’t like long, drawn-out open-world survival quests with no actual smut. You have to get through a lot of boring parts to get to the fucking and sucking. It’s not worth it if you’re just in it for the fap. If you just want to jack off, go with any of Illusion’s other games. Seriously. They’re all much faster than this.

AI Shoujo is more of an ambitious role-playing pet simulator survival game, like Pokémon, but with sluts. If that sounds like your cup of tea, by all means, check it out. Don’t forget to look up custom mods for the game that make it all the more adult, especially if you buy the Steam version.

PornGames likes AI Shoujo

  • Great graphics
  • Fully customizable babes
  • Hot sex scenes

PornGames hates AI Shoujo

  • Smutless core gameplay