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3D Sex Villa 2

Strap yourselves in, lads, it’s time to review a legendary porn game. 3D Sex Villa 2 Ever Lust is one of those porn games that comes out and gives you everything you ever asked for, and you wonder what you did to deserve it. This is the kind of high-quality 3D gaming that we dreamed about for almost two decades before 3D Sex Villa rolled up on the scene and showed us that yes, it is possible. – It just takes a really long fucking time to develop. Men develop slower than women; porn games develop slower than regular games. It’s just how nature works. That’s why it took an absurdly long time for porn gaming to catch up to proper online 3D multiplayer, but in the early 2000s, 3D Sex Villa got us on the right track.

Setting Some Standards

Back then, this game looked like ass, because most 3D games looked like ass. We were used to it. People’s faces looked terrifying, and kind of pasted on, and their movements gave off serious marionette vibes. But 3D Sex Villa had a job to do, and by golly, they weren’t about to be stopped by technological constraints. They pushed through, even though their game looked like a naked version of The Sims. But, unlike The Sims, this game always had online multiplayer. Ever since day one, this game’s been letting you have virtual sex with strangers on the internet until you’re blue in the face.

Virtual sex is never going to stop being a controversial topic, and while the debaters of the world try to come to an agreement, games like 3D Sex Villa are making the big bucks. As long as there are going to be horny people, this game’s going to have a fan base. Whether you plan to meet someone in-game or you’re in a long-distance relationship, and you’d like to get down and dirty with your boo, this game has you covered. It had a ton of content when it first came out, so you can imagine what it looks like now, after a million updates.

The Modern Sex Villa

The game’s changed so much; it’s insane. Oh, don’t worry, they kept all the core gameplay exactly as it was before. They just managed to cram the game so full of features that the splash page now reads like an unbelievable joke. But it’s not a joke; they’re being 100% serious with this shit. Let me just read out some of these stats for you. Fifty-nine thousand models, 32 thousand movies, 17 thousand pieces of clothing and get this, 71 thousand unique sexual positions.

Now, I’ve had sex more than 71 thousand times, but I’d be lying if I said I had any idea what the fuck they’re talking about. 71 thousand unique positions? I mean, I guess, if you’re playing human Tetris with like twelve people and a goat. I’m not here to complain, though. These numbers are from the heart, and I know that these people really care about their game, so I’ve got no complaints.

On top of that, the part that they don’t really boast about verbally is how amazing the game looks now. They’ve given it an overhaul or two over the years, and the game now makes use of modern technological advancements. The graphics straight-up look great now. They won’t be winning any awards any time soon, but they’re serviceable, which is more than what I can say about some of this game’s competition.

Fucking Strangers

You can use this game to fuck your significant other just fine, but let’s indulge the lonely loners out there and talk about stranger danger a little bit. There is no stranger danger on 3D Sex Villa. There, I said it. This game does such a great job of creating a wholesome and welcoming environment that you never really get assaulted, insulted, or even mildly annoyed. If you don’t want to have sex with someone, they just move on with their lives. There’s plenty of fish on these serves.

Finding the right person for you won’t be very hard, especially if you’re deep in role-playing. Now, you should probably remember that what you see in-game has nothing to do with what these people might be like in real life. If you want to make friends and maybe take the virtual sex a bit closer to home, well… don’t do that. Nine out of ten times, that super-hot blonde with the huge tits is going to be a fat dude in disguise. You are better off not knowing that and just fucking on. Don’t bring the game world into the real world. The beauty of 3D Sex Villa is that it stays within your computer permanently. Once you want to break the fantasy, you turn the game off, and that’s that. No muss, no fuss. It’s sex in a box, and you can crack it open any time you want.

Boys, Their Toys and Feminine Ploys

This game lets you fuck whoever you want; however you want, plain and simple. You can mix and match any way you’d like, but it’s nice that you don’t have to settle for a character you don’t like. You can modify your in-game persona to look any way you want them to. They can be male, female, transgender; it’s up to you.

There’s also a ton of clothing and tool customization both inside and outside the bedroom. But my favorite part of the collections has got to be the sex toys. There’s just so many of them. There’s really no limit to the different types of dildos and butt plug designs. And they just keep coming up with new ones.

Between these countless toy items, clothes, and even environments, you’re not going to have the same-sex twice. Plus, the community for this game’s so crazy that if you ever run out of ideas, the forums will definitely have your back. It’s kind of like they’re constantly trying to figure out more perverted ways to have fun with strangers on the internet.

Oh, and you can also use the forums to meet new people to fuck in-game. Even though the game is technically built around the idea of you being able to find people within the virtual world, there’s nothing wrong with using the forums too. It kills a bit of the immersion, but some of these people market themselves so well that you won’t mind. They like to take pictures and videos of shit they’ve done in-game to get the ball rolling before you’ve even started doing each other.

Technical Stuff

One thing I love about porn video games is that even when they’re proper 3D experiences with online multiplayer, the minimum requirements are a fucking joke. Buying a gaming laptop so you can jack off at night is kind of pointless. That’s why I’m glad that 3D Sex Villa’s requirements are something along the lines of: “A computer that happens to be working”. Seriously, though. You could run this thing on a 10-year-old laptop.

Unfortunately, it’s only available on PC, but I don’t see how you could play this on your phone anyways. A Mac release might have been a good idea, but hey, fuck it. PC is law anyways. Oh, and did I mention this game is entirely free to play? There’s a tiny catch, but for the most part, you can do just about anything you want in this game without paying extra.

So, where does the money come in? Well, it’s an excellent freemium model. No, you don’t get charged for power-ups and speeding up time. There’s none of that here. You can spend money on items, though. So if you want a very specific dildo, you’re going to have to fork over the dough and buy it. Now, you don’t technically need the dildo. You can just use your fingers. But sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do and I sure as hell won’t judge you. Spend all the money you want, but first, download the game and try it out for an hour or two. Make sure that you enjoy it. Then, loosen the coin purse and dump all your extra cash into this game.

This game’s the perfect sex simulator, and I don’t see how anyone could improve on this formula if they tried. It’s free, so it’s a no brainer. If you want to fuck someone in the virtual world, this is the game you have to have on your PC first. And as a bonus, they’re slowly rolling out the VR support. Right now, the game’s a bit confusing in VR. They haven’t figured out the controls yet. But, they’re sure to fix that soon enough, so you’ll be able to play the best virtual sex simulator in virtual reality.

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