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I know what you’re thinking: with a name like that, surely this website can’t be worth your time. Oh, but it is. You see, what they lack in a sensible name, they more than makeup for with their fantastic porn games selection. XXXAdultTorrent is a torrent repository that links to damn near anything you can think of, in torrent form. You know how this shit works; I’m not going to explain it. Well, <strong>their hentai games section, aptly named “Hentai and Games,” is filled to the brim with the latest and greatest quality porn games on the web</strong>. That’s what makes XXXAdultTorrent relevant, despite the website looking like some third-rate reject FrontPage project from the late 90s.

Just as a heads up – I’m going to be ragging on this site’s design throughout this review because they seriously didn’t seem to give a shit when they designed this bad boy. It looks way too retro to be relevant in 2021, and yet, it is. The only things that really matter with torrent-sharing sites are the frequency of new link uploads and their relevance in the category. In other words, if there are new quality porn games, then this site is relevant. Well, I gave it a good look-through, and I can tell you that the hentai games section of XXXAdultTorrent is an absolute goldmine beyond any shadow of a doubt. It is, however, a bit of a maze. You’ll strain your eyes quite a bit navigating this place. Let’s get into the details.

<h3>The Latest and Greatest Games</h3>

I knew from the very first page of XXXAdultTorrent’s hentai games section that I had landed in a place of culture. Among the first results of their recent postings, I saw one Closed Game, which, if you’re a hentai game fan, you should be intimately familiar with. It’s the latest game by Empress, the studio that brought us Starless. This game also features art from the same guy that drew Bible Black, so there’s that. It’s a work of art and an absolute masterpiece of porn gaming.

It’s also important to note that the English version came out a week ago. So, with no time to waste, the boys and girls of XXXAdultTorrent managed to wrangle together a free download for that game. The game is obviously available for free download elsewhere, but it doesn’t matter. I learn from this that there are active and devoted porn game lovers on XXXAdultTorrent and that this is a great place to get my hands on some of the best recent porn games available on PC.

It should be kind of obvious, by the way, that this place is mostly all about the PC titles. I haven’t seen any Android releases. A few Mac versions of games are also available for PC, and that’s about it. I’m not surprised; PC players are law, after all.

<h3>Hentai and Games</h3>

You don’t need to know much Russian to figure out that “Hentay I Igri” stands for Hentai and Games and not Hentai Games. This section isn’t gaming-exclusive. It’s an umbrella section for all things nerd. I feel like the Russians are trying to send a message of sorts. Apparently, hentai games, porn comics, adult cartoons, and everything in between fall under one category in their eyes. This wasn’t that much of a problem. Yes, you do have to skip through a few titles to get to the next porn game, but it’s not going to cripple your experience too much. That being said, they should seriously consider reworking the section and maybe splitting it in two. But, keep in mind, it was in this same section that I found Closed Game, so, clearly, the good shit floats to the top.

This being a torrent site with a broad category for all things hentai, there’s a ton of miscellaneous shit in here that you wouldn’t expect to find anywhere else. Torrent sites are a bit of a dumping ground for all kinds of content, even when you’re super specific with your tags. There’s no telling what you might find within these pages. Anyone can upload torrents here, anonymously, so, yeah. It’s a grab-bag of random goodies, all of which are guaranteed to make you hard. Also, there’s no gay shit as far as I can tell. All of that stuff is segmented away into a different category. So, the hentai is strictly made for dudes, and so are the games.

<h3>Extremely Russian</h3>

XXXAdultTorrent’s hentai games section serves English content exclusively, as far as I can tell. Still, all the information about the content is in Russian. This can make navigating the site a bit of a chore, especially if you suck at reading Cyrillic. If you know what exactly you’re looking for, then you’re set. You just type in the game’s name and find it as the first result – second if it’s got a sequel. But, if you’re just exploring around hoping to find something interesting, well, you’ll find a ton of shit you won’t understand. First of all, you can’t even tell the games apart from the comics and cartoons. So, you’ll have to dive into every single torrent, check the screenshots and figure out what the fuck you’re downloading.

I found many torrents here that seemed to be amazing games, only to find out they’re actually art collections. They were some random artists’ portfolios. Looks can be deceiving, I guess. I understand enough Russian to read the tags and figure out what is and is not a smut game, but even so, I have to open a torrent page first and read the tag for that particular download. There’s no way to sort these bad boys, is what I’m trying to say. This site is Russian in spirit and language.

<h3>A Lot of Interactive Porn</h3>

Let’s talk about a game genre that I haven’t delved into much on this site, especially when discussing downloadable PC games – Full motion video games. Back in the 90s, FMV games used to suck. Today, they’re recorded with expensive ass cameras and, well, they’re interactive movies. Well, XXXAdultTorrent’s hentai and games section is littered with high-quality triple-A studios interactive porn stories. They’re long-form porn flicks with options for branching storylines. You get to a certain point in the story and decide how you want your character to proceed.

These types of games are damn entertaining, and they cost a lot of money to produce. They’re oozing with quality. They don’t offer much by way of action, but they immerse you from the very first second. They’re all filmed in POV, so you can easily feel like you’re a part of the action. The babes in these games talk directly into the camera. You’re supposed to feel like this is a simulation that you’re diving into. It’s the hottest shit since sliced bread, and there are countless such games on this site.

<h3>The Design is … Ok, I Guess</h3>

This website’s a healthy mix of retro old-school design choices with modern browser support. In other words, the buttons are way too shiny, but 99% of your screen is reserved for smut thumbnails. I haven’t seen a lot of torrent sites that have thumbnails showcasing the content within. Usually, it’s all text. Not here. On XXXAdultTorrent, you get to see a piece of every single game that’s listed under the hentai games section. That’s a great design choice.

On the flip side, the entire goddamn site is barely legible. There’s something about the fonts, colors, and overall layout that makes XXXAdultTorrent painful on the eyes. This place is crying for a style revamp. They wouldn’t have to change any of the core features, just the actual colors, and fonts, because other than those kinds of technical gripes, I have to say – I love this place.

There’s nothing better than a giant endless pit of porn that is semi-sorted. I mean, you know there’s no gay shit or illegal shit, but beyond that, the world is your oyster. You don’t know if you’re diving into BDSM, harem stories, murder mysteries, or furry shit. Anything could happen. That’s my favorite part of diving headfirst into random-ass porn game torrents. Check out XXXAdultTorrent for yourself and see how you fare. Either way, you’ll find a ton of awesome games here. I’m just hoping the design doesn’t scare you away too quickly.

PornGames likes xXxAdultTorrent

  • Tons of proper PC titles
  • Countless FMV interactive porn games
  • Indie and professional titles

PornGames hates xXxAdultTorrent

  • Design is outdated
  • Games and cartoons are mixed together