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Tokyo Toshokan

TokyoToshokan lets you torrent hot, Premium hentai games from Japan. Listen up you cheap weeaboos. I know you are scrounging for change trying to save up for that naughty looking hentai title you saw in the back section of your local FYE. But fuck that. Why bother dishing out 20 bucks to a judgemental cashier when you could get that shit free of charge. No more walking about with a boner, a black bag, and a shameful look on your face. There’s no reason to go out and suffer that indignity any longer. Fuck, you get that enough in every other aspect of your life anyway.

That’s why torrenting exists. Nobody wants to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year to get their sweet, sweet Japanese porn game fix. But where do you go to get this shit for free? After all, there are hundreds of torrenting sites with loads of content. There are plenty of great ones, but don’t you wish there was one that cut out all of that dumb Western shit focused solely on Japanese media?

Explore a Massive Catalog of Premium Hentai Game Torrents

Wish fucking granted. is just the site for you weebs. It’s a free torrenting site completely dedicated to everything and anything made by horny Japanese developers. They’ve got doujinshi, hentai, JAV, and much more. But we’re gamers. We want those delicious, kinky hentai games that all of you know and love. And this site has thousands of them.

Tokyotosho has been around since way, way back in the early months of 2006. Talk about a long fucking time to amass content. It shows, since this site is bursting with hot Japanese hentai games. And it’s also bursting with you horny gamers. Nearly 4 million of you fappers come to this site every month to download a new fapworthy hentai game.

Very Basic HTML-Style Site With No Flowery Designs or Logos

The default site design looks pretty awful. It looks like someone vomited basic HTML onto a page and called it a day. It’s got that bright white design, no banners, no real menus, and nothing to really draw the eye.

At least you can go into the settings and customize the look a bit. I put the “inverted” theme on and got a dark black page with yellow accents. Still not the best-looking page, but it will get the job done. There was an option here for turning ads off, but I never noticed any in the first place. Though I guess that’s a good thing, right?

There will be some news/site updates at the top that you can flip through if you care about that sort of shit. Though, there haven’t been any notable updates since 2021. Above that will be a makeshift header with options for the following: customize, register/login, submit new torrent, search, docs, chat, donate, contact, and the rest are ad links.

Register a Free Account to Upload & Manage Your Own Hentai Game Torrents

Surprisingly enough, registration is open for once. Having an account lets you manage your uploads and all of that good shit. All you need to do is plug in an email and password, and you’ll be good to start sharing all of your kinky hentai games. It was really fucking easy.

The customization page allows you to modify some minor site features as well as filter content. I recommend going there and hitting the “games” filter to follow along with me and see exactly what I’ll be talking about. The rest of the pages are fairly simple. Go to the chat page to chat with other horny weebs. You can use the docs page to read about how to submit torrent entries—easy shit like that. Feel free to peruse those menus at your own leisure.

Handy Search Bar Makes Finding the Right Game a Breeze

Below the news and shit will be a search bar. It’s a decent search tool. You can toggle it so that only hot hentai games come up in your search. Or you can click on any of the other categories to limit your searches to just that good, good shit that you want to jerk your dick to. Hell, you can even specify a file size limit if you don’t feel like downloading massive fucking games.

Below the search bar is a list of most frequent/popular search terms. After that is, finally, the list of all of the hentai games that you can download and fap to. You get a solid 75 entries per page, and you can flip to the next one using the arrows down in the bottom-right of the screen. You can’t filter the page itself by terms like popularity, downloads, seeders, or anything like that. Bummer, but I don’t think I’ve come across a torrent site that lets you do that yet. So, I won’t hold it against these fucks too much.

Informative Listings With Direct Magnet Links for Easy Downloading

Each listing will have a genre tag, which should be “game” in our case. You’ll get a full title, file size, date uploaded, seeder count, leecher count, and the name of the submitter. I would like to see some fetish tags or something along those lines here, but these previews aren’t bad. They give you all of the basic shit you need to know. You can even click a magnet link from here to skip going to the full page preview.

This site does full previews quite differently from most other torrent sites. If you click on the title of the game, it doesn’t take you to a full page. It just automatically begins the torrent download. Fuck, that surprised me. To see more about the game, you’ll want to click over on the “details” button on the far right-hand side of the screen.

No Summaries, Screenshots, or Any Fetish Tags for Games

Doing so will load up some other minor details, but it’s still pretty lacking. You don’t get screenshots, a synopsis, or any details about the game at all. You’re going into all of these blind unless you take the time to do your own separate research on the games, but that’s a fucking chore. I’d rather have all of my information right there in one place.

Shitty Mobile Site

Don’t bother with the mobile site. Sure, they probably have some games, manga, and anime that you could theoretically find and play on your phone. But the site is not formatted for mobile devices whatsoever. It’s a fucking mess. You have to zoom in to the max to even read any of the entries on the screen. It’s just not worth messing around with it. Getting torrenting software on your phone can be a pain in the dick anyway.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This site excels in the sheer number of games that it offers. Holy fuck, there is a lot of content jam-packed into this simple site. You could download thousands of games and still barely even scratch the surface of what that section has to offer, let alone the rest of the fucking site. I don’t think I’ve stumbled across another Japanese torrent site that can even come close to rivaling the catalog that Tokyotosho has.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I really wish you got more information about the games. Even just having some simple fetish tags would go a hell of a long way in making it easier to find the right games. It doesn’t help that the vast majority of the titles are in fucking Japanese. Give us links to screenshots, summaries, or something. That shit doesn’t even have to be hosted on-site, but something would be better than nothing at all.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, I’d recommend for those of you weebs who have torrented before. It’s not full of ads or misleading buttons, but you definitely need to know what you’re looking for to navigate the rather confusing catalog of content on here. There’s a fuck ton that you need to be able to sift through. Thankfully, the content you get will be well worth the effort. Go give this site a look and start fapping to amazing premium hentai games that come straight from Japan.

PornGames likes Tokyo Toshokan

  • Tens of thousands of hot hentai games
  • No download caps and all links are hosted on-site
  • You can view the number of seeders before you download
  • Simple site with no frills
  • ads
  • or any bullshit
  • Open registration for uploading your own torrents

PornGames hates Tokyo Toshokan

  • Very few game/fetish details about the games