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Fap For Fun Has a Quality Selection of Free-to-Download Hentai Games. I’ve talked your fucking ears off about my favorite hentai games. You know by now that I can find that good shit and bring it to your attention without a problem. But where do I go to find these kinky titles? I don’t sit down and consult the universe or some shit. I just know how to search for it.

There are hundreds of sites out there with hot hentai games on them. And, let’s be honest, most of those sites fucking suck. They’re full of ads, viruses, and all manner of nasty things. Some even cap your downloads at some obscenely low data point. Plus, their games are usually trash. But I’ve gone through the shit stack to find a quality site that you can visit for all of your hentai game needs.

Torrent as Many Kinky Games as You Want With this Ad-Free Site is a site dedicated to hentai torrenting. That’s right; you cucks, it’s time to throw that VPN on, get that BitTorrent software running, and don your crusty pirate hat. Seriously, torrenting and peer-to-peer shit can get you into some legal grey areas, so proceed with caution. Know your shit before diving into this.

Anyway, has been around since mid-2018 and has been amassing a rather large audience of you fapping weebs. They get over 1.3 million of you fucks to visit the site every single month. That’s pretty fucking impressive for a website that’s only been around for a little over 2 years. But that’s enough about their stats. Let’s get into this shit.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Hentai Videos, Games, and Uncensored Content

There is a fuck ton of hentai on this site, but I’ll be sticking to the games for the majority of this review. You can find the area I’m talking about by going to the categories tab and hitting “H-Games [ENG].” Fuck, this is a good looking site, especially for a torrenting site. Usually, these sites are more ad clutter than they are actual content. You don’t have to deal with any banner, pop-up, or redirect ads during your time here.

You also get a very nice dark theme that will make it easy for you weebs to browse this site at 3 am while holed up in your parent’s basement. You’ve got to try and hide at least a little of your shame, right? You don’t need that blaring white light to illuminate your pale, blotchy fat rolls while you jerk off. Nobody wants to see that.

Simple, Easy-to-Navigate Site With Plenty of Filter Options

You can find most of the navigation options you’ll need for the site right up in the header. It’s hard to miss. It’s got these two cute anime babes that spread across the entirety of the site. There you can sort by options like the game genre, tags, popularity, and a few other handy options. Of course, you can also throw some keywords into the search bar and try your luck that way.

There is a “VIP” pass that you can nab for around 5-10 bucks a month, but I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’re a real hardcore fan of the site. You can still download all of the hentai content that you could possibly want for the low, low price of free. You can also request certain games/videos to be added to the site without any sort of VIP membership.

Check out New Releases, Chat With Other Users, or Dive into the Subreddit

The left and right-hand sections of the site will have links to new hentai releases, instructions for downloading all of the hot content you could possibly desire, and they even have a live chat where you can shoot the shit with all of the other horny bastards on the site. In addition to that, there’s even a Reddit page for you cucks who want to circle jerk about hentai even more than usual.

Then, at last, there’s the content. Previews for hot hentai games run down the center fo the site. Each page will have 5 or so previews with this section alone having 200+ pages for you fucks to browse. Damn, that’s a ton of content. That’s in the English hentai games alone. There’s even more across the rest of this awesome fucking site.

Very Informative Previews and Safe, Quick Downloads

Each preview will have a tag for what genre of game it is, the title, language(s) it is available in, and whether or not it is censored. That’s just the info in the damn title. Below that, you get the upload date, comment count, and a full swathe of preview images to check out. Click on any image to bring that shit up in full-screen. All of this should give you a decent gauge for what the game will be like, but you can get even more details by smashing that “continue reading” button.

The full game page gives you a short plot synopsis as well as further details about what the key features and selling points of the game are. You get some more precise genre tags, a file size, and tags for which operating systems the game works on.

Here you will also find a magnet link to the torrent itself. Every download I’ve done from this site has been fast and reliable. I haven’t had to deal with any sort of viruses or any of that bullshit. You can expect safe downloads with plenty of seeders and all of that jazz. Additionally, every download comes directly from the site. There’s no third-party hosting or anything like that. This means there are no fucks out there who will cap your downloads or slow your speed down.

My only gripe is that the text for the descriptions is all center-aligned. Like, who the fuck does that? It’s not a fucking poem. Throw that shit to the left and call it a day. There’s no need to be all fancy with it. It just makes it a pain in the ass to read. And the text is a little on the smaller side. It may make for some difficult reading for some of you fucks.

Great Mobile Experience!

Thankfully, the center-aligned text works a little better on mobile. It’s grouped much closer together and makes for easier reading. The mobile site is pretty fucking great overall. You hentai addicts will be downloading hot games to your phone in no time at all. And there are some solid titles here that you can enjoy on the go. I recommend taking a look at “The Grim Reaper Who Reaped My Heart!” and “Hazumi and the Pregnation.”

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

You won’t run out of shit to download. I mean, unless you have like 5 terabyte drives just set up to download this shit all day every day. This site has so many great, uncensored games for your cucks to jerk off to. The best part is that you don’t have to dish out any dosh for any of it. Hell, there aren’t even any fucking ads on the site. The site is well put together and easy to browse, no matter how hard you’re jerking off while you do.

And the game descriptions are so comprehensive. You know pretty much everything about the game before you even think about hitting the download button. You get plenty of screenshots, a full description of the plot, a list of key features, and much more. This level of depth should be standard on any downloading site.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Quit the center-aligned text bullshit. That was fucking annoying. I don’t want to have to scan across the entire page just to read a single line of text. It’s not pretty. It just looks bad and is hard to read. But, thankfully, that was my only gripe with the site. Everything else was pretty top-notch.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is about to be my new one-stop-shop for hentai games. Seriously, why bother with other shitty sites that try to push notifications and pummel you with annoying ads? Fapforfun has loads of content and keeps adding content to that catalog every fucking day. You can expect safe, fast downloads of all the kinky, uncensored hentai games that you could ever want. I highly recommend all of you weebs go and give a visit.

PornGames likes FapForFun

  • Thousands of free-to-download hentai games
  • Safe
  • quick torrent downloads
  • No ads or paywalls
  • Simple site with in-depth game descriptions

PornGames hates FapForFun

  • Text is weirdly formatted