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Nyaa Sukebei is a Free Japanese Porn, Game, & Doujinshi Torrenting Site. I guess you want the good shit, and you’re a weeaboo through and through. Everything you love hails from the glorious, utopian, kinky land of Japan. You get physically nauseated at the site of Western porn, women, and art. If any of that checks out with you, then you’ll want to strap in for the quality content I have for you today. And, of course, you normies out there who don’t worship Asian babes to a cringeworthy degree are welcome to partake in this as well.

What could I possibly be going on about this time? Well, I’ll fucking tell you. is the site I have for you today. Yes, that’s an actual domain. I know it looks sketchy as fuck, but trust me on this one. Sukebei is a porn torrenting site. You can find all sorts of crazy shit on here—full videos of real-life Asian sluts getting dicked, hentai videos, and hentai games. I’ll be focusing on the games for this review because, well, look at the name of the fucking site you’re on.

Hundreds of Thousands of Videos, Doujins, and Games to Download

I couldn’t tell you when this site started. It’s not really a domain that you can look up easily and see what they’ve been up to. These sites like to keep that under lock and key. What I can tell you is that this site is fucking massive. It brings in over 33 million of you Asian-addicted betas every single month.

Though, I’ll give you a word of warning. Make sure you know how to handle torrenting and all of that shit before plunging into this site and trying to download everything you see. You want to make sure you have the right programs and everything. Even though most of the content on the site is perfectly safe.

Simple Color-Coding Lets You Know Which Torrents are Safe

In fact, every single entry is color-coded. Every green entry has been scanned and deemed safe. Red ones are usually remakes or reuploads of games. Orange entries are usually complete batch uploads of finished series. Everything is supposed to be safe, but the green ones should be your go-to for guaranteeing you don’t get any nasty malware. When you work with peer-to-peer shit, you’re always taking that risk.

Anyway, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. The site’s default theme is a bright white screen with a long list of entries running down the majority of the page and a simple header up top. Thankfully, you can toggle the dark theme at the very bottom of the site. This is good for those of you who don’t want to blind yourselves in the middle of the night while you fap.

Simple Header Options Let You Keep Content Neatly Sorted

The header has options for uploading your own torrent, reading some basic rules for the site, and they have a link that takes you over to a sister site with SFW content. Lame. You fucks are here to fap. You don’t need that shit. Off to the right side of the header, you’ll see a search bar with some handy filter options.

Throw that shit on the “Games” category, and you’ll be brought to a full list of every single hentai game that they have got. You can also add a filter so that you don’t see remakes or so that you only see those trustworthy green uploads. I will say that most of the uploads are green. That’s a fucking good thing. Imagine if it were only three per page or some shit.

And that’s made more impressive by the sheer number of uploads they have on the site. Holy fuck. There are tens of thousands of uploads in the game category alone. There must be hundreds of thousands of entries across all of the other sections of the site. Now, that’s the kind of selection I’m talking about.

Oddly enough, there’s an option next to the search bar for registering an account. Now, that’s usually not something you do on torrent sites. You want to keep that shit anonymous. But this way they can vet out shitty users and you can get that little green tag that shows that you aren’t trying to brick anyone’s computer. Having an account lets you manage any torrents you may have uploaded as well.

No Download Caps. No Third-Party Hosters. No Bullshit.

Regardless, you can download whatever you want with or without a profile. Each list entry gives you a fuck ton of information about whatever hot hentai game you are thinking about jerking your dick to. There will be a tag for the genre of the game, a full title, name of the developer, language tag, and the color coating.

Beyond that, you can also see when the game was uploaded, how many seeders and leechers it has, and how large the file will be. And you get all of that before you even click on the fucking link to the full page.

On the full game page, you can see who submitted the torrent as well as view a screenshot from the game. There will be some miscellaneous details here about the game, but you won’t get any sort of synopsis on most games as far as I can tell. That was a bummer. It seems like most uploaders don’t bother with anything beyond the bare minimum when it comes to plot and shit. I also wish that uploaders would include more screenshots. It feels like you’re going into quite a few games blind.

Downloads come straight from the site. There are no fake-out buttons or links to third-party file hosts. You get the files directly from the site with no delays or caps to worry about. It was surprising how few ads were present on the site. I only ever had to deal with the single banner up top. Now, there will be more ads if you click on the screenshots. Those are usually hosted off-site for some fucking reason.

Poor Mobile Experience, but Who the Fuck is Torrenting on Mobile Anyway?

The mobile site isn’t worth fucking around with. 99 percent of the games can’t be played on mobile, and the site isn’t formatted for phones at all. It’s just a straight port of the desktop site. Plus, I don’t know if any of you fucks have tried downloading torrents on your phone. It’s a fucking chore. I don’t recommend it. It’s much easier to load all of that shit up on your desktop.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

You’ll be drowning in hentai content. There is a seemingly limitless supply of kinky porn games for you fucks to fap to. Enjoy games from big and small developers alike. And so many of them are in English or are uncensored. It’s fucking awesome. You can very easily browse this site and filter out all of the shit you don’t want to see. The site may be simple, but a lot of you fappers visit this site for a reason. They’ve got good shit.

And I liked how minimal the ad presence was. I couldn’t believe it when there was just one banner ad. Usually, torrenting sites like to bend you over and fuck you up with some ads. But I guess when you are bringing in 30+ million of you cucks, you don’t really need to clutter the page with bullshit. Also, getting the torrents directly from the site was great. And the color-coding system made for very easy browsing.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I wish there were more descriptions and screenshots for the games. But that’s not really the site’s fault. They can’t control what people include or don’t include. Having some sort of description requirement might help with that. Otherwise, this site kicked ass. It went above and beyond to make sure that you dumb fucks don’t download any viruses or something.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, you fucks are in for a treat. might not have a domain name that rolls off the tongue and is easy to remember, but you’ll be hard-pressed not to have this shit memorized with how often you’ll be visiting this site. It’s a goddamn treasure trove of hentai games. You fucks will be rubbing yourselves raw night after night. I highly recommend you gamers give this site a visit.

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  • Thousands of premium hentai games for free
  • Barely any ads and no third-party download caps
  • Simple site with easy-to-find content
  • Direct downloads from trusted users
  • Color-coding system

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