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PCGamesTorrents supplies you with quality adult game torrents. I swear you cucks go back and forth on whether or not torrenting is justified more than an art hoe who keeps “rediscovering” her sexuality goes between fucking chicks and dudes. Don’t go acting like you’re doing a public service by taking those big game companies down a peg or some shit.

You’re doing the online equivalent of stealing a pickle rick t-shirt from the back of a dimly lit Spencers. And we all know you’ll happily pilfer from the little indie studios just the same. I’m not here to judge you fucks. I’m guilty of it. I just don’t sugar coat what I’m doing with fifteen layers of sparkling bullshit.

Download Games from Big Name Studios & Small Indie Developers Alike

So, let’s take a look at If you’re wondering what this site is all about, then I’ll have to direct you to the first short bus out of here. It’s all in the title. This site offers a wide range of torrents for, you guessed it, PC games. Pcgamestorrents has a wonderful menagerie of great games on here from indie studios, big-name developers, and everything in-between.

They’ve been supplying you fucks with free downloads of premium games since 2018. And, goddamn, they are killing it. They’re luring in nearly 4 million of you horny gamers every month. But we don’t care about their normal games. We want games that we can jerk our dicks to, right? You can find the adult section by hitting the “genre” button in the header and clicking on “adult.” Or you can cut out the middleman and go directly to

Sleek, Premium-Looking Site Design & Intuitive Layout

It’s a damn good looking site. You’ve got some sick artwork from God of War in the background, a dark-black box of previews in the center, and a glowing site title right above it. That’s some good shit. It’s definitely leagues ahead of those torrent sites that simply toss everything on the page in some shitty list. Pcgamestorrents knows how to draw you gamers in.

This isn’t some torrenting site that takes a degree in computer science to figure out. Everything is laid out simply. Hell, the site even has a “How to Install” page that you can check out if you’re feeling lost. There’s also an FAQ for questions that may not be covered on that page. It’s nearly foolproof, though I’m sure some of you cucks will manage to fuck it up somehow.

No Accounts Means Downloads are Specifically Curated by Site Admins

There is no account or profile feature, which I think is a good thing. When you open up registration, you get everyone submitting torrents, and that makes for a sketchy site. I don’t know what you fucks get out of uploading viruses to torrents and shit, but it ruins the experience for everyone else. All of the games uploaded to have been added by site admins that you can trust.

The header contains quite a few options, but most of those options are for sorting through the entire catalog. There’s no way to search through or filter the adult games section on its own. Even the search bar will drum up results from the rest of the site as well as the adult section. There’s also a sidebar that you can scroll through for new updates across the site as well as featured games, but, again, these will be mostly SFW games.

Don’t Be an Idiot and Fall for Malicious Ads

Before I dive into the actual games and previews, I want to give you the low-down on the ad experience. It’s not great. You will have to wade through some redirects, banners, and pop-ups. I come to expect this kind of shit from torrenting sites, but PC Games Torrents does have some malicious ads. Some ads will try to make you download software. Others will claim your PC is compromised. Just be on the lookout. Don’t fall for that shit, and you should be fine. knows how to craft a great game preview. You get a large preview image from the game, the full title (and series number), the date it was uploaded, a quick list of genre tags, and a couple of lines from the synopsis of the game. You get 10 previews per page with 34 pages in total. Some quick math tells me that there are around 340 adult games for you cucks to rub yourselves raw to. Not too bad for a site that isn’t even fully focused on adult games.

Read a Full Synopsis of the Game & View Screenshots Before You Download

When you click over to the full game page, you will see a longer synopsis of the game in question as well as details for who published and developed it. If you scroll down the page, there will be a full list of system requirements, a tag for the file size, and a couple of full-sized screenshots from the game. Talk about being comprehensive. I wish more torrent sites went all out like this.

It seems like most other sites tend to slap shit on a page and leave it at that. I can’t stress enough how thorough this fucking site is. The only thing that I noticed is that you don’t get a seeder or leecher count. I know that’s a really small gripe, but I have to pick up on this kind of shit and let you guys know. If they included that, then they would have pretty much every bit of information I could want. But at least most of these games do have a fair bit of seeders. You won’t find any with zero. Or, at least, I have yet to come across one.

I do have one gripe about how handles their torrents. You have to go through a shitty third-party site page that is full of fucking ads. Oh, and they make sure that you can’t have your AdBlock, or they just block you from downloading at all. And you’ll have to sift through a dozen pop-ups before the actual download starts. For what it’s worth, the game torrents download fairly quickly and seem to be safe enough. Again, just proceed with caution, and you fucks should be fine.

Great Mobile Site...Even Though There aren’t any Mobile Games

Surprisingly, pcgamestorrents has a solid mobile site. I mean, I didn’t think they would with a site name like that. There really aren’t any mobile games to be found on the site, so I’m honestly not quite sure why they bothered crafting such a good mobile experience. All of the menus are tucked away nicely. The previews are easy to browse and read. Maybe they’ll throw a mobile section of the site in the future. That would be fucking awesome.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This site knows how to bring people in. It looks good. It feels good to browse. It’s got a quality selection of games that you can trust. Those hit nearly all of my marks for a solid site, let alone a good torrenting site. I liked how informative each preview was and that you get a full synopsis and screenshots for every game. It’s insane that most other torrent sites don’t even bother with half of those features.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Man, the ad experience is really the only thing bringing this site down. It’s so fucking annoying. I can deal with banners and redirects to other porn sites, but I start getting tired of it when the ads try to force notifications or downloads. That’s where I tend to draw the line. I’d drop most sites by the wayside for this shit, but this site has quite a few redeeming factors that sort of make up for it.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, pcgamestorrents is a great site full of hot porn games for you cucks to download. If you’re looking for premium games without a premium price tag, then you’ll be right at home with this site. It’s got a quality site design, layout, and theme. It’s easy as fuck to browse and find the perfect game to fap to. I highly recommend all of your horny gamers go and check out the amazing selection of curated games that has to offer.

PornGames likes PCGamesTorrents

  • Quality site design with easy to navigate menus
  • Informative game previews with screenshots and full synopsis for each title
  • Curated downloads from site admins
  • Free downloads with no data caps

PornGames hates PCGamesTorrents

  • Third-party file hosts
  • Malicious ads