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Ani Dex is a Free, Secure Torrenting Site With Thousands of Porn Games. Do you still pay for your hentai games? That’s some next-level self-cucking right there. It’s basically like paying for a fucking porn magazine at this point. Why bother? There are so many free resources out there for getting the porn games you want when you want them. And it’s fucking ridiculous how much some of these fucks charge. You want me to pay 90+ dollars for a game I’m going to jerk my dick to for a few hours? I could hire some slut to come over and deepthroat my cock for that much cash.

That’s why people pirate shit. That and so many porn games don’t have demos. You can’t expect me to dive in and pay 40 bucks for something when you don’t even let me try it out. Porn is subjective, man. Different strokes for different folks, right? I can understand dishing out a few bucks to a Patreon page or an page for a quality title, but the games with hefty price tags are bound to be torrented by anyone and everyone.

Why Pay for Premium Games When Anidex Gives You Them for Free?

I’m here to give you that resource. Torrenting sites can be difficult to get a gauge of. Is it trustworthy? Will it give me viruses? That kind of shit. Well, I’ve got a pretty straightforward one for you fucks today called

It’s a free torrenting site that has been around since at least 2017. It may have been around even earlier than that but under a different domain name. It brings in around 1 million of you horny gamers every month. Not too bad for a torrenting site.

It’s probably because they have loads of shit on here. You can download anime, light novels, manga, music, games, apps, pictures, porn videos, and more. But, of course, I’ll be keying in on that game selection. To follow along with me, simply hit the “games” tab up in the subheader to get to the same page.

Basic Site Design With No Frills or Complicated Menus

The site has a pretty basic, bright white design. Holy shit, I’m fucking blind. You can’t even toggle this theme off or change it unless you have a browser extension. I highly recommend downloading one if you plan to do a lot of downloading or searching on here at night.

There is an option for registering to the site, but it seems like registration is currently closed. Torrenting sites do this sort of thing all the damn time. It’s to stop a bunch of normies from flooding in and ruining the quality of the uploads or, worse, adding a bunch of virus-riddled files to the site. You need to be able to login to upload any content, so you’re currently shit out of luck in that regard. But, thankfully, you can still download as much as you fucking want.

Create or Join a Regional Group for Your Favorite Hentai Game Topics

The header has additional options for “groups, hosting, and info.” You can also find a search bar with options for sorting by specific categories. For example, you could plug some keywords in and specify that you only want to see NSFW games on that list. Pretty fucking handy. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but many torrenting sites don’t have jack shit when it comes to filtering options. Most are all in Japanese, so you’re usually stuck flipping through page after page looking for something good. Many of the titles here have English translations.

The hosting page just lays down some rules on making a group. The site supports WordPress style blogs where users can upload their own content and share. Most of these groups are actually blogs centered around a certain topic, show, or fetish. They’re worth checking out if you’re looking to chat with and share porn with other horny fucks. You can even sort these groups by language. So, you can chat with some cucks no matter where you are from.

Informative Previews With No Ad Clutter to get in the Way

But let’s talk about content. You get game previews running down the entire breadth of the site in a long list. And there are so fucking many. There was a seemingly limitless number of pages. I couldn’t get to the end of it. Now, that’s the level of content I’m talking about.

There won’t be any pop-up, redirect, or banner ads to get in the way either. Talk about a breath of fresh air. It’s like stepping outside into the crisp night air after being in a nightclub for a few hours. This site is completely ad-free. I can’t say the same about some of the third-party hosts, but I’ll get into that shortly.

Each list entry will have a genre tag. All of the ones you should be seeing will say “game,” and next to that will be a flag for whatever language the game is in. Then you’ll get the title along with a tag for uncensored or censored content. If you see a red “H” next to the game, that means you’re about to enjoy some quality hentai content.

Check the Number of Seeders, Leechers, & View the File Size Before Downloading

If you keep reading, you’ll see a tag for the file size, number of seeders, and number of leechers. There’s also a button for downloading the file right then and there if you don’t feel like clicking over to the full game page. The details you get on the full page can vary. Some of these cucks are lazier than others.

Some will include full feature lists, a synopsis, and all of that good shit. Some entries are blank. Others might have links to screenshots, but 90 percent of these screenshot sites look like they’ll fuck your computer up with some malware. I’d avoid that shit if you don’t want to end up as virus-riddled as a $5 hooker. But, regardless, the magnet links are all provided by the site. No middle man. No download caps. None of that bullshit. Downloads are fast and easy.

Functional Mobile Site

The site is usable on mobile. I wouldn’t call it great. It’s been roughly formatted to be readable without needing to scroll across the page or anything like that. You can access downloads, login, and do all of the normal shit that you can do on a desktop. Though most games probably won’t work on mobile. I’d stick to some of the other sections like “manga” or “light novels” to get content that will work for you.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked that Anidex got right to the point. This isn’t one of those torrent sites full of fake buttons, awful ads, and tons of malware. It’s a pure and simple torrenting site that will be a welcome change to torrenting veterans as well as a good entry point for those of you who haven’t tried sailing the high seas before. It also helps that the site is fucking bursting with content. There are thousands of uploads in the game section alone. It’s insane.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Give us a dark theme! Everything else about this site is so good. Throw in an integrated dark theme, and you’ll be fucking golden. Oh, and I think having a minimum word count for the game descriptions could be helpful. Having blank entries with just a title fucking sucks. I don’t want to go into this shit blind. I want to know exactly what kind of kinky game I’m downloading. I don’t want to end up with some weird fetish shit I don’t like. Last time I blindly downloaded a game, it ended up being all about sounding. Fuck that.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is an excellent torrenting site, especially if you like hentai and Japanese content in general. They’ve got a fuck ton of that. But you can find a little bit of everything on here. If you’re looking to fap to some premium games without dishing out any dosh, then this is one of the better torrenting sites that you can visit. All downloads come straight from the site with no middle-men or download caps. I highly recommend all of you horny weebs go give a visit!

PornGames likes AniDex

  • Simple site design with no ads
  • complex menus
  • or clunky features
  • Informative previews with the number of seeders & leechers included
  • No third-party file hosts for game downloads
  • Completely free to download games & no download caps

PornGames hates AniDex

  • No dark theme
  • Some games lack crucial information
  • It’s piracy