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I’ve mentioned in other reviews that mainstream torrenting sites like ThePirateBay are very much falling from grace due to being too popular. You know the general rule. Once the media talks about an underground site, it might as well be dead. The media kills memes, and they kill websites. ThePirateBay exploded way too quickly. Nowadays, it’s more common for people to assault that site with DDOS attacks and fake torrents. That’s why the world sprung for better alternatives, and sites like 1337x were born. By the way, that’s pronounced “leet”, for the uninitiated.

This here website is, in many ways, identical to most other torrenting sites out there. There’s nothing seemingly special about it. The design stands out with extremely high quality, and I’ll talk about that, but for the most part, this site is great thanks to the community. It’s community-driven; the fans of the site provide the content. That means that you depend on the love and appreciation of other perverts to provide you with quality smut games. So, do they do their job? Yes. They’re incredible. Most of the torrents on this site challenge your perception of how great torrenting can actually be. I don’t know who started this site or how it grew to be this amazing, but they’ve done an amazing job. It’s a very respectable place of high quality and streamlined downloads.

The Design

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first; this website is incredibly well designed. It takes a few pages out of the standard porn design book of recent years, with a combination of blacks, greys, and orange colors. In other words, the important shit sticks out; the unimportant shit stays the fuck out of your way. Plus, they do something to their torrent list that makes it ridiculously easy to read all the titles. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this interface was made by an actual web designer, rather than someone for whom design is a passion, quote-unquote.

Once you’re on the porn gaming section, which I’ve conveniently linked for you, there’s no chance of you getting lost. Please remember, though, even though it’s titled “Games”, it’s a completely different section from the regular games section. You don’t get pussy in those. This is the strictly adult interactive smut section.

You can sort these bad boys by the time of upload, size, seeders, and leechers. It seems simple enough. Other than that, you just scroll down and find fun shit to download. There’s a sidebar that for the purpose of getting porn games is utterly useless. It takes you to other locations on the site like their trending torrents or their movie library. This is useful in general, but not once you’ve got an erection and a hankering for some gameplay.

Browsing the Site

So you’ve arrived at the porn game section, and you’re ready to party. Where do you go? What do you download? Well, my recommendation would be to sort by seeders first and see what’s popular. Actually, now that I’ve tried that… I don’t recommend it at all. Why? Well, the top most seeded games on this site are all in Japanese for some fucking reason. I don’t mean they’re hentai games, I mean they’re all kinds of porn games that are entirely in Japanese. I don’t understand the logic behind this. 1337x is not a Japanese website that I know of, and there’s no region filter. Maybe since this place is community-driven, they’re pulling all the weebs out of their caves to seed their favorite smut. Or, maybe the Japanese porn game underground is really big on uploading tons of smut. I don’t fucking know. Either way, if you’re an English speaker who hasn’t learned Japanese from watching anime, you might want to steer clear of this here top section of most seeded torrents.

Somewhere beyond the second page of results, where the average amount of seeders is around a hundred, we get to the good stuff, the English games. There are foreign games here too, but everything is either subbed or fully translated. All of these games are absolute gems. Most of the top-seeded shit is basically high-quality titles that were produced by large companies. I was able to find a few smaller indie productions like Lust Epidemic, but that studio’s larger newer game Treasure of Nadia is not featured. I don’t get the logic behind this, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that those games are free from the developer’s official site. Who knows?

Tons of Quality

Let’s talk numbers. I’m dying to talk about numbers. 150 pages of torrents with 20 torrents per page, that’s 3000 torrents. I don’t know how they managed to round up to an exact multiple of a thousand at the time of me visiting this site. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s the number. So, three thousand high-quality porn game titles that are properly packaged and ready for your enjoyment.

Now, I did the work, so you don’t have to, and I figured out where the cutoff is. It turns out, the last 560 of these torrents do not have any seeders. That’s not a very good ratio, but it’s not criminal either. Plus, there’s always the chance these will get seeders in the future. A good amount of them are rather new, so they could always make a comeback. There’s always going to be some pervert out there who appreciates specific games so much that he just has to make sure the world has access to them. And hey, what’s stopping you from acquiring it from a third-party source and uploading it yourself? Nothing, that’s what.

Great Place to Find Games

When reviewing other torrenting sites for games, I’ve noted that it’s pretty dumb using them to find new games. They’re more of a download repo than a place to discover new gems. People don’t usually care enough to make sure that what you’ve found is worth playing. Well, that’s not the case on 1337x. First, there are no fake torrents. Second, the torrents you do get are all extremely valuable. All of these games are large and enjoyable titles that come with hours of gameplay. There are no flash games here.

So, when you find a popular title with a lot of seeders, you can rest assured that it’s something worth downloading. Plus, from what I’ve seen, all of them seem to come with a ton of screenshots and even information about the game. Everything you need in order to uncover new, high quality, polished porn game gems is here. You get the complete experience.

And, speaking of complete. There aren’t that many unfinished games on here, unless that’s the last available version of the game. If you find a porn game on this site that you like, you can rest assured that it’s the latest available version, with all the DLCs and patches that have come out over the years. It’s literally a place where other people work hard so that you don’t have to, and the only reward they get is a thank you and the knowledge that you’re jacking off thanks to their hard work. It blows my mind.

The Future

This website needs to grow in popularity among the porn game underground, without receiving any mainstream attention. That’s what’s going to pump up those numbers. There are tens of thousands of quality porn games out there. 3000 is a very humble number. We need to pump those numbers up. If you’re the kind of pervert who appreciates high-quality smut games and you can’t find a game on this site, fucking upload it, you dolt. That’s how these sites grow, with love and appreciation.

Other than that, I can’t think of a single thing I’d change about this site. The design is perfect, the community is quiet and respectful, and all of the torrents are pristine. They come with information, screenshots, everything you might need in order to enjoy yourself. Not all torrenting sites are made equal. Some of them are absolute giants that give the same attention to their craft as I do to mine.

I very much respect what 1337x has done for accessibility to porn games, even though it’s such a small part of what they usually share. Bookmark this site, keep coming back to it and contribute in any way you can if you’d like to. And as always, remember to fap responsibly. A quality porn game can have you jacking off for hours. Use lube or something, because that kind of shit might have you yanking your dick clean off.

PornGames likes 1337x

  • High quality torrents
  • Tons of seeders
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  • Almost no ads

PornGames hates 1337x

  • They need even more porn game torrents